Guile Combo/Tech Thread: Do Your Best

If you have any combos or tech, feel free to post it here.

Some meaty corner set-ups.
I don’t know the frames so I’m basing all of this off on my consistency.

I noticed Light Sonic Booms don’t combo from this distance. I find that Medium Sonic Boom works best as opponents recover more enabling you to sweep/ knockdown.

After the sweep combo, I, again I don’t know the frames, I feel there may be some 1 to 2 frames of delay before hitting f.HK. Same with the previous CC above.

Please try this and see if this works on your end. Knock down combo is corner only. Slow recovery meaty set-up.

This combo is obsolete now because of what I saw Infiltration posted but oh well lol

Dantarion’s Guile frame data:

Anyone got anything of backfist crush counter?

Best meterless followup I’ve seen so far is forward dash, st.HP, cr.MP xx Somersault.

Is anyone seeing this corner combo Momochi is doing with Guile. Shit is insane, like a good 20hits before Critical Art

Don’t tell Sako

Fun! This probably isn’t too useful given that he already has a target combo from cr.LK, but at point blank you can do cr.LK, cr.LP, Flash Kick.
For frame data and punishes, here are some important notes:
=Since EX Flash Kick is 4 frames, Guile cannot punish -3 moves
=However, at 4 frames, you have access to cr.LK, st.LP, and cr.LP. As mentioned, you have links/targets after cr.LK and can cancel st/cr.LP into specials
=Guile’s cr.MP is 6 frames and probably a solid punish normal. st.LP and st.MP are +3, so you can frame trap off of those
=st.MP is 5 frames, but lacks range. It isn’t special cancelable but chains into f.HP for a quick punish and knockdown
=st.HP is 7 frames! This sounds like an amazing punisher if you’re in range to use it. Remember, make those Crush Counters count!

According to TOOLASSISTED:

FK startup:
[] lk/ex 4
] mk 5
[*] hk 6

FK projectile invuln.:
[] lk 1-3
] mk 1-4
[*] hk 1-5

FK full invuln.:
[] lk 4-6
] mk 5-7
[] hk 6-8
] ex 1-9

FK ground invuln.:
[] lk 1-3
] mk 1-4
[] hk 1-5
] ex 1-6

Any idea what ground invulnerabilty is supposed to be? Is it throw invulnerability? Upper body invulnerability?

It doesn’t look like or s.hp are special cancelable :frowning:

I love the, link though. Very well considered.

I found a really strong corner reset set-up !

  • 5hp, 2mp x sonic boom, 2mp x EX sonic boom, 6lk [Air reset] >> meaty 5hp (safe) or 2lp (whiff) choppe or 2lp (whiff) CH 2mp 2lp sonic boom loop again.

This is REALLY strong ! The reset means he can’t delayed wake up or stuff like that to avoid it.
-If the opponent mash boutons, he’ll take all those 3 variations
-If he knows that he has to block, he’ll be free for grab OR even if you thought he’ll mash and you do meaty 2mp, it’s positif on block so you’ll keep really good and close pressure.

I wish to upload it but i’m not used to do that on PS4, so I hope you’ll understand.

My guess would be any hitbox generated by a grounded character, but who knows. It’s not like you can get any sense out of TOOLASSISTED :confused:

Edit: clearly it’s not that and is probably something like throw otherwise it’d be fk-city.

A quick reference:

CH links into (start-up in brackets):
[] s.lp (4f)
] (5f)
[] (5f)
] (4f)

CH links into:
[] s.lp
] (+target combo)
[] (+target combo)
] c.lp
[] (+target combos)
] fk (lk, mk, ex)
[*] sonic hurricane/tempest

Obviously the fk links are just rude.

Edit: CA is 6f. wtf. +5f on block. wtf. I think Guile might be broken.

Depending on timing, the can whiff which could lead to another headgame in long sets. Nice setup.

I think knocking down is really strong in this game.

Edit: erk, you’re saying s.hp for the meaty - I’m using As @Zonk suggests, b.hp has better data.

I found the same setup, but I wouldn’t use sHP as a meaty because it’s at best -2. Replace with meaty b+HP which can be +1 on block, and on CC gets another reset. Or, just do meaty sMP. Also, after EX boom in the corner, with perfect timing you can do a meaty v-skill and then another if they don’t get up, where you will always block a wakeup dp, even a 3 framer.