Guile, M. Bison, General Tactics, Cross-Ups and Linking!?

Heh, I’ve got a boatload of questions at a time when the search engine isn’t available… I got into the SF boat with the release of SF2:THD… thus I don’t really know anything about such a complex fighting game! (No Sarcasm, I didn’t realize a 2D fighting game could be so incredibly complex)

So to start… I’ve taken a liking to both Guile and M. Bison and have some questions about playing with them…

For both characters, how do I use punches effectively? I can’t seem to ever connect except in jump-ins with Guile’s heavy punch into his bread-and-butter combo.

For Guile, I seem to always end up taking massive damage after I get backed into a corner (I know its not good to be with your back against a wall in the corner…) because I can’t really seem to get out… What is the best way to get out of the corner? I’ve read that just jumping out with a hard kick is the best option in most cases, but that usually just gets me knocked back down with some srk move. I also have a lot of trouble with knocked down people… I can’t seem to time attacks correctly to get meaty attacks in… and I also have major problems with jump-ins against characters like ken and ryu which is troublesome since they are shotos and usually end up spamming fireballs to get me to move forward…

For Bison, is the Psycho crusher effective? I don’t see many people using it… is it because of the slow recovery? Also, what is the purpose of the follow-ups for some of Bison’s moves? Is it for anti-air if the person jumps up when doing something like the head stomp?

In relation to Bison, what is linking? Also, what are cross-ups!?


Taken from Shoryuken Wiki Glossary:

Cross-up: The type of attack that can hit the opponent behind you when you jump over them. An example of this is Zangief’s Down + Fierce in the air in just about every game he’s been in. It can hit behind him when he jumps over the opponent.

Link: A combo method where you combo two moves in a row not based on any special system built-in combo method. The first move simply recovers fast enough and the second move simply comes out quickly enough for the two to connect.

Bison’s Psycho Crusher when fully extended (no feet on the ground) can be useful in some matches because it can beat out or at least trade with some moves, such as Honda’s headbutt. Scissors Kick is usually a better option in other situations though. Cross-ups for Bison are j.WP, j.MK, and j.HK, btw.

If you need to search but the search function isn’t working, you can do a Google Advanced Search with the site being

heh, I will use google search in the future, thanks! :lovin:

anyways, about crossups, I meant literally, what are cross ups? :rofl:

A basic cross-up is an air attack that, when spaced correctly, is able to hit the opponent when they’re on the ground when you jump over them.


That video should explain it well enough.

ahhh thanks, that makes sense

which brings up new questions… what are guile’s and bison’s reversals? flash kick? head stomp?

I learned about linking here:

Yeah, those are their best reversals, but in Bison’s case it’s still not that great. :annoy: You can also use their supers as reversals.

how does timing work for using a super as a reversal? do you just start the motion as soon as you fall and finish it as you start getting up?

in the sirlin video, I saw that he referred to reversal throws which didn’t really register as a reversal but was merely the first move you did as soon as you got up (since throws require you to be standing). Is it the same idea? Or is it a true reversal?


After reading this thread, I would normally just refer you to the Wiki, but I’ll answer this one.

The “reversal” window is the last frame of hit stun, the last frame of block stun, the frame right when you land from being hit out of the air with a move that doesn’t knockdown, and the frame right before you’re standing on your feet after having been knocked down. It’s basically the frame right before you go into your neutral fighting stance. If you input any special move (by any I mean any…and that includes special move throws and super moves) during that window, you’ll get that move to come out and you’ll see the reversal message. However, during that same window, you can also do what’s called a “reversal throw”…which is simply any normal throw done within the reversal window.

In all seriousness, you need to read the Wiki. All of the questions that you’ve asked so far are covered there and, believe me, your mind will be blown when you read the stuff that’s in there…stuff that you didn’t think was possible. In addition, do a site search, as was suggested above, regarding reversals. Myself and a few other people have already covered this topic extensively within the past month. Also search for the “beginner” thread and you’ll find some more of the answers you’re looking for.

Happy searching and just know that being able to find information on your own will help you in mentally putting it together…which will help you when you have even more specific questions…and you will have more questions. We’ll be here when you do and we’ll be happy to help. :slight_smile:

Close thread.

I was going to do the same, but I was in a good mood last night. :rofl: The wiki is a good place to find info; you should really check it out. Most of the info for ST is still very applicable to HDR btw.

Anyway, close thread.