Guile Costume DLC?



I’m having a heck of a time finding info on the DLC in this game. Why hasn’t anyone compiled a simple list of contents for each DLC and screenshots of the costumes therein? Man…

Anyways I was looking to get the DLC pack with [media=youtube]TvizqtfeOIs#t=1m29s"[/media] in it but I can’t get any info from anyone. There’s a pack with a Charlie outfit and one with some body armour, which one has his dress uniform in it?

Also while I’m clogging up the board with a thread I have another question: In trials mode I often get stuck on basic 2-hit combos, I have to do it about 20 times before it works. Is the timing realy that strict or am I overlooking something? I’m used to VF5 where everything seems to buffer smoothly.


5 minutes of googling.


Street Fighter link combos are not easy. It’s really that strict. Chain and special-cancel combos are much easier.


Ah sorry, I was looking for it like it was already out. Didn’t consider that it may not be out yet what with a few people using it. Roll on January 25th! Thanks for the info. :woot:


Actually speak of the devil lol