i refuse to believe that Charlie is better than Guile. and the rumors about teaching Guile how to fight…? bullshit. here’s why:

Guile and his co-pilot Charlie were captured during a mission in Thailand, which is true in both series. after many months of imprisonment, he and Charlie managed to escaped from the jungle prison. in the North American version, Charlie died during their escape, but actually he died by the hands of Bison leaving Guile consumed with vengeance. either way, died cuz he’s not as strong-willed and not a family man.

only reason he shoots with one hand and does a 180 split flash kick is simply for originality and due to improved animation in the alpha series prior to sf2. whatever, two hands are way better than one and Guile’s flash kick looks way more American.

although i due find Charlie to be an awesome character, 'cept he wears no socks, he doesnt strike me at all at being better than his friend. Guile came first, plus he looks bad ass, and i refuse to believe that Charlie taught him. in fact, i can go as far as believing that they could slightly be equal…hmmm…fuck it, Guile is better. Who’s with me?

Charlie Nash taught Guile the fighting skills we know he uses today, when he taught him doesn’t fucking matter, cuz in Zero 3 T. Hawk is supposed to have found Nombelu and not Juni, even though that’s what the game shows.
Finally we don’t give a fuck whether you like Guile more than Charlie Nash or vice versa.

While it’s true that Charlie taught Guile all the techniques, that doesn’t mean Guile cannot be stronger than Charlie.

Guile does seem stronger to me, but Charlie is definitely the cooler character in my book.

:Sonic Boom:

More like, FAIL!

haha. “Word on the streets is Guile learned all his shit from Charlie. Believe it son!”

Nobody cares about your fanboy bullshit.

people still taking the SF story seriously? unheard of…

What Charlie can do with one hand, takes 2 hands for Guile. What a noob.



Dan>>>SUCCESS Who’s with me?!

All I wanna know is is there a 2-pack of the Guile/Charlie toy figures so I can buy it. With the OP mini-con.

Charlie is cool, but Guile is a fucking OG as far as I’m concerned.

This thread is *“Too Sleazy!” *

whhatt? since when did charlie teach guile :confused: his sonic boom sucks, even his super arts suck, guile’s is more pressurizing and his flash kick more focused. i figured him calling nash/charlie a hero was because of what he did/does in the army, it just completely seems to me that guile is the better fighter…

if it’s canon that charlie taught guile then whatever who cares anyway :rofl:

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  2. Charlie is dat nigga

well ok

dan is obviously better then ryu/ken, ever see those fools even try to hadouken with one arm?


He can do a Hadouken in the air.

With one hand…

Team Americaaaaaaaaa Fuck Yea!

Haha. Lovely :tup:

You make some good points. But you forget Charlie normally wears glasses, and takes them off before a fight and in a way is fighting with one eye closed. Had he only lived to see the day we got lightweight, rock-solid glasses, he never would’ve fallen victim to Bison in the first place. Guile would’ve stayed a family “man” while Charlie was out destroying the globe’s biggest crime organization.

Besides, Charlie can guard crush.