Guile Beginners Thread: Easy Operation



Beginners guide: WIP

There are a few things missing and some possibly incorrect information, but this is an introduction to Guile by Justin Wong:


Hey there,

I’m having a tough time adjusting to the new guile. Any one interested in running a few sets?


You’re just starting to learn Guile, and you don’t know where to start. Well, this is the place to pick up on the beginning concepts for the character.

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Hey guys,

I’m still trying to lockdown my character, but I find Guile pretty interesting, obviously it’s matchup dependent but is there a general gameplan someone can explain to me with Guile so I at least have some fundamentals I can work towards?



You definitely want to learn how to zone effectively and get comfortable poking for a small, but continuous life drain. Check out some of the doyanbo videos in the video thread for inspiration.


Anyone on the west coast of America (or American in general really) who wants to learn Guile is free to add me on PSN and send me a message if they want advice or games -^tfw


I’m going to add you and test out the trans-pacific cables. On paper, it should be half-decent…


Thanks :slight_smile:


go for it


I’m unable to execute (, c.lp xx FK xx CA) after a cross up, but if I do (c.lp, c.lp xx FK xx CA) it works every time. Anyone else have this problem?


The only variable I’ve seen is the height that the connects at. If it’s high, you’ll get more time for charge and you’ll be closer when the fk hits (high leads to the fk hitting on the first active frame, mid hit makes the fk connect at 2nd or 3rd active frame).


Interesting, but I’m not sure it explains why c.lp c.lp works for me but not c.lp.


Exactly - it’s technically easier with as it’s 14f long (c.lp is 13), so it’s something you’re doing. Turn on inputs and slow it all down until you find the problem.


I think I figured it out. (c.LK, c.LP) is a chain rather than a link or target combo so the c.LK is canceling into the c.LP, reducing the number of frames available for charging and directional input. (c.LP, c.LP) can combo as a link or chain. I’ve been linking the c.LPs which is more frames than chaining (c.LK, c.LP).

The strange thing is, though, the FK will usually come out, but not the CA. My understanding is that the CA requires less charge than the FK so if the FK is coming out, charge time should be fine right? Also, I can execute both variations after a non-crossup jump in with 99% success. I have done the crossup c.LK c.LP variation literally zero times.


The CA is 40f; FK is 45f. You have enough time assuming you hit db, but the cross-up can mess with your back-charge (not down-charge though).

I don’t have too much of an issue with this combo and all I’m doing input wise is:
uf~df (the jump and cross-up) xx fk xx ca

Dunno what’s hurting your execution.


It must be charge time then. I didn’t consider how back charge resets on a crossup but down charge doesn’t.

Really though, I’m at the point now where I want to just resign myself to using c.LP c.LP, but I know the time will come when it will get blocked but the low would have opened them up and won it for me.

Thanks for the advice.


what do you guys do to make s.hp, to link consistently? I find myself dropping this more than I should


Straight up, it’s just practice. How do you practice your execution?

When I go about learning a link, I set a target of being able to push the dummy from one side to the other and back without a drop. i.e., start on the left side (Guile on the left), dash forward, s.hp, xx boom, repeat until I hit the right wall, jump over, do it again.

Some people like to double-tap buttons when linking, I prefer to single tap. Either way though, you just need to keep doing it until intellectually, you know you can land it on-demand.


I can do St. HP to Cr.MP fairly consistently. My problem is a lot of the time I can’t get my flash kick or sonic boom to come out. Any tips?


Assuming you’re getting your :db: charge quickly, try cancelling into the boom or fk later than “feels” right. The cancel can be delayed a noticeable amount.