Guide to using Epsxe netplay


Step 1: Download the emulator from

Step 2: Download the Netplay plug ins from link deleted

Step 3: Open the zipfile and you should see several folders. Take everything that is in those folders and put them in your plugin folder in your Emulator directory(epsxe) MAKE SURE TO PUT THE KAILERRA.DLL IN THE EMULATOR DIRECTORY NOT THE PLUG IN FOLDER!

Step 4: Open The emulator and go to options tab, Then go to netplay. Once you are there select “Cyberpad 1.3”. Then load up the game(for the sake of this lets say its SFEX2) Once you attempt to load it the Netplay prompt should show up.

For optimal Netplay make sure to delete your memory card files or move them to another location on your computer. Once you do that Make sure to turn off the sound as well in the sound menu. This will help in limiting desyncs(Hopefully this problem will be fixed at a later time but i doubt it)

Also, I dont know what games it supports so dont ask me lol. I know it supports both SFEX Games on PS and all the versions of those games

-YOu should not link to rom sites


I had cyberpad 1.0, so I dled the new one. apparently its 1.4.


if any 1 want some sfex2 aim me


doesnt mame run ex2 at a decent speed?




for arcade, only zinc runs ex2 at good speeds, but kaillera won’t work with it :frowning:

But for me, everything runs too fast on zinc now lol. Even with frame limiter on >.<


sorry for the bump but how exactly do you START a netplay game in epsxe? I’ve got the cyberpad plugin installed but how do you actually invite a friend etc?


Thanks. :china:

This could be very useful. Any interesting games to play on my ps1? I don’t remember any title right now.


I tried, you’re too busy playing SSFIV.

Good to know you can do EX with PSXe though…

BTW is there anyway to save Replays?


I’am getting an input lag when I’am payer 1 but my friend who was player 2 had no lag in epsxe 1.5.2 netplay via cyberpad 1.3 with sfex 2 plus. Is that normal or is there a solution to that?