Guile combo help



Is it possible to do a guile high kick>Flash kick after this combo: full screen jab boom follow it >focus attack crumple>st.lp>st.lp>st.lp>>sonic boom>focus crumple>st.lp>st.lp>st.lp>>sonic boom>focus crumple>UDK>>sonic boom I’ve been watching some guile combo videos and I see people finishing their combos with guile high kick>flash kick, but I cant get it down I’m even p-linking the guile high kick but it just gets blocked. How am I supposed to link it?


I think it is possible on Sagat due to his hitbox. It takes 2 bars to fadc a > boom so you can only fadc that 2 times if you have super. I don’t think everyone can be GHKed after comboing a SB in the corner and s.lp, s.lp, s.lp, s.lp, > boom doesn’t work on a lot of characters as there’s too much s.lp involved when it comes to smaller characters.

Try connecting this combo if you want to land GHK after lp SB in corner. FA crumple, UDK, cs.lp, s.lp, > lp SB. If I remember correctly, this will connect GHK as the SB connects from the last frames of hitstun from, therefore giving more time for Guile to recover and GHK Sagat. Sagat’s standing hitbox is also wider.

You can also FA crumple again if you don’t want to use GHK as a combo ender with this combo.


LOL. Looks like you’re going back to main Guile now, VC. Anyways, I don’t think this combo can work on all characters. As Rexell mentioned about the hitbox, it depends on the height of the character to hit with the Guile HK. I remember whiffing on my Guile HK a lot of times when my opponent was stunned. I learned that hitbox on characters’ head shrink when they are stunned because they lower their head.