Guile > Bison easily? Explain plz

**Let me re-iterate the arguments you have presented so far.

  • You, yourself, LiangHuBBB are basing the ENTIRE matchup on your OWN PERSONAL ONLINE EXPERIENCE as Guile.
  • You EVALUATE a Bison player’s skill level PURELY on the amount of points they have OBTAINED ONLINE. (from your previous posts on SRK, it seems you care a lot about points)
  • You say the JAPANESE TIER LIST says the matchup is 5/5. I assume you take the JAPANESE TIER LIST to be the ultimate reference guide.
  • You have presented a video of 2 ONLINE players who are playing intercontinentally (USA to IRELAND) as evidence of the matchup.
    *** Notice how I posted a video of Nuckledu as well and NOT ONLY Dieminion.*** (Conveniently ignored)
    I have been civil and waited for a somewhat intelligent argument, but from the points you have raised I have to conclude that you are truly stupid. I don’t know if you have a reading difficulty, maybe English is not your first language or are just plain unable to form an intelligent argument.

Re-read what you are saying and tell me you are not a moron.

Thank goodness you have some form of skill in video editing, because it does not appear that you are skilled in anything else.

EDIT: This kinda reminds me of the retards who blindly demanded buffs and nerfs, simply because they “main” a character. No credentials, no one knows who they are and no consideration on how it will affect the game as a whole.

Mere seconds later on YOUTUBE, LiangHuBBB sends this to me. Perhaps out of spite?


EDIT: More angry mail from LiangHuBBB…

My reply to #1)

You like your points don’t you? Post the most intelligent argument on SRK where EVERYONE can see. I have presented my side. You have failed to retaliate any of my points.



Sigh debating with a child.

Comments deleted soon after. But I still have the email notifications as proof.

I thought it was a common fact that lianghubbb is terminally retarded.

Can I see the tier list you are talking about ?

I played Guile for a month and a half as of now and beat Bison players who’ve been playing since release with no difficulty. The thing is, its all about who knows the matchup better - a Bison player will know the Guile matchup like the back of his hand simply because its his worst matchup, and he will need everything he can to get an advantage on Guile, on the other hand, a Guile player might not learn the matchup simply because he knows its his easiest matchup. If someone knows the ins and outs of his bad matchup and you dont then a disadvantaged matchup is not so bad.

Yo delusional just post the whole discussion you just had with me on youtube plus the 2 pms you just sent me.
You probably won’t.
I never stated this MU was in Bison’s favor. I stated that this MU is not as easy as many ppl claim it to be.
But w/e. Feel free to make your opinion on whatever you want.

Errr… that was the whole discussion. I can no longer even post it since you deleted the comments as soon I put them on SRK.

EDIT: 2 pms? I only replied once to your comment. If an extra one somehow slid past me, feel free to screenshot it.


I uhh…actually play offline also. :smiley:

I was referring only to the actual footage shown. Hope I didn’t step on too many other people’s feet.

I’m just being sarcastic. lol. I knew what you meant in your previous post.

Hmmm, Lets see.
From watching alot of offline tournament matches between guile and bison I must say it is tilted considerably in Guiles favor

Bison has a floaty jump which Guile can throw a late boom and still recover in time to crHP him. any decent guile player knows his AA ranges and the empty jump technique is risky because Guile has different good buttons to deal with any kind of air assault that Bison can throw. this is the match that Guile can even afford to jump in on Bison at close range and bison has to block but ideally Guile only jump in this match to either air to air HK or to air grab bison

On the ground Guile has nothing to fear from Bison because bison has NO reliable way past sonic booms, Guile will rather not attempt to even play footsie with bison so Bisons mid range buttons are somewhat negated. If for some reason Bison succeeds to get in (after losing a whole lot of health going through booms) he has only 2 options on guile:

  1. crLK scissors kick
  2. Throw

Bison headstomp in this match has very little use IMO since his follow up is no threat that is if the Guile doesn’t punish him for attempting the move.

Guile has nothing much to fear from Bison and this is a match that a Bison player needs a team of advisers in his corner to win while Guile player can keep a bottle of lemonade in his corner and still win.

As long as the Guile player remains calm and monitors the air and ground the Bison players has a LONG UPHILL BATTLE in front of him

More from LiangHuBBB who looks like he is unable to form an intelligent reply on SRK, so it’s come down to random messages through Youtube.

EDIT: All these messages he has sent have been with him being the initiator of contact.

This will be your only warning

PS. no one cares

Honestly, I find this match up easy if I play it super boring, but I don’t mean cheesy. When I only use fierce and LP boom, I seem to rock bison’s, but if I try to play footsies, set up frame traps, or any sort of normal play I get utterly destroyed. I honestly now only use two buttons in that match up, and it’s changed my win ratio a lot. Pretty sad, but also pretty funny.

Speaking of frame traps: are there any viable in AE2012 besides UDK?

My main problem in this matchup is dealing with head stomps. I create a solid life lead, then wait it out. Hold downback, wait for the headstomp then counter with flash kick only for the headstomp to beat flash kick which does crazy damage on counter hit. So next time I dont go for the anti air against it, he whiffs headstomp, lands right next to me with instant recovery then throws me. I find head stomp also beats cr.fierce.

Other than that the matchup is fine but I find it hard to deal with gimmicky bisons.

Walk back or walk forward if you see the head stomp. It doesn’t put your character in blockstun.

This matchup is 7-3 by principle, nothing Dictator can do in this matchup that Guile cant counter appropriatly. the 3 in the matchup is purly for human errors, and 50/50 situations like teching throws, frame traps, and some dic psycho crusher shaningans after a knockdown. basicly Dictator has to play very risky and be lucky with the meta game.

Guile whole game revolve around his jab booms here.

1-Dictator cant jump jab booms, even if he jumps at the same time or even little before you throw ur boom, because of his floaty jump Guile can antiair it so easily.
2- If Dictator jumps from mid range, Guile can react and air to air with jf.HK.
3- Since Dictator and all of the cast pretty much cant focus dash forward a jab sonic boom or else eats a fierce, he has no options, he cant jump forward to you, cant focus, blocking means getting chipped, neautral jumping something you can react follow the sonic boom with proper anti air punish.
4- All of dictator footsie game gets destroyed with well ranged placed jab booms, he cant press any buttons. you can also use fierce booms here too to mess up his reactions.
5- there is very small range where Dictator can punish booms with ex sciscor, but fortunatly for Guile the move requires charging so you can tell if its coming ingame, and he has pretty much one chance since a blocked boom pushes dictator little away, so whenever he gets to that range and you see him charging, you just step a few steps back and throw the booms again, he cant punish that.
6- Dictator cant play patiently and build meter, his devil reverse shaningans can be punish by guile ex sonic boom from full screen, or cr.fierce from close.
7- If you have no ex, you can still jab boom, wait for the follow up to devil reverse, do a double dash, then focus attack the follow up to a huge damage.
8- If you blocked a LK scisor kick, a reversal boom is so fast, ur worst case is it gets traded which is still in ur favor, if dictator do a lk scisor then a jump in, u can throw the reversal boom and still cr.fierce the jump in, also since AE2012 Dic lk Scisor pushes the opponent away, this matchup mindgame became worse for Dic, you can even jump back after a blocked lk scisor and escapes, you can backdash, you can wait for his normal if he wants to press button after the scisor then reversal jab boom the blocked normal and reset the situation, there is no option select here dictator can do, its just mind game guesses, and that is the only window for dictator to start his offense and win.
9-Dictator can though become “SSF4 Dictator” if first, guile didnt hold his ground well and put himself in the corner, AND second, blocked a lk Scisor, since you are in the corner you cant be pushed away, this is the only situation in the matchup where dictator can have more options than guile since he can follow now the lk scisor with or, both could counterhit punish the reversal boom, he gets safe headstomps, jumping back for u means a little step forward for him and antiair for dictator, hell even focus dashing a boom and punishing becomes vaiable since he is very close. with that said, if you played the matchup well and had two ex bars by that time, you have the fk fadc option that could help you there, you still have options to man handle dictator in the corner, but it really comes down to skill, plus in general he has more options.
10-last point, this matchup was alot easier before, since Guile did more damage in general, and build up meter alot faster, which helps greatly, now, having to work a little more puts u in more room for errors, that dictator can take advantage of, but this is in no way a 5/5 matchup, and no top japanese dictator users think it is that, or any good dictator in general, at the same time, no strong guile player cannot see the advantage that guile has here.

but in the end, its just a game, and we r humans, mistakes can occur, and these games evolve around mind games, even though the window for it to get started in one matchup differs from the other, dont take losing to a dictator to heart, or get discouraged and feel ashamed. it happens to everyone

i somewhat hate this matchup…its one of those weird things for me…i always like the matchups thats NOT in my favor for some reason…i always do well in situations like :sigh:

tht guile really wasn’t playing tht match-up good beats scissor kicks even guiles beats tht but i mean he was getting rushed down so w.e however if bison does head stomps or devils reverse he can get air thrown by guile plus he has control with sonic boom i mean bison can’t keep scissor kick pressure due to guile’s or i lose to bison online all the time because of them headstomps he does but i havent been playing guile tht long