Guile Anti-Air

I just started to try and play guile legit and I am doing very good with him despite him being low tier. I have one major problem that costs me a lot of games though. His Anti-Air.

To me it seems is cr fierce is a very unreliable anti-air against some characters unless you almost ume it. I don’t know if it’s because its online but it seems like even though I theoretically am doing it early enough I still get counter hit a lot.

Here are the characters I have problem AAing

Cammy’s jumping RH
Sakuras jumping RH
Gouken/Akuma dive kick
ALL of gens jump-ins
Seths wall dive
Balrogs jumping RH

Probably some others I’m forgetting right now.

Of course I have no problems with these if I can get off an ex flash kick. Like I said before I don’t know if it’s online lag and the window of cr.fierce hitting is very small but when I play ryu I have ZERO problem dping jumpins online unless there is A LOT of lag.

Would appreciate some help here as eating counter hits and getting full comboed is really hurting my guile game.

Easiest thing to do is go to training mode and record that list you put up and try out c.hp to see if it works offline or not. Alter the spacing, timing, etc to see what works best.

try neutral MK. works best imo. not very good damage but at least theyre out

Took the words right out of my mouth.

3)S.FP (Both versions, uppercut and straight)

These are the anti airs I use on the ground and I ranked them in the order I think they are best. Like someone said, go to training mode and record the characters you have trouble with jumping in. Figure out the range for the anti airs and you are good to go. I should not that S.MK is going to be your best friend against Shotos (Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Akuma) because they all have pretty big hit boxes on their J.RH’s, especially Ken and Ryu. Other character who might give you trouble are Cammy J.RH; Rog J.FP; Honda J.FP; and Gen whatever the hell he uses.

Gen can be AA’d by s.hp (non backfist) quite well and (when your opponent is a bit further away)

Practice air throw bro. It is one of the best thing guile got going for him and has amazing priority. The range of the air throw is amazing too for a throw. of course gen is a little harder to throw so use s hp and n mk. you can do a b. mk too.

Guile has a lot of anti-airs. I added the ones in bold.

Yes this is true, but the reason I only listed those three is because if you get the range down on them, you don’t need to use any other anti-airs on the ground. And just about all of Guile’s normals have anti-air properties, including S.LP. C.MP… But I think this is true for all characters. But yeah, those top three are Guile’s best ones in my opinion. Just combine them with the air throws and you are good to go.

I’ve had a lot of reliability from which is the same walking backwards so it’s good when your trying to get some space and they try to jump in. Plus you get your charge stored so you could toss a boom after aaing them if you feel it fit, nice way to flip the pressure around or keep some one in the corner.

Also the good thing of using S.Mp is that it is special cancel-able. AAing with xx Sonic boom is really great to start preasuring from a defensive position.

I humbly and respectfully disagree. Every button has a purpose for a particular situation. If I have a down charge, I will most certainly FK instead of If I’m reacting a little late to a jump in that’s right over me, a close will do the job (yeah, I’m reacting late, but it’s better to know that button will AA than to just block). Everyone keeps saying that close beats out a lot of Chun-Li’s jump ins (though that’s never worked that well for me).

In short, learn all the buttons. is how to beat shoto j.hp

I can’t believe Sagat’s jumping elbow drop stuffs my C.HP. I mean what’s the hitbox like on that THING??? It looks more horizontal than anything else but C.HP gets stuffed!!! So frustrating. works great on sagats elbow, or a late lk.FK

ahhh, i didn’t know that one. i’ll have to try that out.

c.hp beats elbow, do it earlier. is good too

I understand exactly what you mean here. I do use other normals for anti-airs, but 90% of the time, I’m using the 3 I listed. In my experience I’ve just found that those 3 work best. I guess it’s a matter of preference though because where I use S.MK you might use S.MP and so forth. I agree you should know all of Guile AA’s but like I said, I just feel comfortable using those 3 and haven’t really had to use any others.

its all abut timing…guiles upercut is very effective…but characters like sagat can beat his upercut with his jumping mp as well as some of the chacrecters u mentioned…but its all timing…if u get ur upercut up first… it will stop them ALL.

the trick is to predict when they are going to jump in…

any good guile pros out their down for a guile vs guile?

ill take anyone on!

my xbox360 name is “LA MAYONESA” with the space works? Have to keep this in mind