guile airthrow



guile airthrow
honestly is it unstuffable if the user is doing it at all. being thrown out of C ult 2 doesnt seem right


early crane j.hp everytime, or just don’t jump when he throws a sonic boom. Try neutral jumping sonic booms and crane j.hp, if he jumps forward for the throw it will whiff and he’ll be next to you aswell.besides that there isn’t much else to counter it with at all, patience is key.


Guile Airthrow got nerfed in AE!!!


im glad its nerfed. i can ltierally go UP with my crane HP and guile will STILL grab me. ive tried all timings. it seems more so that the HP just gives him more space to grab me. only time it stuffs is if the person never actually does the throw.


Crane j.HP has decent hitbox/hurtbox, but it lacks in horizontal range, and range is all that matters when you’re against air throws. I get grabbed from crane j.HP most times, but j.HK in both stances seemed to work better.


I’ve never been thrown out of Crane ultra 2. You just need to read how he plays. then do your air normal early with one that has a nice hit box. Mantis j.HP and j.HK work well too. I like to use Crane j.MP. and if it looks like he’s too close I’ll use a j.jab or j.short, both can hit him fast before he has time to react. Key is to get him to jump at you, not the other way around. Neutral jump his booms without pressing a button if you can afford to. I’ve been caught by a slow boom while it’s behind me. So just be careful. Also, if he is a sonic boom, jump happy guile. Focus the Boom and dash under him.


ill be honest i lose patience against projectile heavy characters who sit back. i mean if it goes below 20 seconds i should win but i cant take it usually. drive sme insane hes sitting in that corner. and honestly im not sure what it is… maybe an online lag but some guiles no matter what. range on my air poke does nothing. i still get caught by that air grab. sickens me. especially since gen used to have one