Guile low tier and hated still?



I could be wrong, but it seems to me that guile is pretty low tier. Yet everyone still hates on him for his old turtling skill, are people just ignit dog?


Guile is not a low tier.


really? it seems like a huge up hill battle against anyone with a projectiles.

he feels pretty damn shit, hell even mike ross says he sucks…


You’re supposed to play a midrange game with a lot of footsies. Guile still has the tools to keep anyone out, your skills have to be on point, though. No matter what, I see Guile players like Dieminion doing fine in various tournaments since AE went live. I’m not saying he doesn’t have uphill battles, because obviously he has quite a few but these are not enough to make him low tier. Solid mid tier.


thats great to hear then, i hope your right, as it is an opinion, i have been at him for about a week or 2 and if he was to low tier i would have something to blame when i lost which would piss me off lol

im weird that way… well shit, this threads kinda pointless now, but still, fuck scrubs hating on guile and calling him OP… i think wit my scrub 2000pp skills hes low tier, not a brainless ken or w/e


Wish I had 2000pp… :wink:


I’ve been playing guile since vanilla and people where hating on him back then while he was shit.

Hater’s gonna hate, just enjoy the game.


you dont like it when someone complains about your character and then turn around and say at least guile is not a “brainless ken”?

keep questions like the one in this thread to general discussion, or better, the newbie dojo. you should not be making new threads.


wtf are you talking about, it has nothing to do with guile being my character… if i was using ken i wouldn’t care if people called him brainless because he is…

don’t jump to conclusions.


keep this shit in the newbie dojo.


wasn’t a newbie question… it was a character specific question about why people hate on guile.

don’t be a hater


Aren’t you the same guy that posted a bunch of nonsense hate in the Gief forums? Just sayin…


It doesn’t matter that his turtling no longer makes him god-tier. The fact that Guiles often have a turtling playstyle makes him a frustrating character to play against for a lot of people, even if they can win.


lol nonsense? people on this forum are blind or stupid, everyday i see kids who suck use gief and beat kids who are waaay better then them.
theres no way you don’t see this, so you must be blind, or you just bend to the popular opinion on this forum.


Bad Giefs only beat people that don’t know how to fight grapplers. Just Saiyan.


ok this the last ill say on the subject, but im aware gief in high lvl play isn’t bull shit, but for all of us 2000 3000 pp kids, hes a cheap easy to use pussy bitch.


Some people just have a hard time facing Guile, hell I’ll admit I play him and even I have trouble sometimes lol, but he is def low tier now, and even with his new buffs I doubt he will move up much.


guile is a beast imo :)!!!


Bad Giefs are SOOOOO free for Guile. Its not even funny. Hes FAR from easy to use and win with.


Amongst players that have been playing for a long time, I think most players really respect Guile players because of how hard they have to work. Same with Chun and Gen.