Guile help (have read matchup thread)

I’m not a bad ryu player but i cant beat my mates guile. Shes a heavy sonic boom spammer but the god like recovery time for guile means i cant get in, in time to hit him. I can try jumping over but the crazy guile air grab shuts me down no matter what move im doing in the air.

does anyone know what will beat the air grab and guiles sonic kick hands down, so i can get close?

what is a ‘sonic kick hands down’ move? I’ve never seen it or heard of it before.

I think he means the flash kick. lol.

uhm, I have no idea what else to say. I have problems with this matchup as well.

all i know is that you can just focus the sonic booms up close for a good crumple possibly.

And sometimes if you’re close enough, you can just walk up grab. Or jump when he leasts expects it.

ok.for guile you can neutral jump his sonic booms when a bit outside of your cr.MK range.good guiles will walk up anr cr.HP your neutral jump.if your jump is an empty jump the cr.HP will miss.If they start doing SBF(spinning backfist) to catch the jump use nj.MP.Dont start playing footsies until you are a bit outside of your cr.MK range because from here you can safely throw out the cr.MK if he tries to walk up to you.Save your meter in this matchup for super and EX fireballs to go through sonic booms.If you get a knock down get in there and mix him up.

hope this helps

What I do for guile is to play a patient game and walk him to the corner. Keep sending fireballs at him at a safe distance . Be ready for your for your anti air. Once he’s in the corner, stay under the timer and react to what he is doing. They usually turtle and will be waiting to use their flash kick. Bait that flashkick out… Just make sure u walk to him using fballs and try not to jump in.
This works for me. I hope this help. Check videos of top ryus vs guilles also.

I think this match up is easier in AE because Guile now builds sh#t meter from sonic booms.
Here is what I do. get intoa spamming war with him. its better for you because you build meter much faster than he does now. There are two things I look for. when spamming.

  1. is to make sure that I am pushing him back.

2 I want to get score a knock down. since I have ex and he may not I will throw ex fireball. Caution! it has to be within jumping distance. That means he can jump in at you. Get him use to throwing his booms when you surprise him with an ex fb. The other alternative is to tatsu through his boom. Again, this takes prediction and get him use to throwing booms. It basically has to be random.

  1. Once you knock him down get in on him fast. If you jump at him make sure that you cross him up or use j.hp becuase it trades at best. j hk gets beaten by flash kick. Be aggressive when you are in and just stay in. Let him work to push you out.

4 I think Ryu has better footsies. use to to your advantage. Focus his double kick (

LOL spam:rofl:

I think he meant zone!

Go into the Guile forum, and friend request some good guile players and get practice. When I mean practice, I mean after you’ve been punished, learn why you got punished. Dont just keep on hitting rematch and getting your ass handed to you over and over. There is nothing wrong with losing as long as your learning.

Here’s my advice:

  • neutral jump over his sonic booms, and try to corner him by throwing out your own fireballs
  • when he is within jump-in range, whiff a few standing jabs/lk’s to trick him into jumping at you, MP SRK. You’ve knocked him down now and you should follow up with a cross up attack either mk or lk(its more ambigious), followed by combo or throw.
  • when you get near him, throw him as much as possible. What I’ve found with Guile players is that they throw more often then other chars, maybe its cause his a charge character! anyway, if you keep throwing him at every opp, its likely you’ll both end up teching each others throws, which is fine, as long as he isnt throwing you.
  • if you want to get close to him and he’s throwing out sbooms, fadc through them and get him in the corner. If you get him in the corner, dont cross him up. Make sure your attacks are to the front. The last thing you want to do is let him out of the corner whilst putting yourself in the corner.
  • dont abuse xx fireball as most guiles will block the and flash kick through the fireball
  • If guile jumps at you from close range and you hit him with a c.fp (uppercut), dont throw out a fireball expecting to get some chip damage for when he lands! he will simply flashkick through your fireball!
  • The main way of getting damage on Guile is to knock him down, either un-tech or normal, and apply jump-in/cross-up/safe jump pressure.
  • When guile has U2 fired up (most guiles use U2 these days), dont throw silly fireballs, be patient.
  • if your knocked down and guile jumps at you/crosses you up/empty jump etc. be ready to throw tech, he cant really do much else, so always expect to be thrown.
  • If your close to him and he’s blocking really well then throw in a few overhead attacks to force him out of his shell.
  • save your ex meter for a full super or ex fireballs to bust through his sbooms for a knockdown.

What I’ve found with a guile matchup is that it can be over really quickly if you get momentum, or it could be a borefest with both of you “zoning” until you run out of time.

j.HK doesnt lose to flash kick if its a safe jump.In fact something i dont think has been mentioned is how you can destroy all of guiles wakeup options with one option select. j.HK on safe jump and OS block and sweep. Its too good against guile

Yeah thanks on the correction.

without sounding daft, what is this particular OS?

So you knock down guile with untech.
You then safe jump with (deep)

option 1:
if the lands then you follow up with a combo

option 2:
if guile blocks then its cool (nothing happens) - sweep doesnt come out as block stun has nullified the OS sweep

option 3:
if he backdashes, the j,hk whiffs but the sweep comes out and knocks guile down again

option 4:
if he focus backdashes the safe jump - what happens here?

if he focus backdashes and absorbs the hit it should be that nothing happens after the j.HK. Thats my guess but I am not completely sure. I shall test it. Also if he flashkicks you block it because the invincibility makes the j.HK whiff but your OS block means you block it and get a free punish

okay yeah i tested it nothing happens he just absorbs the hit and ryu doesnt do anything.

That sounds kind of weird. When Guile focus absorbs the, he is not in block stun or in hit stun, so I would have expected the c.roundhouse to come out. Thanks for testing this out. I fight requested you yesterday but you didnt join!?

sorry i didnt see it. I havent been playing much…usually my xbox is on as a way to talk to a friend I’m playing PC games with haha

Option select never come out vs a Focus.

Try this: