Guile flash kick Fadc to Flash explosion?



Hi how are ya before i get flamed for or opening a new thread i have searched the whole site and all i find is guiles flash kick fadc to sonic hurricane but no one has asked if it is possible to do guiles flash kick fadc flash explosion i mean its possible with deejays ex machine upper fadc to ultra 2 so it should be possible to do something similar with guile or not?


That one isn’t possible because there’s not enough time to get a db charge. FK FADC U2 works because you do the FK as [db]ub K, and your back charge stays, giving you the first f in your FADC forward, then a b, f, PPP gives you U2. You don’t have 55 frames to charge db again for U1, however.

Of course, LK super U1 works better than LK super U2, since you can charge db throughout the super, and U1 gets full hits, instead of 2 or 3.


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You don’t need to FADC EX MGU to land U2 with DeeJay…


here’s your answer.



You can’t do that without ultra freeze.


the next question should be, “is this practical?”

the answer: NO


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