Guile at evo 2010

I would like to extend my gratitude to warahk and lamerboi for showing up with some excellent guile performance at evo. You guys rocked and it was fun watching those semifinals. Excellent job. Go GUILE

Great job by both of you guys. Those matches were excellent.

lamerboi is beast!!!

i agree nice job representing guile, but don’t forget about daggerG, he steamrolled a rose on stream

I was rooting for Lamerboi…Henry Cen must have had a little chat with Art after his match against lamerboi…because he went on the offensive and absolutely destroyed him =( I was saddened to not see him make the top 8.

Good shit to all three of you. LOL DaggerG did rape that Rose.

Is there any footage on youtube with the dagger g match. The stream bugged out on me and I missed it.

i tried repping guile at evo too … i made it through the Pool L (overall 6-2) and lost to an akuma player (i think it was “perfect legend”) after winning 3. then played Warahk in a guile mirror in the losers quarterfinals(??). Very solid.

i think i was a bit star struck :[

anyone have any youtube vids on the Guile’s?

Daigo (Ryu) vs. Lamerboi (Guile) Semi-Finals

Warahk (Guile) vs. Sabin (Dhalsim) Semi-Finals

Check that thread for Guile videos

Did Gilley and Fuson attend Evo?

Ya what about sonicflash122?

Good games man! 6-2 isn’t bad at all.

Gilley was there, i forgot his pool. i think he went 5-2 or 6-2 and i can’t remember who he lost to. he’s a busy guy, he hasn’t been able to put much time into super yet.

Fuson couldnt come, he couldn’t get work off.

Props to all the Guile players who went to Evo. The Guile army had it tough this year man. Every time I saw a Guile on the stream, it was a bad match up for Guile.

Dagger vs. Ryder (Abel).
Warahk vs. Art (Sim)
Lamerboi vs. Henry Cen (Sim)
Dagger vs. Some random Rose (She’s still a bad match up imo, even though Dagger ran through that guy)

And when it wasn’t a bad match for Guile, it was one of the top players in the world

Lamerboi vs. Daigo
Dagger vs. JWong

Never realized how tall Warahk really was til I walked by him. lol.

I dont think sim is a bad matchup for guile.

are you sure you’re not mistaking me for dagger g? im like 5’11" - 6’0", dagger has got to be at least 6’3" lol

That hairstyle of yours plus that evil “I’ll kill you if you get close” look I can’t mistake for anyone else. lol jk.

Edit: Seriously though, I saw what Dagger G looked like during his matches so yah.

best guile match was when lameboi got raped by henry cen, nobody wants to see good players lamed out by guiles in the top 8.