Guile In The Corner



I was just wondering is it bad for Guile to be in the corner? I like to play a more turtle style but is it bad for him to do something such as liking to be in the corner? He has plenty of tools where the opponent will have a tough time getting in to you besides throwing (c. mk, flash kick, airthrow, b. hp, f. hp, sonic booms recover fast).


noob here

I try avoid being cornered, but if proper spacing means I need to be at the edge of my screen - then it means I need to be at the edge of my screen.

I think it all really comes down to the matchup. For instance - if I’m close up I’m going to rush down a Balrog as best I can, as Balrog really does not have too many AA options. However if he is within lunge range I’m going to corner myself for SB tossing.

That’s my experience thus far, and I’d like to hear more from others in regards to the OP’s question.


Minus balrog’s crouching fierce which is like, an outrageously good anti-air.

In regards to the OP, I don’t terribly hate being in the corner. Sometimes I lead myself back there, bait a jump in, back-air throw them. Well now they’re in the corner. I’m better at keeping them there than they are at getting out.


being in the corner fucking sucks


Yea, If you’re playing someone really good, especially in G1 you risk eating a ridiculous corner combo. Especially from Ryus, Rufuses, and Goukens.


turtle guile is a typical choice i would say. but thats fine by me as its all about peoples choices and opinion. being in corner is complete safe provided u block high low, tech thows and AA the crossup attempt or just lk fk, air grab .


It’s less safe than anywhere else on the screen. So, you can’t say it’s completely safe. One mistake and you can lose a lot more health than you would have a few inches toward the center. It’s easy to say you can anti air a cross up, or air throw, but that can get snuffed or countered. I’d rather deal with that another way.


Naw, it isn’t an opinion. You’re better off being midscreen than having your back against the wall, you have less options and you are susceptible to corner combos, footsies are also much less fun when you can’t move.


you can block and tech throws in the corner. fight them off with well timed sonic booms or a flash kick, if you have two bars, flash kick or crouch RH them, then cancel when they block and then dash in and throw THEM into the corner.


Dude you can’t cancel cr. rh and that’s Guile’s worst move imo


…yes you can


Ok, this is starting to make me rage. Anyone that thinks it is beneficial to be backed into a corner is wrong.

End of debate.

Regarding c.HK, yes you can cancel it. And yes it is the worst way you could spend two bars.


Haha, ya guys, you never WANT to be in the corner. There is never a time were you genuinely WANT to be in the corner. Guile has so many more options midscreen. The only benefit to being in the corner is that a back throw will open up you sick corner trap game… but I never try to force this situation. Not worth it.


There’s nothing scarier than Zangief pushing you into a corner. A situation I avoid by all means.


aka you can’t cancel it hahaha


never said it was a good thing to be there. it definitely sucks i was just trying to suggest how to get out


haven’t you hear of “the corner of death?”


At high level play, you’re dead if you’re in the corner as a Guile player, end of story…