guile ending


could anybody explain in deatil what guiles ending is cvs2 is?
becaus ei dont have the game and am a BIG fan of charlie and guile
and is charlie in the game?if so,whats his ending?
and finally,has capcom introduced new animations/sprites/move to these two in cvs2 or are they the same old sfa3 players?


In Guile’s CvS2 ending, he has finally tracked M. Bison down to his hideout in Thailand. With the backing of a helicopter he goes inside to arrest M. Bison. However, once inside, he falls into a trap and gets beaten up by Vega. As the scene ends, we see Guile lying on the ground in a heap. Will he come out alive? Here’s the transcript of the ending:

[Some sort of plains. In the distance we can see M Bison’s underground base. A helicopter arrives. It drops Guile off, then hovers in the background.]

Guile: This time, Bison, you’re not getting away.

[A shot of Guile looking determined. The scene cuts to Guile entering the base.]

Guile: Bison! Come out! There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

[Guile walks deeper into the base. All of a sudden, the door behind him slams shut.]

[Shot of Guile with a look of surprise on his face.]

Guile: !!

[Suddenly, the screen turns black. It then flashes red. Then, we see Guile in a heap on the floor.]

???: Ha ha ha ha!

[The screen pans to reveal a guy in a mask with a claw. Vega then exits, leaving Guile alone on the floor. The screen zooms out, slowly, and fades to black.]


umm wow


oh mannnnnnnnnnnn! :mad:
those capcom b*******!!!
they NEVER give guile anything good
damn their faces,they first made guile on of the best characters of sf2
and then they didnt even bring him in sfa’s!
and only in sfa3 psx,they introduced him:with astupid sort of runty look!he totally sucked!and theyve continued with the sprites until now.
and now,not only he lost to bison,but he got beaten up by vega aswell!
damn them i tell ya damn them!i know we owe them a lot,but they owe us aswell.and those idiots are always making ryu ken and chunli the heroes
never charlie or guile
and the only limelight charlie got was in sfa3 aswell,but again,capcom dint even show them beating up bison even a BIT in the ending.
man i feel like giving capcom of japan a piece of my mind!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
okay i admit that ryu is supposed to be the hero,but truly saying,guile and charlie are supposed to be the 2nd heroes atleast,because their objectives are as good as ryu.and so are chunlis.
but noooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOO!never!
btw,thanks for the ending,even though it got me sore at capcom






sorry eradika…

you’ve been had, play the game and find out for yourself what his ending is


i smell a hoax around here
[snif] [snif]
oh yes, a BIG hoax :wtf:

man I first read the post i went WTF what did i miss in the game?!?


you left out the part when vega takes off his mask, he’s actually charlie!!:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:


:lol: Just like MvC2, the ending in CvS2 is crap. if you believed that well…