Guile General Discussion: Go home and be a family man



I am looking forward to Guile’s comeback in SFV - cues Guile theme. I am excited to see how my old main will turn out in SFV.
Will Guile still have only two special moves or is Capcom going to give him some new tools?
Been maining him since 7 years now - SF4 Vanilla days.
Either way I am glad that he will be back in 2016.

I will update this topic in future.

Edit: Made a short Guile montage today


Yeeees! I was about to do it if no one else did, I’m super hyped and intruiged at guides return , I think they should keep his 2 special archtype, but his v trigger could be a 3rd special , or they can go an install route.

I’ve also mained him since vanilla, maybe his v trigger can be sonic hurricane :slight_smile:


Go home and be a slamily jam


V Skill: Guile does a pose (hair comb? shoulder stretch?). Charge time is reduced for his next special, and the special itself generates VT
V Trigger: Sonic Hurricane, and it isn’t ass
CA: Double Flash/Flash Explosion


I really like the idea of a vskill that removes charge time, just turns it into back/forward command.


To get with the times, Guile will now be a puppet using character with a predator drone.


Fond of guile/sim so this good ass news no matter what they decide to do lol.

Only question is will guile still be rockin that icon on his head.


V-Skill should either be putting shades on for a buff (getting hit knocks them off) or that special dash Charlie had in the Alphas. He could do a Knee at the end, which would build v meter on contact or nothing just to be in close with a sonic boom behind him.


But isn’t charge time almost not even a thing in SFV? Look at this (4min mark).

Note: That’s not the same as charging down, releasing to do a standing normal, then continuing to up for the input of the button to get the SBK Special. Nah, she legit went from low Forward to SBK with no delay. Unless the two down commands she did in that combo got added together for the sum of the total necessary SBK charge time, wouldn’t a diminished charge time be kinda wasteful?

I suppose not needing to charge at all (back, forward+button; down, up+button; like super-jump timing) would lend itself REALLY well to going on the offensive. Or even punishing a jump-in or jump-back (at corner) if you’ve managed to pressure the opponent effectively. So I can almost see how that would work. Even I would be more interested in using this version of Guile. Standing Flash Kick anti-airs? Way~ too much fun.

Might wanna make it so that Flash Kick is the one that gets its charge time removed, and not just the next charge attack you happen to use. That way you can combo into Flash Kick after a legitimately charged Sonic Boom BnB. But I never mained Guile so I dunno what would be best for his gameplan.


What if his V-Trigger was that he went into a Remy like mode where he could throw two fireballs at once and etc. That would make some 3S players happy and make him really scary since parry as a mechanic seemed to hurt Remy.

Or Capcom could steal a few ideas from Leona, she’s such a fun charge character and this is coming from a guy who hates charge characters usually.


Maybe they could give him Remy low sb


Hey guys,

Peter “Combofiend” Rosas here with a look at our new latest character, Guile, in Street Fighter V. Will the great American Soldier be on par with the rest of the cast? Let’s find out

Guile has historically had his only two main iconic specials - the Sonic Boom, and the Flash Kick, both of which created a unique playstyle compared to other characters which utilized a lot more tools in their general gameplans

But in this game, we’re switching things up a bit for the flat-top headed family man, by removing his signature Flash Kick. We felt that players had a hard time getting in with Guile controlling the space on the ground and in the air, which made him a little too strong.

In an another attempt to counter this, the recovery of his Sonic Booms across all 4 versions has been increased slightly, now Guile players will have to be more careful with throwing these out

This is Combofiend, singing off


I want guile to have a parry like ryu/gief for his vskill. Parry’s IMHO are more defensive in nature and fits his archetype. It probably won’t happen though. It will be interesting to see what super they give him, since there are no charge motions for supers and AFAIK there’s not going to be. Having no proximity normals is going to be very interesting for guile. I probably wont like it, even though he potentially will be able to do things like the upside down kick anywhere, not just close range. I’m pretty sure they’re going to be giving him a new special finally, seeing how much they’ve changed up some returning characters like bison, birdie, charlie. Maybe his vtrigger will give him CPS1 chains.


Guile will have a new modernized hairdo that will make nostalgic fans peed off.


They don’t even have to go that far. Just give him eyebrows and there will be petitions.


I’m fine with the Charge Back, Forward, Back, Forward motion for a Critical Art. I don’t ever want to do a delta motion, though.


There are no charge supers anymore. Everyone has motions supers now to make them more accessible and easier to combo in neutral.

  • points for “singing” off.


I know, but Zangief still retained the 720 super. Maybe Guile will be the only one with a charge super, like a legacy factor.


He should go full JoJo’s and have the giant machine gun of freedom come out of his stomach.