Guild Wars 2 Beta Keys for Evo Attendees


This weekend, a representative from ArenaNet attended EVO 2012 in Las Vegas, and was in awe of what he saw unfold before him. In an effort to give back to the fighting game community for a fantastic event, the company has decided to pass out 500 keys for the upcoming Guild Wars 2 beta weekend, allowing you to test out the latest installment of their widely successful MMORPG.

These beta keys will allow access to the servers the weekend of July 20th, giving players a chance to try their hand at the highly anticipated game in preparation for its August 28th release date. If you’re lucky enough, be sure to show your appreciation to ArenaNet with feedback on their game.

Evo Key Request Form

Then take your key and use it at and make an account.


Thanks Joey :slight_smile:

fire orange flare gun


Thanks good sir, i got a key.


Awesome! Hope you all enjoy the game!


omg thank you


Thanks much! :smiley:


Thank you based Wizard


Just to let your know, something is odd with the form. The first time I filled the form out it gave me a key that someone else had already claimed. Then I re-submitted it and got a different key, which worked. I don’t know if it’s giving duplicate keys, or allowing people to take multiple keys, or what.


hope it works on da mac


one per location


Sweet! Grabbed me one.




sweet will check this out


I thought Evo was July 7-8th


in for one TY


Thanks a ton ArenaNet!


Got my key.

Just wanna say thanks to ArenaNet showing this community some love.


sweet, snagged a key!


I’m impressed to be honest.


Got it! I’m a MMO lover (specially a PvP lover) so I’ll enjoy it a lot! Thanks Arenanet and SRK!