Guile Discord Chatroom

I know there was one posted in the General Chat but there’s already one that has 28+ members and was made the day Guile was announced.

To Join The Discord Chatroom Go to this Link:

] If you have any general questions, match advice, sharing videos or any resources or just want to discuss the character in general free free to join!
[] Discord is a way for users to instant message group chat, it’s easy and fast to register. It’s kind of like a mix of IRC, Teamspeak/Skype and AIM.
] There is a browser App, Desktop App and Mobile App for Discord.
[] In the chatroom you can have different text channels for different discussion.
] I can always add more channels if needed.
[] You have the option to have avatars.
] Optional voice chat feature if people want to have voice chat sessions.
[*] Any toxic users will be kicked and possibly banned for repeat offenses.

The link posted in general is this very same one. The one that I established last night with the general post has been deleted.