Guile + Birdie in Marvel vs Capcom!?

Did anybody else notice this?

More information and better screenshots on the easter eggs:

This is not a MVC stage.

^-- MSHvsSF

sigh Came into this thread thinking there would be future UMVC3 character talk.

Because if Guile gets in…theres hope he’ll have a DLC costume/skin that makes him Charlie!! :smiley:

Make it happen Capcom. Or ya know…we could skip the middle man and just put in Charlie(Guile costume optional).

<-----mained Charlie in MVC2

Eh Technically it is, as part of the initial Crossover goodness before MVC.

Everything about this post makes me angry.


I know. Damnit when will Capcom acknowledge Charlie’s awesomeness?

He was fighting in the Alpha series back when Guile was still a noob.