Guile confirmed charge, lack of arcade explained, and a little Alex info

its a short read but

essentially this tells me that aracde wasn’t considered beneficial to getting players online because it was too easy and thats why it was originally left out. they didnt see the point of it for what they were trying to do. at lest they’re adding it now.

Guile was confirmed charge a long time ago.

But I wanna see them try take away Urien from me. There will be pitch forks outside of CJ HQ!!! PITCH FORKS I TELL YOU!

Urien without Aegis is now a possibility. Light the torches.

I hope Balrog stays charge.

Balrog is gonna be all TAP charges.

If you consider what they’re saying it amounts to “people dont want a new cast, but if we fuck up the old one we think everybody will be fine with it.”

Looks like they were right.

Can’t wait!!! The wait is excruciating but exciting at the same time… Screw all the people complaining about the lack of content.

I will riot if balrog is no longer a charge character!

Horrible justification as to why a 2 out of 3 round CPU simulation, with no supplements or gimmicks, was not included in SFV out the box.

You don’t teach new players with one round matches and power-ups.

Yeah that is typical Capcom tactics there. I’m just glad they didn’t use it to justify the sloppy matchmaking after 4 betas.

As long as Alex still has his flash chop and and movement from 3s that’s all I’d need.

I wonder if they’ll buff flash chop in this game…

Alex’s V-Skill will be
A)A command throw
B)His b.HP
C)A move that combos into a command throw

Seems like they are definitely making him a grappler though. He may wind up slower than his 3S incarnation because of that.

I hope Q isn’t charge

Glad that Guie stays charge. Can’t wait to see his V-Skill and Trigger.

I could imagine them making Urien’s tackle a motion move instead of charge.

Guile’s V-Skill will probably involve putting on his sunglasses.

His V-Trigger will most likely be a power-up.

guile is obviously getting nerfed, he can’t do flash kick FADC glasses

if they made it glasses, they should let him cancel every move with it

guiles vtrigger must be sunglasses. if not then its a HUGE missed opportunity

Guile’s V-Skill should give him some form of 3S charge partitioning

The main reason I want to play Alex is to hear HOOOOAAAH.

Just don’t fuck that up and we’re golden, Capcom.