Guile and crossups

You know how cross ups are guiles worst enemy and what not, well I was thinking that why not just dash under the cross up?

a lot of the times you get crossed up on wake up, and if you try to dash, you’ll just get hit and be in the same situation with less health. also lots of players are really obvious with their jump in attempts so just block accordingly and get away asap

practice makes perfect, but when you fight characters like ibuki, viper and el fuerte that really mix up their stuff, it is game over for guile, no to mention abel who can kill you with 2 combos

Friendly tip that works for me: Focus+dash back, dash under, and my personal favorite Don’t get knocked down! lol jk. But Try your best to keep your opponents from cross ups with cr.F, or st.F.

or you could focus dash forward

What is the Focus supposed to do in that? (answer to myself: I guess keeping you safe from attacks, before you dash away)…

Delay get up can be quite useful - messes up with your opponent’s x-up timing. Really though, you just gotta pay very close attention to their spacing and block accordingly.

You can also make educated guesses: Seth for example is probably going for a x-up, so I tend to expect it if he knocks me down. Only problem is some dudes have ambiguous x-ups…

Brahn posted some info about how to deal with pressure. I know it’s not dealing directly with x-ups, but it’s such an informative post that it’s worth plugging into any conversation. You can find it here:
SSF4 Guile General Discussion Thread.

I ment if someone trys to cross you up on wake up you could focus dash forward

What about just pressing ppp or kkk right when you hit the ground so you can get up super fast?

you will still get hit