Guile Karaplink question



For hitting the lp to mp 1-frame link which method do you prefer?

  1. Double tapping mp

  2. Using kara-plinking

Also is this the proper way to do the following karaplinks. I am having a little trouble in training room getting them consistantly x2, c.lp,, FK (or sb)

c.lp,, sb


plinking is more effective for me

for the bread n butter, only use 1 if you’re comboing into FK. If you use two it pushes your opponent further away, and the FK will do 70 instead of 160 (before scaling)


I largely prefer plinking mostly because it’s near impossible for me to double tap. I can get it in fairly consistently on my stick. The arcade though…that’s another story :sweat:


Ya, I never double tapped. The fews times I just just felt akward and ineffective. How you listed it is pretty much right.


The feedback is much appreciated. I have more success karaplinking than double tapping as well. I just wanted to verify that I understood the whole karaplink idea and was inputing the buttons properly.

thanks for all the help


I time it right and push it once…?

am I the only one?


I think more players use single press than use plinking, mostly because plinking is a bit awkward initially.

Plinking is much easier to do than double tapping in my opinion, there is no reason to not use it if you use a lot of 1 frame links.


I prefer single press, but I have to put a lot more time into practicing my 1f combos than I would if I just sucked it up and got into plinking/kara-linking/tsuji-linking. If you haven’t given it a proper go, you really should - it’s very impressive. Also, if you watch the now infamous FA follow-up video on Nico, you’ll notice he neg-edge’s the sonic boom when he plinks - another side benefit.


I left plinking for double tapping. It feels more natural and I’ve been able to hit combos better with Guile and Abel.