Guile A-Groove Tips

I play Guile in A-Groove and I find him to fair pretty well. You can do the basics that everyone talks about in the main thread, and the CC’s are pretty easy to connect. Here’s his CC that I mainly use:

c.hp, c.hp, (, (-> XX Total Wipeout or Somesault Strike

This is his basic ground combo from

They have an anti-air listed but I don’t think it’s right (they list dn, up, lp and I don’t know what they mean).

Any other Guile A-Groovers out there??

I think they mean d,u+lk. What happens is you knock them up into the air w/ the c.fierce, then the FK juggles them, then you land and start the combo on them. It’s a tricky setup.

I am a fellow Guile a-groover…used to b dominant in sf II and turbo days, but now I am decent…his shield kick is weak as far as countering air attacks which pisses me off, but I am happy i found this site, …hey giley hit me up, i live in Simi
p.s. the roll into the forward super catches everyone off guard

Eh, I sometimes go to Family Fun in Granada Hills to play so you might be able to find me there. I’m probably gonna take a break from fighters for a while though. Hopefully they’ll have Guile in SvC or SF4 so I can return to playing fighters. Just a little bored with all the games out right now.