Guide to Raging Slash (Ultra 2)

For some reason we are all having trouble with this. Some less than others… The problem is T.Hawks moveset is not intuitive so that the move can work the way the input wants it to be… Below I am going to list a few problems and tips… first I am going to list the Tips

Controller Players.

  • D Pad>Joystick

Stick Players

Problems that come up

If you do the input too slow the game with read you doing a DP motion because in there lies a DP motion. It has to be fast

This is the biggest problem that I have and sometimes it forgives me. Because of the buffer system True 360’s are not required. Avoid hitting up or up back during the input. What will happen is a 360 will come in place of the ultra. Reason why is because by doing the input you area direction away from a 360, Upback or Up. The following motion is a 360 motions (this is the one I use)


Input for Ultra 2


You see there the problem lies

These are the only problems that I see… Just make sure you do the input quick and you are fine…

I’m going to disagree with the octogate > squaregate. I suppose that’s true if you ride the gate (I admit, I still do that a bit, just not with half and full circles too much anymore). I don’t really think it makes much of a difference unless you’re new to a stick. I’ll agree with D-Pad > Joystick, unless you use one of those kickass PDP pads. My friend bought one for the PS3 recently, and it almost makes me want to go back to a pad…almost. (For clarification, its that pad originally released for the 360 around the time of MvC3. Has the microswitches for the joystick and buttons. He’s been having a bit of a learning curve with the sensitivity, but its a very cool pad).

I’ve been getting over my issues of DP and 360 coming out (which I didn’t have until AE, and I almost exclusively used U2 in Super). I’d say if you’re going to make a mistake however, try to make it be 360 instead of DP. Whiffing DP is a LOT more obvious and you’re going to feel a lot stupider when you get punished.

The one issue I have with U2 is that sometimes its a complete crapshoot of whether or not it’ll hit. Thankfully, in AE, that crapshoot only applies when you go under the opponent. I generally avoid using U2 if I have any doubt at all about it (unless I lose my cool), but when I’m goofing off online, I’ll whip it out a lot, just to see what hits and what doesn’t.

Also, Focus Attack > U2 FTW!

I always use the analog stick, it’s very superior to the D-pad on the 360 controller.

Indeed, I use U2 for that very reason. People being afraid to jump is just a bonus, and if they aren’t… sucks to be them.

I found something intresting last night. I was going against a Ken player and he knocked me down in the corner. Instead of applying pressure, he did a back dash on me waking up, I did a wake up ultra 2 and still caught him. going to see if I can recreate this in the lab.

The very same thing happened to me, too. Just once, though and by accident.
It was great fun to watch the opponent get caught by the ultra! :smiley:

I’m going to have to test the spacing on that one. It could be nice for all those online warriors who like to bait reversals with fadc backdash.

I catch people every once in a while with U2 on backdashes on wakeup. They have to be pretty close for it to work, and do the backdash pretty late. I like U2 though because in online matches people just love to jump straight up (avoid SPDs) and back. It is a bonus when it catches them on backdashes.

Ultra II is still a piece of shit. The input is infuriating me. I’m in top 20 on XBL and even I fuck it up 80% of the time.

It’s so unintuitive for an anti-air.

Agreed. 2xQCF+PPP would be perfect for a move that’s intended to be used ON REACTION!

I got relatively high ranked in the first couple days of AE. Now I’ve stopped playing ranked because, during my random select phases, I hit 666 PP. Seems like a good number to stop at.