Guile Combos and Glitches



you can do both. You cancel like you would any other cancels. Just cancel after it hits.


Good point…however i was referring to st. lk but either way, the cr. lp has slightly better range despite how it looks, and is probably the best option overall espeially against small characters…i just use lk since the super is almost guaranteed rather than sonic boom by mistake, especially when tension is high.

Yes d. mk can be cancelled or linked…out of curiosity, any one ever seen what happens when far st. mp is cancelled into sonic hurricane? his arm seems to extend fully for a frame or 2 before the super comes out…just an observation.


When you have a level 3 handy. d.MK and far s.HK are actually hit confirmable into super. You have to be good at recognizing counter hits and probably of done a setup in the first place to really make it effective though.

d.MK is really good though. Walk back and d.MK as your far anti-air. If you do it right, it goes under your opponent’s extended jump attack AND the opponent falls on it so it hits meaty, giving you more frames to link the super (instead of the usual difficult one frame or whatever it is to link into it normally).

I only use d.MK xx super when I know I have a free hit (like after blocking Chun’s kick super) and need the extra reach.


As far as AA’s are concerned, i find that d. mp serves much better purpose than d. mk in the respect thast most ppl are pretty keen on looking for ways to punish d. mk…so i usually opt for d. mp since it can be used while directly underneath an opponent and can be used right away, on reaction even, especially against sagat and blanka, both of which love to jump on top of guile. It works the same way u mentioned with the d. mk: it stays out of range and the opponent falls into it totally vulnerable. Being able to link to super off an AA is great, but seems relatively risky when the super really isnt guaranteed to begin with.


Somewhere within this long thread it has probably been mentioned. Anyways I like:

Jumping rh, c.strong, buffered to either sonic boom or flash kick. Most likely flash kick cause it deals more damage. I also like a simple crouching strong buffered into his sommersault super. It’s not sonic hurricane, and total wipeout is where he does all those kicks and punches, dang, don’t laugh ya’ll, I can’t remember :confused:


Combo you will never get on anyone:

Opponent in corner, throw a fullscreen lp sonic boom, roll, lp sonic boom,, link Sonic Hurricane. I’ve also done meaty lp sonic boom, roll, lp sonic boom, c.lp, s.fp, sonic boom. Hard to space that though.


Anyone have any tips for successfully linking cr. lp x2, st. mp xx SB?

And does it combo, or is it only a good block string?


try : lp, lp, lk, level 2 wipe out, and then level 1 summersault kick! (c-groove)

another good one! easy to execute!

throw enemy across screen but immidiatley charge back!

do a slow sonic boom, (charge quickly) roll, and level 3 sonic hurricane!
it only does 13 hits if you land it! the slow sonic boom opens them up! but if you get lucky the slow sonic boom sometimes can cause a cross over block! which would make it easier to perform the level 3 sonic hurricane!
give it a try!


I suggest you to add a c.MK before using Sonic hurricane. It is very rare to have a single SB hit the opponent. And c.MK adds one easy hit in the combo :wink:

Do you use faint moves with guile?
I know it’s risky but i use that when i see that the opponent knows my patterns, and punish a lot.

For example when i do several f.MK in block stun i end with a f.LK, then throw, or Super.

Another one is fainting that i missed a GC string ending with something like whiffed c.HP, instead of Sonic Boom, then if he tries counter => Sonic Hurricane.

I like guile because his moves seems so laggy and punishable while they aren’t^^ What a bitch!


yea i know a few really affective feint moves! thanks for the tip man! i’ll try c.MK before the sonic hurricane! and yes it would be risky! but i’ll experiment on it! some times if they counter my sonic boom, i’ll just wait like a sec. until they open up and unleash the sonic hurricane, i usually just wait until i see one split movement, as long as im in range though! but hey, whatever works! RIGHT!


That might work well against the CPU but no good human opponent will fall for that. You can roll out of the SB, you can jump out of it (timing is strict but it’s possible), you can RC through it, if you have a lvl 2 or lvl 3 super and can super through it, etc. Instead of perform a super on its own, try to hit confirm it somehow so you don’t waste meter and/or give your opponent a free combo.


That’s why i said doing first :slight_smile:


I don’t know if anyone knows this but I found out that c.forward, c.jab xx flashkick links on these characters:

Gief - all* & all**
Raiden - all*
Blanka - roundhouse* short**
Sagat - short, forward*
Chang - forward, roundhouse*
Rugal - short*
Yama - forward*

** crouching
all = all 3 kicks

Don’t know if this could prove useful to anyone in an actual match since its a point blank combo.
Also c.forward, c.jab, s/c.strong xx sonic hurricane can be nice and flashy.


actually it works on everybody if you are in close enough…just works further on those characters


NO it does not work on everybody, its a “FAT/TALL” characters only combo. maybe your thinking of c.jab, c.jab xx flashkick. THAT works on everyone.


check out these guile tactics! there awsome, and i’m pretty sure you guys will enjoy them! i found it on youtube! i think it’s majestros playing!..that guy is good!


that is actually pretty old and it is the work of majestros, hes made a bunch more since that video, check his site at


you all should check this out!’s so retarded! but i love it! lol


Been a while since I’ve played Guile.
If you should ever get to use it,
d.lp x 2 xx flashkick -> superjump crossup lk, d.lp x 2, xx lvl 2 wipe out xx flashkick

-Only way I’d imagine the 2 d.lp’s at the beginning hitting is if they do something stupid and end up point blank and you blocked it whilst charging for a boom.

-as for the 1st flash kick, my inclination was to use MK, though I think maybe LK would be better for the crossup’s sake. I feel that using the HK flashkick would negate the effectiveness of the crossup as they get up a bit earlier, I like my crossups deep.
Maybe the LK flashkick would be better for that, I’ll practice and test that later in a local arcade somewhere and hopefully find some good folks, unless someone here could offer some insight to this.

For the crossup combo I was wondering what the hell I was doing wrong, sporadically getting the latter combo to work or not. I knew I was botching the charge somehow. Narrowed it down to how fast I was mashing the jabs.
Comes from playing non-charge characters a lot I guess.
-Just slow the jabs before the crouching short a notch to build up even more charge,
-ensure immediately following the superjump you “slam” the stick to down-forward (it becomes down back when you land the crossup).

Once I fixed that, the combo came out easily with no problems.
Lovely thing about any flashkick in that sequence above, it sets up his crossup short. You can do the ghetto d.lp x 2 flashkick first, or go for wipeout instead and setup a following crossup from there.
Unfortunately, it’ll catch on quick.

Anything else you all can think of to set it up?
Not that you need to anyway. Saw to jumping lk, anyone here like that?
I generally don’t but that’s me, Guile experts? D@ru?


I don’t use HK Flashkick either, because I am not sure it’s safe against a quick recovery. Using LK flashkick leaves you with more time to decide beetwen ambiguous crossup/non crossup LK; (adjust your placement before superjumping). Also you have to know which side you’re going to land for charge purpose. Don’t get tricked by your own tricks :smiley:
I don’t use that against RC Elec or DP though, or very rarely. Throwing meaty Boom, then jumping is better against them. Or not jumping at all too! :wink:

Something I noticed that come in handy, if you keep you air guard until the Lk cross-up hits (or get blocked), then 2*cLP, cLk gives just enough time to complete a charge. (If you manage to do it slow it’s even more easier).

Kick Throw, and any wipeout also set up crossup options.

3*cLP blocked, then c.MK is very good for counterhit sonic Hurricane. There is little gap after c.lp but generally safe. Guile is “Mister Safe” after all ^o^ V

After c.MK I sometimes dash throw (harder to react than it looks, and dash sends you flying if they mash something), or c.MK again, or RC Boom. I should try that cMK, jump LK too against characters without fast vertical anti air.

In general I keep playing a very grounded guile, IMO jump with guile:
-For wake up crossup (when they have no meter, no wake up options or very risky options)
-Covered with SB
-Against P/K who dares to jump at you and Kick Throw them, wait until you’re close and stay air guard (chicken stuff! I love chicken) Go for JHK from time to time.
-When opponent is sent flying near you. (risky)
-When you became predictable, sometimes they won’t expect you to jump when you should have thrown a boom^^; if they hit you you’ll be send flying, often giving you distance to reset the game :slight_smile:

I never played other than C-Guile so I cannot give any objective advice about Low Jump setups, which seem very good!