Guile Clutch Story



So Rose is my main, but I keep Guile as a back-up.

Earlier today I was playing as Guile against a Balrog in player matches on PSN. The match was at 2-1 my lead (out of 3). I was getting cornered by Balrog, and he fishes for headbutt into ultra, but I blocked it, and responded with Super. This was near the end of the round, and I saw we were tied with life after the super ended, so I decided to go for the ultra, and it actually landed. :rofl: (Note this never happens for me)

Yet Balrog was still alive with not even a pixel of health. Kind of panicked, I walked up to him and down+backed (because I was ready to chip him out). However he did wake-up ultra at me, and I knew I wasn’t safe, but I didn’t want to risk trying to beat it out with flash kick, so I kept down+backing. Seeing now that he actually could chip me out, I waited for the moment where Balrog briefly pauses before his final blow. My flash kick trades and we double K.O.

I was L’ing my a o. I couldn’t believe I won. I feel like I deserved it though since I landed super into ultra. I really didn’t want to go into a final round.

I understand there are things I could have done instead that would’ve been safer, but I did what I did, and got the W.

Anybody else have a clutch story to share? Hope you enjoyed mine.:sweat:

Edit: Sorry I don’t have a video. Use your uhmajuhnayshun!


Good shit. Don’t forget that you can meaty crossup boxer on his wakeup for free with


Yeah I can’t say I’ve gotten my jump-in timing down where I’d be willing to risk insta-loss due to headbutt. Especially after landing an Ultra. Like when does Guile ever land an ultra and on top of that, know the timing for safe I’ll keep it in mind for next time :cool:


Against headbutt? It’s pretty easy. Just try to hit it as late as possible. The startup on boxer’s headbutt is sloooowwww.


Getting back into the thread. I did play a mirror match against a Guile, and when I had almost no life left, I took the win by doing a Ultra while the other guile was sweeping me ( You know the second sweep of a C.HK)

Oppositely,I lost a match by performing an AA Ultra against an Akuma, Which turns out, It dosn’t juggle as well as you’d think


Ok so I was playing a Bison player in G2 and it was tied 1 round a piece and i was at about half health. He had me in the corner and went for a head stomp LOL so i cought him and gave him a backbreaker so then he was in the corner I did a lp SB then jumped in with a HK and it hit so i continued with my combo C.LK>S.LP>C.MP>SB Fadc repeat C.LK>S.LP>C.MP>SB>Backfist it was so clutch lol 10 HIT COMBO :woot::woot:


haha alot of boxer stories, let me add my own. Just recently in a friendly match (i dont even rememebr if it was online or in person, it may have happened twice) we were both pretty low on health and i defitely could have eaten enough chip from an ultra to lose. My rival notices this, goes for his ultra (out of nothing, no headbutt or anything) while were standing close to each other and I, without checking my meter, tried to throw out the ultra motion as fast as I possibly could. It actually came out, despite my panicked input, and I won right there. good stuff.


OK mine is Vs a Fei Long, So i get this guy in the Finals for g1, and I remmember he beat me a couple of days ago. Didnt remmember his name but I knew it was him since nobody plays Fei long. Anyways, his game was made of Focus and pokes, he was also chiping me to death. He was good on reaction and was using ex to go trough booms. Chip and more chip, so we go to third round and I am losing but I remmemberd Gilley saying that vs Balrog you need Full Bar to do Super if he keeps pushing you with charges. So my thinking was, It has to work on Fei long too, so this guy keeps doing it and in between his safe rushes I pull off lk super to ultra. He eats like 65% damage. After this, I did not waste my Only cross up of the game and ended up mixing him for the win. GUILE g1 CHAMP, turned off the ps3 and went to bed Happy, Like a Family Man


I was at the arcade and one of the top dogs were playing. I decided to line up and test my luck. He plays a mean Chun-Li, one of the best in Nor-Cal I would say. Anyways down to near death for both of us and I’m in the corner. He goes for that (quarter circle back kick, i don’t know what its called) and I ultra :D. Then he destroyed me the next 3 rounds and took the game but I left with a smile


Mine was pretty sweet, I have a huge problem with Blankas slides while doing Sonic booms so it was 1-1 and i had 5% hp left and he had about 25% or so, something around there. he kept walking up and i knew he was fishing for my sonic boom so he could finish me off with a slide so i just sat there throwing random c.lp out and what do u know, he tried to predict my sonic boom and did a unsafe slide so i reversal Super into Ultra and owned his ass hard. so yeah thats my cool story.

also i had a match against a chun li and she waited for me to do guiles awesomely safe Sweep, so i did but then i FADC’d the first hit and guess what happens? she does her ultra trying to catch unsafe sweep and i ended up blocking and ultra’ing her back.

that was also sweet.


Cool stories dudes. I’ve got a clutch Guile win story as well.

Back in SF Vanilla, I was in G1 but have never won a championship. In a fight with a Sagat, we were going toe to toe with one win each and near the end of the round, we found ourselves near the end of the screen with Sagat holding the corner. I had no health left and he was out of poking range. I had Ultra, but he had too much life to be chipped away still. I just knew that he was going to go for a Tiger Knee. No doubt in my mind he would. It would be a light kick version and be just safe enough to secure a win for him, and I would’ve done the same thing. But since I was expecting it, I just waited until he moved. If only he stood up and sat back down, I would’ve wiffed the Ultra but since he did go for that tiger knee, my Ultra freeze animation was the best moment ever for me in SF. Such a clutch win at the most needed moment in the game PLUS I walked away with my first G1 championship. The only thing that sucked was that I didn’t get enough points to save the replay.


Guile (Me) vs T hawk (random guy/gal)

Me put shades mode ON (OFF).

Me won first round and second with GDLK zoning.

T hawk angry, me happy.

Third round, Shades mode (ON) OFF.

Me zone, T hawk build meter, now he is at 8% health (He makes many mistakes)

Me jump back.

T hawk good reaction, Ultra 2.

T hawk stupid, he not close enough.

Me lol’d and mashed air throw.

“Go home and be a family man”.


I was playing my boy last night offline and he was playing with ibuki. let me set the scene

i have basically no life if he hits me with anything he wins. I need like 2 or 3 hits to beat him. so i throw out a sonic boom he jumps over it and goes into her super. i was omg what to do what to do lol. in the corner with nowhere to go so it was only one thing i could do was time my jump for each time she threw a knife because she has sort of a little delay when she throw each one out. so i time my jumps so each time she threw one i was jumping backwards. he was omg wtf his spirit has just been crush now so once the last one goes out i dash forward a couple times he is still in shock trying to figure out to do so i throw out a slow sonic boom he was expecting a ex sonic boom so he eats it and then for some reason he jumps in again only to met a ex flashkick. the only thing that would have made it better if i would i have put guile shades on after i i dodge all those knifes lol.

that was the clutchest moment i have had with Guile so far might not have been the greatest or anything but it was pretty cool in my book and the people saw it


Nothing fancy, but was playing a Chun and we were pretty neck-to-neck. One round he got the xx EX legs into U2 and just took enough life away from me to win the round.
The following round I brought it back after he did a reckless xx hazanshu, I reacted to it with U2 and got enough of a health lead to win the match.



Why did this thread die, it was a pretty good thread?

Anyways, Finally did j.hp,c.hp > Super > U1 On a Seth who was dominating me, but got stuned

And a Flash Kick FADC U2 to Shades