Guile At The Top Of Xbox Live Championship Points Leaderboard



I know it was a terrible match; I was exceptionally nervous because I knew what was on the line after seeing how many points this other guy had. With all that said, I am just proud to see a Guile on top of anything. I know it takes dedication to really main Guile and a heart of steel not to switch to easier options. I want to thank everyone on Shoryuken for the vast wells of knowledge that reside here. Lets make sure Guile stays at the top!!


I’m at work atm, but was this the match vs. a Zang?


No, it was actually vs. an average Blanka. It’s still up there. I Check daily :slight_smile:


Well online play is a bit different than actual arcade play


Good job


3rd place now, but still quite the replay, 5k to go, hope to see you soon