Guile Combo discussion

Surprisingly enough there isn’t a thread yet devoted specifically to exploring Guile’s combo potential.

I’ll start things off:

  1. My standard BnB off a cross-up jump-in with j. :lk: is cr. :mp:, cr. :mp: xx Flash Kick. This is slightly trickier than the cr. :lp:, cr. :lp:, cr. :mp: sequence, but does more damage and you can still hit-confirm it.

  2. My current max damage punish for big whiffs or raw tags is j. :hp:, cl. :f: :hk: (Reverse Spin Kick), st. :hp: (close or far, far is easier to link), launcher into tag combo. If you didn’t want to tag, you can finish the combo with Sonic Boom, but I haven’t fully explored this, as I also main Julia and I almost always tag out when I get the chance to do this combo.

  3. I’m exploring corner combos right now, and so far, I only have cr. :lp:, cr. :lp:, cr. :mp: xx LP Sonic Boom, st. :hp:, Launcher into tag combo.

The most intriguing possibilities right now are linking off of LP Sonic Boom (+8 on hit, but surprisingly difficult to land things afterwards), more linking opportunities from Reverse Spin Kick, and linking opportunities from Spinning Backfist (+7 on hit).

Any ideas or contributions?

j.lp crosses up?

I like, f +hk, df+hk, hk.FK I think you could cross cancel into more but haven’t explored yet.

Lol sorry, obvious typo. Fixed now.

I hadn’t thought of using Guile High Kick after Reverse Spin Kick. Isn’t it tricky to get down charge in time to do the Flash Kick, seeing as you can only start charging down after doing :f: :hk:, rather than during the jump as normal?

Well there’s definitely easier combos but this does good damage, looks fancy and people know basic combos already so it’s just something different.
The second begins you start charging df, you don’t have to let that move finish so that’s a bit tricky yeah but it’s not hard. I think the harder part is linking GHK after It’s all still easier than his SF4 links. 338 dmg with no meter and if you have meter you can cross cancel, works mid screen too.

edit: would like to add that even though backfist is +7 on hit, it pushes you so far away I don’t think you can link anything after it, is really close though and might be a nice frame trap.

Yeah, I was just experimenting with backfist today and I don’t think it’s usable except as a combo ender.

I’ve been trying the combo you indicated, and I’d forgotten that Guile High Kick whiffs on crouchers. As such, it’s really situational for me (only when an opponent is hard-tagging, basically, or if the opponent is really stupid and I jump over his fireball at close range).

Regarding the charging problems I was having with that combo, they’re solved by just adding cr. :mp: x2 after Guile High Kick.

If you can land this in the corner you can go J.HK, F+HK, DF+HK, Cr.MP, Cr.MP, Cr.MP, HK FK

Another good guile combo is J.HP/HK, St.HP, EXSB, Spinning Back Fist… The St.HP forces stand so the spinning backfist doesn’t whiff.

Welcome to the boards, Dave!

I pretty much pointed out that combo in the post above. I didn’t include the third cr. :mp:, but it’s generally given that any time you can land two cr.:mp:s (off a counter hit air to air, off a tag in, or off a Guile High Kick float, you can land 3 in the corner.

As for the j. :hk:, cl. :hp: xx EX Sonic Boom, Backfist combo, it’s good but I’m not sure it’s worth the meter. Also, you can optimise it by adding a Reverse Spin Kick before the cl. :hp:.

Thanks, i’ve actually been on the boards for like 2+years just don’t ever post lol.

But I never thought too add that reverse spin kick in there, i just got my version of the combo from the brady guide, I might have to try it your way.

UDK, cl.hp/ xx lp SB,
UDK, cr.lp/mp, xx whatever

corner fun:, UDK, cl.hp/mp xx lp SB, cr.lp, xx whatever, UDK, cl.hp xx lp SB, GHK, x3 xx lk FK


What is the combo most people are using for jump in punishes. The whole, f +hk, df+hk, hk.FK is not practical online for me as the third HK is basically a 1 frame link

I find myself using these:

(, udk, cl.hp xx launcher
(, udk, cl.hp xx lp sb,
(, udk,, xx lk fk


This. Reverse Spin Kick into standing :hp: is a 3 or 4 frame link, depending on whether it’s close or far. I would go for the launcher in 90% of situations, unless your other character has no health. It will do easily 400+ damage for no meter. Reverse Spin Kick is one of Guile’s best moves for punishes.

Good tips! Thx for the replies! Been using the udk to standing fierce then launcher with good results.

What most Guile damage after Launcher ?
i usually do Cr mp twice and Flashkick,any combo more damaging than that ?
is it possible to do cr mp std HP , Flashkick, i try it but flashkick never come out

The most damaging combo is yours with a rolling sobat right before the two medium punches (forward medium kick),, cl.hp xx fk ( corner only)


Thanks for reply, finally can do rolling sobat,double cr Mp,Flashkick
Is it possible to do follow up after target combo(cr mk,f+MP), can link it with cr lp or cr lk ?


This threads pretty dead but if anyone is interested I’d like to try get it going again, Guile actually has combos in SxT unlike SFIV.

What follow ups do you guys use on Cross Assault?

I used to just go with the basic come in c. strong xx flash kick but messing around I discovered it’s possible to link his knee bazooka into a close fierce, this is interesting as it lets you keep back charge and cancel into boom. It’s also possible to throw out the boom to cover their wake up giving you a jump in opportunity.

I assume you mean Cross Rush, and not the three meter Cross Assault that brings in both characters at once?

If you did, then the optimised combo is rolling sobat (–> MK), cr. MP, cr. MP xx Flash Kick. You can also cancel into Sonic Boom; it does less damage but restores spacing.

Guile has mad combos in this game. If you read the rest of the thread, many have already been listed. His optimised cross-up combo is cr. MP, cr. MP, st. HP x Launcher. Those are all links, so you don’t get the scaling of a Cross Rush.

His optimised punish combo is j. HK, Upside Down Kick, st. HP x Launcher into a tag combo. If you want to keep Guile in, you can do j. HK, UDK, Guile High Kick, cr. MP xx Flash Kick (I think, I haven’t tried that combo in a long time.)


J. Roundhouse, Reverse Spin Kin > Stand Fierce xx L Boom > Backfist works.