Guile Combo Thread: Flash Kick FADC *shades*!



Last update: 30May2010:
-Added UDK > GHK corner crumple damages in post 3
-Added damage for crumple > udk > xx boom > ghk > hk fk > FADC U2

Alright, I feel like I’ve got enough new information down to officially change the title and christen this the SUPER SF4 Guile combo thread! Currently it’s about 95% done. Feedback is always appreciated.

Aside from covering guile specific combos, the first part of this thread will contain some really basic things to help any fresh blood who just picked up guile, like him, but really don’t know the ins and outs yet of the game yet. Otherwise, I’ll be making sure to update this thread when necessary and I appreciate any feedback to make this better.

Table of Contents

  • Post 1, Basics
    o Disclaimer
    o Terminology and Abbreviations
    o The Ways to Combo
    o Frame Data & Damage Scaling

  • Post 2, Guile’s Combos
    o Punish Combos
    o Jump-in Combos
    o Lvl. 2 FA / Crumple Combos
    o Situational / Corner Combos
    o Mythical (Fake) Combos
    o Other Combos
    o How to Super Cancel and the Ultra Juggle
    o Credits

  •           Post 3, Guile's Advanced Combotorium

    DISCLAIMER: Please post your questions in the right thread! The “Guile Strategies and Matchup Thread” can help you find any character specific information for your fights as well as help you figure out just how to space yourself well. The “Guile Moveset and Attributes” thread can help you figure out specific things about individual moves or learn how to dash into ultra. This thread is for the discussion of combos and the execution of them. Please stick to the subject matter.

    Terminology and Abbreviations

LK = Light Kick (Short) :lk:
MK = Medium Kick (Forward) :mk:
HK = Heavy Kick (Roundhouse) :hk:
LP = Light Punch (Jab) :lp:
MP = Medium Punch (Strong) :mp:
HP = Heavy Punch (Fierce) :hp:
c. = A crouching attack. (c.lp)
s. = A standing attack. (s.hp)
cl. = An attack performed while close to the opponent (cl.hp)
f. / b. = Forward and back, respectively. (
db, uf, df, ub : Holding down-back, up-forward, etc. :db::uf::df::ub:
> = Indication of a chain or link. (c.lp > c.lp >
xx = Indication of a cancel. ( xx Flashkick)
AA = Anti-air
FK = Flashkick
SB = Sonic Boom
Backfist = f.hp
UDK = Upside-down kick, or close
GHK = Guile high kick, or
Bazooka Knee = or
U1 = Flash Explosion
U2 = Sonic Hurricane
Bnb = Bread n’ butter combo. Easy to do, good damage combo.

Check out for some more info on terms the SF community uses.

The Ways to Combo

All combos in SF4 are essentially performed in 3 ways: Chains, Links, and Cancels; and to a lesser extent, Juggles. This information is not necessary to know in order to do the combos, but it may help you understand just how they work. One combo may contain multiple links, chains, and cancels.

Chains: A chain is a series of normal attacks that quickly cancel into each other. Tapping c.lp 4 times quickly is a chain combo. Guile?s target combo > is also considered a chain combo.

Links: A link is when you wait for the animation of one attack to completely finish before beginning another attack. This can range from being easy to extremely difficult. An example is doing the combo c.lp > If you press these quickly, they will not combo. You must wait until the animation for the c.lp is finished.

Cancels: A cancel is the literal ?canceling? of a normal move into a special or super move. Many special moves can also be canceled into supers. This is done by inputting the command for the special within a few split seconds after your first attack connects with the opponent. An example is cl.hp xx Sonic Boom.

In SF4 a normal can only be canceled into a special if it was NOT chained from any previous normal. Doing c.lp xx flashkick is very easy to do. However, doing c.lp > c.lp xx flashkick tends to be much more difficult. This is because the second c.lp must be linked instead of chained.

Juggle: This can fit into the link category as well. A juggle is any attack that hits an airborne opponent who has been placed airborne by an attack. An example is > Flashkick.

Frame Data and Damage Scaling

A frame is 1/60 of a second. Frame data is a compiled list of information showing all the data for a character?s moves. This thread will not go into "why combo 'x' works because is 'y' frames and is 'z' frames etc." However, know that there are many sources to find out this information on guile. Eventhubs has an accurate guide. ( ) As well as SRK wiki. ( )

You may be curious after seeing some advanced guile 17 hit combo on why it seems like it does so little damage. This is mainly due to a system called damage scaling. The more hits you do in a combo, the less damage each consecutive hit will do. For example does 70 damage by itself. If you do c.lp > c.lp >, the may only do 55 damage. Note, that 55 is an estimated value, but it explains why doing massive strings of moves together can sometimes take a backseat to something as simple as 3 hits.

It should be noted that damage scaling applies only to an individual move. While Ryu's f.hp hits twice, it only counts as one hit towards scaling. The same goes for guile's super. However, a focus crumple attack (mp+mk) or an ultra will count as 2-hits towards damage scaling, causing your next moves to do even less damage. Another factor that goes into how much an individual hit may scale is how low your opponents' health is. The lower their health, the less damage you will do.



The following combos have all been self-tested on ryu unless otherwise specified. The damage and stun are listed after the combos in parenthesis in this order. (dmg / stun). Note that not every single combo in existence is listed. The following combos are some of the "more useful" ones around. In many of these combos, EX'ing a move will net you more damage, although many players consider this not very useful considering the payoff of meter for sometimes a mere 20 damage. If a combo written below mentions an EX being used, then it *must* be used. Also note, unless I mention otherwise, I'm posting ONLY PRACTICAL combos here. Everything here is for use IN ACTUAL MATCHES against the BEST players. See the caps? That's how you can tell I'm serious. :annoy:

Punish Combos: Blocked a shoryuken? Don't just sweep him, make it hurt. Also as a general rule, keep the simplicity and the damage high.

1) xx hk flashkick (230 / 300)
Variants: xx EX flashkick (250 / 350) Not worth meter use IMO.

Combo explanation


Your most reliable, all purpose, quick, simple punish. Works on everyone, all the time, for many situations. Never be ashamed to use this, as the is relatively fast (4f) and can punish many things (blocked zangief greenhand). However, if you have some more time, you should try to gun for…(2)

2) > hk flashkick (270 / 400)

  • > EX flashkick (290 / 450) Not worth the meter use IMO.

Combo explanation


This is great for bigger punishes, like whiffed uppercuts. Does beefy damage, easy to land, and even has a damaging ultra followup (discussed later). Only issue you may find is that sometimes the may whiff on smaller hitboxes. Also, if performed from slightly further away, the flashkick will do 100 damage instead of 160. In that case, you should resort to…(3)

3) > backfist (230 / 400)

  • > (220 / 400) Let’s you keep back charge. Only on airborne ops.

Combo explanation


Not only will it do more damage than the above combo if performed further away, but carries the added benefit of not needing a charge. This also makes it easily one of the more damaging, meterless anti-air combos in the game, albeit, landing as an AA is a bit character specific and can be difficult. Look to the matchup thread for more on that.

**4) s.hp xx jab boom ** (170 / 250)

  • s.hp xx boom > backfist (266 / 410)
  • xx boom (120 / 150)
  • xx boom > backfist (216 / 310)
  • s.hp xx EX boom (220 / 300)
  • s.hp xx boom xx FADC > sweep (250 / 330) Not worth meter use IMO
  • s.hp xx boom xx FADC > s.hp (250 / 410) Not worth meter use IMO

Combo explanation


Good for punishes where you don’t have a down charge for flashkick and what your punishing recovers to quickly to get a out. Zangief’s blocked EX greenhand is a good example of this. On certain characters, you may also be able to tag a backfist to the end of this combo.

5) > > s.lp > s.hp (154 / 280)

  • s.lp > s.lp > s.lp > s.hp (134 / 280) Whiffs on crouchers.
  • > > > s.lp > s.hp (xxx / xxx) On bigger characters.
  • > s.lp > xx boom (141 / 215) Easier link with s.lp >

Combo explanation


The’s can be changed out for c.lp’s or s.lp’s at your whim. However, I use’s due to the added benefit of being just as fast as c.lp (4f) and also hitting low. Great for quick, in your face, chargeless punishes, like hitting abel out of the recovery of his roll, or focus absorbing a fireball, dashing through it, and hitting your opponent (not always a guaranteed punish). Also note, this combo takes timing and patience to learn. Plinking may help! See further down this thread.

6) > c.lp > xx hk flashkick (228 / 320) or (186 / 250)

Combo explanation


If you have your links down, this is a great alternative to the above combo for the extra damage and knockdown. However, the link from c.lp to is one of guile’s harder links to hit. I believe personally, that this is one of guile’s most important, versatile combos and an absolute necessity to learn for advanced play. Again, plinking may help. Against some characters and distances, the flashkick may not sweetspot for max damage, but still combo.

7) U1 (510 / 000) or U2 (420 / 000)

Combo explanation


As mentioned at the top, keep simplicity and damage high. This is exactly what a raw ultra does. If you have the meter and you block a shoryu, why not? Also, both ultra’s can punish EX greenhand and EX scissors (bison) on block when performed as a reversal. It is also popular to block the shoto string xx fireball but let an ultra rip before the fireball hits you. Be wary of using this too much. There are many more applications, find em!

8) Super > U1 (641 / 000) or super > U2 (528 / 000)
Variants: xx super > U1 (668 / 100) xx super > U2 (577 / 100) xx sonic boom xx super > U1 (619 / 150) xx sonic boom xx super > U2 (534 / 150) xx hk flashkick xx lk super > U2 (544 / 300)

Combo explanation


Guile’s super is unique in it’s ability to punish certain things on block. Things like balrog’s dash strait can be reversal’d with mk super, or ken’s can be reversal lk super’d.

9) hk flashkick xx FADC > U2 (376 / 200)
Variants: xx hk flashkick xx FADC > U2 (419 / 300)

Combo explanation


Doing this takes practice, but many believe (myself included) that this will be essential to learn for advanced play. Here are some tutorial vids [[media=youtube]8tJJ_DSq-kc[/media] - (backdash)]. A general concept is to perform the flashkick as db > ub + K, then hold back during your FA charge animation for a split second, THEN f, f, b, f + PPP. Does not work with a forward dash when your op is in the corner, only a back dash.

10) > hk flashkick xx FADC > U2 (459 / 400)

Combo explanation


A more damaging version of the above. Range can become an issue at times and you may not be able to FADC the flashkick if too far away.

11) S.hp xx hk flashkick (280 / 400)

Combo explanation


I imagine this combo will see even less use than in the past now that can combo into flashkick. However, I still feel it’s worth mentioning due to the speed of s.hp. Try performing the s.hp while holding back or neutral and see what works better for you. Not the most practical combo in the world though due to range issues getting close s.hp to come out instead of far s.hp.

12) S.hp xx super xx U1 (714 / 200) or U2 (621 / 200)

Combo explanation


Thus far, guile’s single most damaging combo. You won’t find many opportunities to land this, but it’s worth posting just for the damage. I would also be lying if I told you that i never used this in a serious match. You just never know when you might need it.

Jump-in Combos: J.hp and are interchangeable in all combos. is normally used to initiate a cross-up combo.

1) > xx hk flashkick (298 / 460)

  • > (200 / 300) Unsafe on block, be careful)
  • > backfist (220 / 400) More range than sweep, whiffs on crouchers.
  • > xx EX flashkick (314 / 500) Waste of meter IMO

Combo explanation


Similair to the first punish combo mentioned, this one’s a keeper. Simple, universal, reliable, damaging. Works on crouchers, standers, big and small. You should ALWAYS be doing this if you land your, at least until you advance yourself / cofirm into combo #2. Only issue is sometimes you may be out of range, so all you can do is sweep or backfist.

2) > xx hk flashkick (338 / 560) or (290 / 480)

  • > > backfist (306 / 560)

Combo explanation


Moar damage! However, this comes at a price. The GHK can whiff on crouchers or characters with smaller hitboxes. Sometimes, your timing must be slightly delayed in order for it to land. Same rules apply as the punish combo with GHK: sometimes your op is too far away to “sweet-spot” the flashkick, and a backfist will do more damage.

3) > s.hp xx boom (260 / 440)

  • > s.hp xx boom > backfist (344 / 580)
  • > xx boom > backfist (294 / 480)
  • > xx boom (210 / 340)
  • > s.hp xx EX boom (300 / 480)

Combo explanation


I won’t go into too much detail here, as this will be discussed further in the corner combo section. However, if your boom won’t coom out, make sure your doing b.hp instead of db.hp. This is a common mistake for people learning this combo.

4) > > c.lp > xx hk flashkick (229 / 330) or (193 / 270)

  • > > s.lp > xx boom (155 / 240) Easier link, whiffs on crouchers.
  • > > > s.lp > s.hp (165 / 295) See above.
  • > > > > (129 / 205) If you can’t link.
  • > > c.lp > xx EX boom (193 / 270) If you want the practice without the risk.
  • > > c.lp > xx EX flashkick (242 / 405) HUGE waste of meter.

Combo explanation


Crossup combo! If you can’t land this combo then you have no business crossing up your opponent… unless your escaping the corner, the risk does not equal the reward. On some characters, the flashkick won’t sweetspot, but it will still land and score you a knockdown. The main benefit here, like xx flashkick is that it’s UNIVERSAL. It works on everyone, all the time. As mentioned prior, c.lp > is a difficult link, so this may take practice.

5) > > c.lp > xx hk flashkick xx FADC > U2 (337 / 330)

Combo explanation


Thought about including this under the last combo’s variants, but felt it deserved it’s own slot. Won’t work on everyone due to the flashkick being too far to FADC. Also, doesn’t do much more damage for the meter you spend. However, you may find the day you can end a match this way, so practice up!

6) > xx super > U1 (661 / 300) or U2 (584 / 300)

  • > xx boom xx super > U1 (631 / 340) Easier for some, less damage.
  • > xx boom xx super > U2 (567 / 340)
  • > xx hk flashkick xx lk super > U2 (569 / 460) Oops, I fk’d!
  • > xx hk flashkick xx super (494 / 460) Worth the meter in some cases.
  • > xx super (458 / 300) Damage comparison.

Combo explanation


Useful to know and practice because you never know when you might need to end a match this way. I know I’ve made comebacks using this. Practice up!

7) > > c.lp > xx super > U1 (490 / 210) or U2 (361+ / 210)

  • > > c.lp > xx super (349 / 210)
  • > > c.lp > xx hk flashkick xx super (369 / 300)
  • > > c.lp > xx hk flashkick xx lk super > U2 (414 / 330) More dmg+stun if using U2

Combo explanation


Same idea as above but can be initiated from a crossup The super may whiff on smaller characters. VERY difficult to land! Same as above though, you never know when you may need it in the clutch! It will also net you any ladies watching you play. Panties be explodin’ to mah cawmbos!

8) > xx hk flashkick xx FADC > U2 (460 / 460)

  • > > hk flashkick xx FADC > U2 (500 / 560) More damage, suffers from being GHK. See #2.

Combo explanation


It’s the bottom of the 9th. You don’t have a super meter and you need a comeback. You jump over a fireball…

Lvl 2 FA / Crumple Combos: Hold mp+mk. Ok, now release it. Dash forward then do one of these. Note that the damage and stun listed are for following a level 2 crumple, but all combos can be done with a fully charged level 3 FA. Also, check the next post, Guile’s Advanced Combotorium, for pro tips on post-crumple combos. Here’s the basics.

1) Crumple > hk flashkick (208 / 310)

  • crumple > (1st hit) (160 / 230)
  • crumple > (2nd hit) (168 / 230)
  • crumple > back air throw (200 / 270)

Combo explanation


In general, this is here just as a damage reference for the things you can do if you mess up your dash, or backdash.

2) Crumple > xx hk flashkick (248 / 370)

Combo explanation


Many new players struggle when grasping the concept behind how charge characters can combo after an FA crumple. It takes a bit of practice, but you can actually input the dash command and go to db before your FA attack is finished. You can input your dash much sooner than you may think after the hit, give it a try. Even if you do this, you may wait a split second after you dash to actually do your to get more charge, just don’t take too long. Very reliable combo.

3) Crumple > > hk flashkick (280 / 450)

  • crumple > s.hp xx hk flashkick (288 / 450) Works on everyone, easier for some players, harder for others, try it out.

4) Crumple > UDK > xx jab boom (255 / 410)

  • crumple > UDK > s.hp xx jab boom (290 / 480) character dependant
  • crumple > UDK > xx jab boom > backfist (315 / 510) character / corner dependant
  • crumple > UDK > xx jab boom > (310 / 510) character / corner dependant
  • crumple > UDK > xx jab boom > (305 / 460) character / corner dependant
  • crumple > UDK > s.hp xx jab boom > backfist (350 / 580) character / corner dependant
  • crumple > UDK > xx jab boom > > hk flashkick (374 / 590) Ouch! character / corner dependant
    - crumple > UDK > xx jab boom > > hk flashkick xx FADC > U2 (428 / 590) !
  • crumple > UDK > xx jab boom xx FADC > c.lp > c.lp > xx hk flashkick (335 / 525) Not worth the meter, corner dependant.

Combo explanation


The link from the UDK ( to can be tricky, but made easier with plinking. This will work on everyone. The next post will go into further detail about followups and theory, but know for now that this combo works on the entire cast. Don’t scratch this one off your combo list. The following variants will be discussed in further detail in the advanced section, next post down. I will be posting many followups here for damage comparisons.

5) Crumple > U1 (422 / 150) or U2 (374 / 150)
Keeping it simple.

6) Crumple > xx super > U1 (562 / 230) or U2 (493 / 230)

  • crumple > xx hk flashkick xx lk super > U2 (476 / 370)

Combo explanation


I can’t say too much here that hasn’t already been said. However, between the damage you can ring out of certain other crumple combos now, this may be considered a waste of meter.

7) Crumple > xx hk flashkick xx FADC > U2 (384 / 370)

  • crumple > > hk flashkick xx FADC > U2 (415 / 450)

Combo explanation


Again, not much can be said about this one that hasn’t already been said. Doesn’t seem worth it considering how much a standalone crumple > U2 does.

Situational / Corner Combos: Here are some random combos for random scenarios.

1) far s.hp > far s.hp (200 / 400)

Combo explanation


Seems to work on almost everyone if done on counter-hit at the right range. On some characters with big hit-boxes, like abel, it’s easy to hit almost everywhere. Don’t make too bad a habit out of it, but it’s normally a pretty safe idea to throw out a s.hp immediately after you have just thrown one out.

2) Early AA flashkick > EX sonic boom (200 / 200)

  • Early AA flashkick > EX flashkick (180 / 200)
  • Early AA flashkick > Super (460 / 100)
  • Early AA flashkick > U1 (473 / 100)
  • Early AA flashkick > U2 (316 / 100)

Combo explanation


Your flashkick must connect the op at the tip of their jump arc for this to work. Won’t work against some characters with low jump arcs, like Gen. A great way to land either of your ultras as well, see below.

3) hk flashkick (trade) > EX sonic boom (260 / 300)

  • hk flashkick (trade) > U2 (376 / 200)

Combo explanation


More utility is in this as it’s actually a very solid way to land your U2! Heavy flashkick has a tendency to trade as an AA more than the lk or EX versions. The damage is also a plus.

4) > xx jab boom xx FA lvl 2 > U1 (455 / 430) or U2 (xxx / xxx)

Combo explanation


Situational, and range dependant, this combo sees little use. Regardless, it is a viable way to combo into your ultra. It only works in the corner. It should also be noted, that it’s much more worthwhile to simply pick sonic hurricane, then do a combo ending in flashkick, then FADC > ultra. This remains worth noting, however, as it’s still one of the few ways to confirm into Flash Explosion.

5) sonic boom > backfist (170 / 250)

  • > xx jab boom > backfist (294 / 480)
  • > xx jab boom > sweep (280 / 410)
  • > xx jab boom > (287 / 480)
  • > xx jab boom > > hk flashkick (383 / 600) (!)
  • > xx jab boom xx FADC > c.lp > c.lp > xx hk flashkick. (348 / 545)
  • > c.lp xx jab boom > c.lp > xx sonic boom > backfist (313 / 485)

Combo explanation


I’m not really sure why I’m putting this here, but I would like to talk about simplicity for a sec. I see to many serious videos of people doing a corner combo ending in sonic boom, then dashing up and trying some tough light attack links into a flashkick or (god forbid) another sonic boom. If you look at the first post again, there’s some info on damage scaling. Basically, the more hits in a combo, the less damage each consecutive hit does. So your essentially risking tricky dash-up links and charge timing for what’s essentially a very minor or even LESS reward then just doing a backfist! Basically, stick to a backfist or a sweep. Also, it may be character specific but some characters can get a GHK combo’d after a boom in the corner! More discussed in the next post on that.

6) Anti-corner-crossup-wakeup lk super > U1 (461 / 000) or U2 (352 / 000)

Combo explanation


A little confusing? If your opponent is attempting to cross you up on your wakeup while your in the corner, and you activate lk super near the peak of their jump or as their coming down, this combo will work. The super must score only two hits for this to work and you must be charging away from the corner in order to get the charge necessary to perform either ultra. Neato! Actually kind of a good use of super, seems effective against c.viper and gief.

Mythical (FAKE!!!) Combos: Nope, THESE DO NOT WORK! Many questions pop up about various combos and if they are possible. Many of these combos seem logical but simply do not work, or no one has been able to make them work yet. Some however, are simply strait up 100% impossible no matter which way you look at it. So stop asking questions about them! Here they are! Hmm, I need caps at the end of this sentence for added effect. THESE COMBOS DO NOT WORK!

1) :df::hk: > air throw
2) SB xx FADC > ultra
3) flashkick xx FADC > anything other than U2

Quick note: You can combo GHK > super or ultra. However, in order to do so, conditions must be met not realistic in a real match. For example, to combo GHK into flash explosion, you must stick out the, then have your op perform a super or ultra with little to no invincibility, allowing you to get a db charge, the must then out-prioritize whatever super or ultra the op did, hit, then complete the motion for U1. Not very practical, but still pretty cool. Also, if you are a robot, if you AA with GHK in the corner, you can combo a super after it. Again, cybernetics required.

How to Super Cancel and Notes on the Ultra Juggle:
Here are some methods on how to do the different super cancels for many of the above listed combos. It should be noted that it?s generally accepted that guile’s EX moves are better than his super. It’s advised to use the super combos listed above sparingly or when you know that adding a super will be a match ender or a tide turner.

Strait from
:db:(charge), :df: + :mp:, :db::uf: + :mk:
:db:(charge), :df: + :mp:, :d::db::l::ub: + :mk:
From xx sonic boom
:db:(charge), :db: + :mp:, :r: + :lp:, :df::d::db::l::ub: + :lk: / :mk:
:db:(charge), :db: + :mp:, :r: + :lp:, :db:, :uf: + :lk: / :mk:
From xx flashkick
:db:(charge), :db: + :mp:, :uf: + :hk:, :db:, :uf: + :lk:
:db:(charge), :db: + :mp:, :uf: + :hk:, :r::df::d::db::l::ub: + :lk:
Strait from s.hp
:db:(charge), neutral + :hp:, :r::df::d::db::l::ub: + :mk:
:db:(charge), neutral + :hp:, :df::db::uf: + :mk:

In many of the listed combos, an ultra may follow a super. For this juggle to work, you can use any version of the super; a SSF4 change. When you perform the juggle correctly, the ultra must be executed immediately upon recovering from the super. This is easiest to do with the lk version, but using the lk version may present range issues if the op is too far away. The timing for landing the ultra is harder after an mk super, but the range will almost always be right.

Also of note for using the super as an anti-air or after a cancelled flash kick, the lk version will always leave the op in front of you whereas the hk version will normally fling your opponent behind you. This is why most times I’ve mentioned a super being used it’s the lk or mk version. Also note that regardless of this, all versions usually do the same damage.


Guile’s Advanced Combotorium

[Other combos and counter-hit combos: Here are some combos that are not exactly practical, but still very interesting to perform. Plus you never know how the game will evolve, so it’s good to know these for future reference. Some counter-hit combos are practical, so check it out.

A counter-hit is any move that hits your opponent while they are in the startup of one of their moves. An easy example of this is hitting balrog out of his turn punch before he punches you.In case you know about frame data, a counter-hit light attack, like a or s.lp, gives you +1 more frame of advantage than if it hit normally. A medium, heavy, or special attack, like s.hp or sonic boom will give you +3 more frames to work with on counter-hit.

1) s.hp > s.lp > s.hp (230 / 410)

Combo explanation


Very interesting and cool looking combo. Presents issues when you try to connect it on most of the cast though and especially if you aren’t point blank. Can be useful against abel’s roll recovery, but it seems there are normally better options, especially when this contains two hard links.

2) j.hp > s.hp > xx EX boom (346 / 550)

Combo explanation

[details=Spoiler]Like the above combo, range presents a huge issue in this being effective. The will whiff on most of the cast, and the EX boom will sometimes only connect on a cornered opponent.

3) Counter-hit > xx hk flashkick (286 / 385)

  • Counter-hit > s.hp (208 / 325)
  • Counter-hit > s.hp xx sonic boom (248 / 365)
  • Counter-hit > s.hp xx hk flashkick (336 / 485) el oh el
  • Counter-hit > c.lp > xx hk flashkick (244 / 325)

[SPOILER=Combo explanation]Normally, gives you +2 frame advantage on hit, meaning, since none of guile’s normals start faster than 3 frames, he can only combo afterwards if he cancels the A counter-hit turns that +2 into a +5, meaning you can do the above followups. Looks pretty cool too.[/details]

4) Counter-hit far (step kick) > s.hp (238 / 450)

Combo explanation


Similair to the above combo, far only is +x on hit under normal circumstances, but +y on counter-hit, allowing this combo to work. It’s actually moderately useful too. It’s pretty rare to see, but I like to stick out s.hp after that whenever I’m in range just in case the scored a counter-hit.

5) Counter-hit close s.hp > far s.hp (250 / 450)

  • Counter-hit close s.hp > (250 / 350) Also works with far s.hp

Combo explanation


Normally, close s.hp is +4 on hit. Counter-hit raises this to a comfy +7, allowing a variety of normals to combo after. These are the two practical ones though. I wouldn’t suggest using the sweep too much, as it can be hard (impossible?) to hit-confirm a counter-hit, realize you got a counter-hit, then sweep. If you mess up, you get your sweep punished. The followup s.hp is a nice, safe option.

Be aware that combos such as-

c.lp > s.lp > xx boom xx FADC > c.lp > s.lp > xx boom xx FADC > c.lp > s.lp > xx boom >

-Are more than possible to do. These combos are hurt badly by damage scaling. Aside from that though, I omitted these types of combos from the list because there are just so many of them. Gilley is the real expert on these sorts of combos, so if your curious check out his combo videos located on Youtube. Otherwise, any other wild, cool-looking combos is essentially the point of this thread’s discussion.

The Crumple Debacle

A common FAQ that gets thrown out a lot around here is involving crumple followups. If you are at an intermediate level, you probably already have crumple > xx flashkick at almost 100% consistency and your wondering why in gods’ name you would even start messing around with the more complicated and more difficult UDK (upside-down kick, ie. close > xx boom combo for a mere 7 extra damage. In fact, if all you EVER did after a crumple was xx flashkick, you would get far. However, using the UDK combos involves more than just squeezing out 7 more damage… your usually doing it for much, much more.

There are two main draws for using the UDK crumple combos. The first being the ability to tack on a backfist or sweep on certain characters, or all of them in a corner. The second being the ability to link a s.hp off of the UDK for massive damage. I’ve categorized the cast as to what is the MOST DAMAGING combo after a midscreen, LEVEL 2 crumple. (I choose level 2 because it’s really the most practical thing to land in a real match.) We will be looking at:

S - crumple > UDK > s.hp xx jab boom > backfist (350 / 580)
A - crumple > UDK > xx jab boom > backfist (315 / 510)
B - crumple > UDK > xx jab boom > backfist (308 / 510)
C - crumple > UDK > s.hp xx jab boom (290 / 480)
D - crumple > GHK > hk flashkick (280 / 450)
E - crumple > ???


  • Dhalsim


  • Abel
  • Balrog (Boxer)
  • Blanka
  • Cody
  • Dee Jay **
  • Dudley
  • Gen
  • Guile
  • Honda
  • Ibuki
  • Ken
  • Makoto
  • Ryu
  • Rufus
  • Sakura
    ** After the, you must cancel into MP boom in order to combo. Dee Jay is the only character who can’t be combo’d by the jab boom.


  • El Fuerte
  • Juri
  • Seth


  • Adon
  • Akuma
  • Chun Li
  • Dan


  • Bison (Dictator)
  • Cammy **
  • Fei Long **
  • Gouken
  • Hakan
  • Sagat
  • T Hawk
  • Zangief
    ** Feels extremely difficult to get this to land. Seems to only work on Cammy after a lvl 3 focus, and only on Fei after a tricky time delay.


  • Guy
  • Rose
  • Vega (Claw)
  • Viper
    ** Followup s.hp xx flashkick works on everyone here. (288 / 450) However, I was unable to get much else to land against these guys or I need to go and retest a few things. The old vanilla combos didn’t seem to work. I would LOVE to get proven wrong on this though, so please test it out for yourself! Also, rose and viper can get hit by the UDK > s.hp only after a level 3 focus.

Using GHK After a Corner Crumple
I’ll be using a similair category setup for this section. Guile is a beast when he has his opponent in the corner, even moreso now that he can sometimes tack on a GHK > hk flashkick after the standard crumple > UDK combo. This time, instead of categorizing by damage, it will be by consistency and ease of use. We will be taking a look at:

X - crumple > UDK > xx jab boom > GHK > hk flashkick (374 / 590)
Y - crumple > UDK > xx jab boom > GHK > hk flashkick (367 / 590)
Z - crumple > UDK > s.hp xx jab boom > GHK > hk flashkick (409 / 660)
0 - Can not land a GHK post boom off crumple.


  • Abel
  • Balrog (Boxer)
  • Bison (Dictator)
  • Blanka
  • Cody
  • Dan
  • Dee Jay
  • Dhalsim
  • Dudley
  • Gen
  • Guile
  • Guy
  • Honda
  • Ibuki
  • Rufus
  • Sakura
  • Viper


  • Seth


  • Makoto (Level 3 only)


  • Adon
  • Akuma
  • Cammy
  • Chun Li
  • El Fuerte
  • Fei Long
  • Gouken
  • Hakan
  • Juri
  • Ken
  • Rose
  • Ryu
  • Sagat
  • T Hawk
  • Vega (Claw)
  • Zangief

Yet again, I would love for someone to prove me wrong on these and find a way to combo into GHK in the corner. Also, keep in mind that these are only applicable for UDK post crumple combos. On some characters, something like a correctly spaced > xx boom > GHK > hk flashkick; will work in the corner.

vanilla UDK combos

[details=Spoiler] Thanks to warahk and kikuickimonji. A “~” Indictaes that whatever listed combo works on these characters, whereas a “—” means that after the aforementioned combo, you can add another attack to the end.

~ Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Dan, Chun, Fei Long : FA Level 2 xx Forward Dash -> -> s.hp xx lp Sonic Boom
— Dhalsim: -> f.hp
~ Rose, Cammy: FA Level 2 xx Forward Dash -> -> xx lp Sonic Boom
— E Honda, Claw:-> step forwards ->
— Blanka, Boxer, Gen, Sakura: step forwards -> f.hp
— Guile, Rufus: -> far
~ Zangief, Sagat, Abel: FA Level 2 xx Forward Dash -> -> s.lp -> far s.hp -> far s.hp
~ Dictator: FA Level 2 xx Forward Dash -> -> xx s.lp -> far s.hp
~ El Fuerte: FA Level 2 xx Forward Dash -> -> xx lp Sonic Boom ->step forwards -> f.hp
~ Viper: FA Level 2 xx Forward Dash -> -> xx lp Sonic Boom -> step forwards ->
~ Seth: FA Level 2 xx Forward Dash -> -> s.lp xx lp boom -> f.hp[/details]

It’s important to play around with these combos as often as you can to get comfortable with doing them if you are looking to attain the highest level of guile play. They aren’t easy to do consistently, but can be made easier with practice and plinking. If you still think it’s not important to learn, think of it this way: guile is strongest against a cornered opponent. If you tap focus, and your opponent, say, stick out a sweep… you can land a crumple into HUGE damage… as opposed to the so-so damage you would get off of a xx flashkick.

Also, here is some great info from Zigmover21 on landing GHK after a crumple!

Although all these combos were performed myself, I couldn’t have accumulated this knowledge without the help of the people in the community. Thanks CFAY, Gilley, Syngin, Wongerhere, BlitzJS, Sonicflash, Zigmover21, the people who keep SRK up, and anyone else I may have missed, like Jesus.


Good stuff.


**WIN **:tup:

Maybe add a MIS section on how to dash/FADC + super/ultra, & buffer sonic boom?
I know they’re not combos, but they’re important to getting certain combos to connect.


One more thing that might need to be noted about damage scaling… Ultras are also considered 2 hits, just like FA’s. It should also be noted that the scaling for these two moves is calculated AFTER the hit, not before the hit. I’ll explain…

If you do c.jab > c.jab > c.strong > SB > lvl2 FA > c.strong > FK the numbers look like this…

c.jab          30          100%          30
c.jab          30          100%          30
c.strong       70          80%           56
SB             50          70%           35
lvl2 FA        80          50%           40
c.strong       70          40%           28
rh FK          160         30%           48

total          490                       287

2nd column is before damage scaling, 3rd column is the % the move is scaled, 4th is the damage after scaling. Note the lvl2 FA is scaled to 50% and not 60%. This is what I mean when I say scaling is calculated AFTER the hit.

Combo scaling in SF4 goes like this…

1st hit     100%
2nd hit     100%
3rd hit     80%
4th hit     70%
5th hit     60%
6th hit     50%
7th hit     40%
8th hit     30%
9th hit     20%
10th hit    10%
11th hit    10%

This is how I’m able to calculate how much damage a combo will do without ever having to perform it. Also note that stun/super meter gain is scaled in the same way as damage scaling. So you can calculate how much stun a combo will do without ever having performed it. I can perform almost any guile combo you can think of though :lol:


Ha, I wondered how you got that response back to me in the FA thread so fast.

I fixed the bit about the ultra, and i was looking for that chart but I couldn’t find it, I’ll edit it in when I get a chance. I do have a question though. Doesn’t damage also scale in accordance to how low the ops’ health is? Then… is it static to where the combo starts at or does it scale as your combo whittles down his health?


wow…this is…damn…this is sick info!

thanks, man.

I noticed in your ‘Punish Combos’ section, combo #6, how the hell do you do a standing HP to a FK?

I’ve tried this so many times but never comes out. Actually, what I’ve tried is c.HP, FK…but no luck.


Nice stuff Slinkun. I like the stuff you placed here.:smile:

Perhaps something that can be added are link combos such as a C LK > C LP > S LP > B HP. not sure of the total damage overall but just thought that this could be added in somewhere.


Thanks for consolidating all the info Slinkun. I think you should put some of the non corner character specific combos in the FA follow up thread. All the ones I listed for each character is non corner so for instance knowing you can tack on a backfist on Sim out of the corner is a good chunk of additional damage.


Never knew that! Great stuff. Printed and in my back pocket.


This should be Sticky yes!!! unless i can’t see straight and it already is…


Wow this is great stuff. I’ll be working on this in the training room




good shit slink\

edit: ay for the st. hp to flashkick, is it like st. lk in sf2? charge d, and on the way up hit st.hp in neutral and then cancel to hk fk? has to be fast i assume…


Gilley posted the numbers for the FA2 crumple combo #9 a while ago

15-hits 442d/430s

Here’s the numbers for s.hp, mk Super, Ultra
12-hits 662d/200s


How about St. HP xx SB as an FA crumple combo? Wouldn’t most chars still be within range for a follow-up normal after that regardless of corner?


Hey guys, even tho this thread is another language to me, ill be on this page 24/7. I really would love to learn guile, and im having a tough time. Can someone help me out with the easy trial 4 for guile? I cant do a jump in hard kick hard punch sonic boom i dont know when to charge for it. Thanks


Could you add in here how to do Guile’s FADC into Ultra? That sort of move can come in real handy.


I main Guile but have been experimenting a lot with Cammy (I want to main her) I have huge trouble with links.

With cammy, because of Plinking I can finally do them are all 4 punches / kicks (you need lights to plink) plinkable?

In the combo notation > are links xx’s are cancels right?