Guile AE 2012: Changes

Well here are the patch changes for Guile:

• Balance adjustments centered around the changes made to him from Super to Arcade Edition.

• The frames in which Guile could be counter-hit after Sonic Boom have been eliminated? (Not 100% sure).

• Air throws have 3 frames of startup now, this is down from 4 in Arcade Edition.

• Toward + Hard Punch does 100 damage, up from 90 in SSF4 AE.

• Can’t be thrown out of upside down kick from the 6th frame until the last active frame.

I was hoping for a Sonic Hurricane damage increase and more buffs on his normals, but I think I can make due with this. There could be more changes to Guile I don’t know but for now are these changes satisfactory or are you expected something more.

ya, the CH status during SB has been removed.

glad they finally added throw invincibility to UDK.

it looks good so far, but they still need to change the SH.

as predicted, looks like they wont be giving his meter gain from SB back… if they are going that route, I would like 5 more frames of invincibility on EX Flashkick to help him against bad matchups…

ps. funny how some ppl are joking that everyone is getting a major damage buff, but guile only gets 10 points on his backfist. :lol: Ryu’s gained a 500 damage combo now.

ryu only got that on his ultra 2. people still probably wont use it.

these buffs are good, hopefully there are a few more they didn’t mention. like increasing the hitstun and meter gain on booms

This is good news i am glad they gave him that invincibility to udk as well because doing that on geif will some what change the match

Honesty i wish they increse the startup frame for U2 and give it more damage output

Can someone please explain the UDK throw invincibility. I’m not too familiar with the frame data on that move (don’t use it), and would like to know how early (or late) I need to input the command if I’m frame trapping a wake up?

On topic: The CH on boom is warranted, but I was hoping for a small buff to boom’s meter gain. I’m surprised there are no tweaks for FK, which imo is still an anti-air that doesn’t anti-air.

Capcom still doesn’t want Guile to be aggressive with many up/low mixup. I don’t get this…

I guess I can move to other character at peace right now…no hope for Guile to be as aggressive as majority of casts…

So true.

Do want meter, they can at least give us 15 on boom instead of 10. Was 20.

I wonder why does capcom LOVE UDK so much? make it an overhead and it might be of better use. This is nice though, hate being thrown out of it when I do decide to try and use it.

I’d like a dmg buff on SHP!

and I HATED that CH nerf, one of the worst, glad thats gone. He had about 50 less health because of it IMO.

I think airthrow with SHORTER RANGE might be moot to buff it, 4 frames startup give him(and opp) more time to travel in the air to come into the range. So 3 fr might even wiff MORE when u think about it.

i’m not an expert on this subject by any means, and i’m happy they’re improving the udk again. but is this really going to make it that much better? i still envisage that we’re going to be thrown out of it in frustrating fashion by dhalsim. i hope that either i haven’t fully understood the buff, or that the translation doesn’t do the buff justice.

Its a good thing for sure, but its still throwable until 6th frame in so you will need to space/time it.

the upgrades are alright, but honestly i don’t see these changing much at all.

he needs at least normal fireball meter game, it doesn’t have to be his old god like meter burn, but i think he would be perfectly balanced with normal meter gain on booms.

I think if he gets a just a fraction more meter gain he will be perfect, I’d also like Ultra 2 Back but W/E

oh yea, i forgot about his ultra nerf… he needs a meter gain and an ultra buff, thats a balanced guile.

With all the Ultra 2 buffs going around I hope they add a bit back to Guile if not the damage back at least return it to its original properties.

Overall I’m happy though, all three of my characters seem to be getting buffed.
Cody, E Ryu and Guile

In terms of U2 buff, personally I’d prefer a buff to start up time over damage. But it really should include both. Though at this stage I’ll take what I can get.

Sweet with these huge buffs, now I might be able to beatup the car.

Can you explain the CH nerf? I don’t understand what it is.

Guile takes counter-hit damage if hit during the startup or recovery frames of Sonic Boom. This downside is also shared with Dee Jay. Both characters are having this removed in AE ver. 2012.

its not just extra damage, being counter hit means that your enemy will be able to pull off combo’s easier and in some instances (like cody) they will be able to pull off a much more damaging combo, as cody is a counter hit specialist, and can do some insane damage if he knows hes about to counter hit you.

I’m curious as to what guile players think of El Fuerte match up? He pretty much got all buffs, I already had huge problems against him in AE. Now will the match up be worse than it is in Super?