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Hey i just got my HRAP3 stick today and i was wondering what do i need to practice if i play guile. I just switched from a ps3 controler to a stick. Everytime i play someone i have a hard time pressuring them with the sonic boom on wake up and its hard for me to cancle sonic boom into the super to ultra on the stick. is there anything i can practise to make my execution better?


Nothing specific that I can thing of. Just keep playing, and you will get used to the stick.
Most people have trouble when they first start playing with fight sticks…


For me, when I first got a stick, I had to practice my normals and just doing a sonic boom and flash kick consistently. I started with just practicing doing sonic booms and flash kicks over and over again. The problem I had was that the stick is larger than the analog stick on the controller so I wasn’t pushing the stick all the way up before pressing kick for a flash kick. The distance for down then up on the stick is farther and I was too used to the analog distance that I only pushed the stick partway and pressing kick too early. Same goes for the booms.


Thanks but can i get some help on this combo J.HK>C.MP>SB>HP>SB. when i do this combo everything comes out except the last sonic boom it will just do the Heavy punch without the boom coming out. I only get it right 2 times out of ten. This is how i do it. I jump and charge down back do a HK then do a C.MP. while still charging. Then i go from down back to forward to down back then the boom comes out then i let the stick go to neutral and press HP then quickly move the stick forward and press Lp am i doing the combo right?.


Is there even enough charge time for the second boom?


Yes because im precharging when i fire the sonic boom after the medium punch i do it with down back to forward to down back. So as soon as the boom comes out im already charging for the next one. Ive seen sonicflash122 and gilleybaba do this combo.

I will just post here if i need help


Nevermind im not even sure if theres enough charge time for the second boom i keep trying but it wont work


I just watched sonic’s combo vid again, and I didn’t see this particular combo.

Even if you do precharging, I don’t think there’s enough time for the boom. Also, if you are still trying, the hp is a close hp (the uppercut), which is the one that can be cancelled.


Ok thanks. Can someone tell me how to do two Sonicbooms in one combo i dunno if this combo works but ive been trying. J.HK>C.MP>SB>C.LP>Standing medium punch>SB the combo comes out but it dosnt say 6 hit combo it just says 3 hit combo then 3 hit combo again.


Gilley has lots of good stuff on there if you’re new to guile

EDIT: c.jab does not link to far, only close


Just have to work at it man. The stick is a great asset when mastered. If you keep playing and practicing then eventually you will get comfortable with it. One thing I would suggest is to go through all of Guile’s trial at least once a day just so you can get the feel of some basic combos and movement down. Good luck man. I think you’ll find that the stick is the superior method of playing this game once you get used to it.


If you are trying to do all those combos you won’t go far with Guile the links on that kind of stuff is ridiculous. Guile doesn’t need combos like that to win matches all you have to do is keep the opponent out and keep em guessing on wakeup.


If you are referring to Guile’s trials then I’m going to have to disagree. The links in those combos are something that Guile players need to know. they are difficult but not that hard if practiced. And the only reason I told him to do the trials once a day is so he can get used to moving around and doing combos with his new stick. I’m not advising him to try and base his game of the combos in the trials modes or anything like that.


I’m talking about the ones like this: J.HK>C.MP>SB>C.LP>Standing medium punch>SB

Completely unnecessary and will just get you srk reversed in the long run from missing the links.

All you need to use are these for the most part: (xx means cancel, > is a link)

cr. lp x3, SB, f. hp/s. hp/s. hk
cr. mp xx hk. FK or EX FK
st. hp > st.hp
st. lp x3 > st. hp

The rest of your game as Guile should revolve around zoning, spacing, air throw set ups, and corner lock downs. Also I don’t use Ultra besides for punishing whiffed moves.

Don’t use FK as anti air unless you are doing a late EX version of it.


Ok, I understand what you are saying I guess, but I’m still a little confused… In what trial is the “J.HK>C.MP>SB>C.LP>Standing medium punch>SB” combo that you are saying is unnecessary??? To my knowledge this combo is not present in any of the trials so I don’t know where this is coming from.

Ok, I think this is bad advise. Not attempting harder links just because you are trying not to get DP reversed is not a good thing. The solution to this problem is to simply learn the links and get better at them. I think any good Guile player will tell you that execution is a MUST with Guile. If you put the time in the training room then combos with 1 frame links like, C.LK>C.LP>C.MP>FlashKick/Boom become easier. Trust me! I think I’m a pretty solid Guile, but I’m not on the level of players like Rebelo or Dagger_G and I know for a fact that I can hit the C.LP>C.MP 1 frame link with about 7 or 8/10 accuracy on a great connection or offline play. I’m just saying that to say that if I can get those links down, then there is no reason why anyone else shouldn’t be able to as well. Telling someone not to bother with these because they are harder is not the way to go IMO.

Still confused here. Why would you practice LP x3??? It’s just a poke string. The S.FP>S.FP link is character specific and can only be done otherwise by way of a counter hit. Don’t think it’s a bad thing to practice but I don’t think it should be on the list of things you need to get down with Guile. If you are giving him good normals to get used to then what about C.FP, S.MK, or F+MK… Good anti-airs and pokes there.

No real problem here but I think there is a lot more that goes into being good with Guile. Footsies and knowing match-ups pretty important too.

I just didn’t understand where some of this stuff was coming from, or how we even started talking about how to get good with Guile in the first place. I think the original poster played SF4 before he got his stick so he already knows the basics of the game (I’m assuming). All he was asking for is a ways to get better or more comfortable with the stick that he just got. That’s why I don’t thinking giving him tips on how to play Guile are necessary here. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. That is why I told him to go through the trials once a day until he gets used to his new stick. All the combos in the trials aren’t useful but going through them will get his hands and timing acclimated to the stick.


AHAHAHHA… if you’re not going to practice your links with Guile, you might as well not play him at all.

If you’re worried about SRK reversals, you can always bait it, then punish it. That will teach scrubby shotos to try it.

You can use FK early (or trade) and tack on another EX-FK/EX-sb…


The long combo was from one of his original posts btw, go check the original page. Also in reference to that link Guile isn’t a combo whore in SF4 that’s not how he is played. If I’m doing a cr. lp x3 link its to push them outside of where I don’t want them to be. I then follow this up with something like st. hp because that one frame where they think they can throw something out is negated because my fist will already be in their face to counter anything outside of a shoryu. Get it?


Ok, I understand. Since you didn’t quote it I thought ou were referring to the trial modes. My B…:smile:

I still think he should be practicing harder links…


He should be but only the cr. lp, cr. mp xx fk that’s the most versatile and nets you the knockdown.


Thanks for the tips I’ve been practicing guile normal and hard trails for like 2 hours and now I’m able to link my moves like J.RH>HP>SB without worrying about the boom coming out and J.RH>Cr.LPx3>Flash kick > or EX Flash kick but can someone tell me how to combo after i cancel my SB? and when i can use it ? for example say I’m at mid screen and i do J.RH>Cr.MP>SB. then i cancel the SB how can i continue to combo do i just do CR.LP X3? fast after i cancel my sonic boom then throw another SB?