Guile FA followup



Noticed nobody has bothered to make a new video other than the old one from vanilla.

Did this one to update new characters.

Best mid screen/no bar follow ups for focus attacks, damage wise per character.

Hope this is helpful to you guys.


This would be waaaay better in a list format than a video showing like 3 different possible combos over and over again. Or just showing each combo once and listing all the characters that particular combo works on.


There’s only one Focus Crumple combo that people should be using:

Why this combo? Because…

1 - It works on the entire cast.
2 - It’s simple and easy
3 - It causes high stun ( 510 to be exact)
4 - Everything else is just too complicated


When you guys are throwing out lvl 2 focuses in footsies, are you typically backdashing after? I see most Guile backdash after, then if it hits they do a sweep.


I think delayed canceling goes against every fabric of my being. I find this extremely difficult so I usually stick with UDK > 2lp > 2mp xx hk FK (ex on big characters). It’s not as pure but way more consistent than attempting delay cancel for me. I suppose it’s unavoidable that I’ll need to grind it out until I do get it though :confused:

If I’m specifically reading something and trying to punish it (like opponent always sweeps at x range) then I’ll probably be forward dashing to punish. Usually I just fish a focus after a few light pokes then backdash if I’m trying to pull range and get back out to resume sonic booming. If I have Ultra 1 stocked then ALWAYS back dash. If it crumples, dash Ultra.


What are the inputs for that U1 Cord. I feel like I don’t have the time to charge U1 after a backdash.


No fancy inputs, just release focus and start charging down back from your backdash input. Once you’re charged, forward dash Ultra (dash > down back > up forward KKK) . I tend to input backdash immediately after I release focus since I don’t wait to see if it crumples before picking a direction (kind of a bad habit i guess). I think you have to charge for a bit after you finish the backdash but it’s not hard. Ultra 1 is different from Super in that it scoops people off the floor even after they’re already visually face planted from the crumple so although it looks like it’s too late… no, it isn’t.


Probably just the visual cue that’s throwing me off, granted I haven’t really tried it yet either. I’ll give it a go sometime this week, thanks.