GUILE Match Up Thread

Sonic bleeehhhhhhhhgggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!

At a glance it seems okay. The single sonic boom reflects are fine but the EX-Booms are insanely fast and especially the buffed ones with vskill. Better off blocking or jumping over those.

Guile Data

950 Vitality.
950 Stun.

Guile has a tall hitbox so against Guiles wake up or using a fuzzy guard set up you can use J.LK has an instant overhead.

Guile has no 3 frame normal, so therefore it free to pressure after blocking Psycho Axe.

Guile’s C.MP has 6 frame start up and is +1 on block. Bison’s is 6 frame start up and is 0 on block. Bison’s C.MP has more range.
Guile’s S.MK has 7 frames start up and is -1 on block. Bison’s is also 7 frames start up and is -2 on block. Bison’s S.MK has more range.
Guile’s C.MK has 7 frame start up and is -4 on block. Bison’s is is also 7 frames and is -2 on block. Bison’s C.Mk has more range.
Guile’s S.HK has 14 frame start up and is -3 on block. Slow but has good range.
Rolling Sobat (B/F + MK) 11 frame start up, -2 on block. Slow but out ranges Bison’s medium pokes, active frames will go over most lows.
Reverse Spin Kick (F+HK) 16 frame start up, -1 on block, from frame 8-32 its throw invincible, and from frame 10-32 it will go over low.
Burn Straight (B+HP) 8 frame start up and is -1 on block. Its slightly out ranged by Bison’s S.MK. Crush Counter on counter hit. This poke looks very dangerous.
Spinning Back Knuckle (F+HP) 10 frame start up and is -1 on block, slow but this out ranges almost anything outside of Axe. Crush Counter on counter hit as well. Does not hit crouchers.

Other normals
Boozaka Knee is -6 on block.
Overhead is -4 including his target combo that ends with this.
Guile High Kick is -3 on block, does not hit crouchers.
C.HK is -13 on block. There no longer appears to be a gap in between the two hits.

Target Combo’s
C.LK ~ S.MP is -6 on block
C.LK ~ S.MP ~ F+HP is -8 on block.
S.MP ~ F+HP is -8 on block.
S.LK ~ S.MK is -2 on block.

Normal throws
Guile gets nothing off his forward throw.
Off his back throw he can get a meaty but he doesn’t have time to dash in close and do close meaty pressure.
Off his forward air throw Guile can dash in and get meaty pressure.
Off his back air throw Guile gets no set ups.

Sonic Boom is +1 on block at point blank range.
Sonic Boom is not what it once was. Its a frame slower start up than in IV and has 28 frames of recovery. The same as hard strength Boom in IV. His C.HP has 8 frames start up compared to 5 in IV. Bison has one less pre jump frames and a frame less air time compared to IV. Long story short Guile will take more risk throwing boom than he did in IV.
Ex. Sonic Boom is +4. 24 frames recovery.

Flash Kick
All Flash kicks are throw invincible and projectile invincible and have upper body invincibility during the start up frames.
Ex is fully invincible. All crush counter able on recovery.
Flash Kick auto corrects on wake up so Guile is no longer free to cross ups on wake up.

Gilley’s Guile frame data to supplement

I’m kind of finding a nice little spot up close where you can stuff sonic boom start ups with c.MK well. I just need to maybe get myself into a better habit of canceling it into LP Inferno on the right read for the knockdown pressure.

Feels bad getting flash kicked.

Slide beats Guile’s V-skill if you time it right. Borderline read/reaction.

It’s got 18f start up, gonna have to kind of predict it. But I’ve found dashing through sonic cross (VSkilled booms) for the LP and MP versions sort of manageable. It feels a little difficult dashing through soinic booms.

At work right now but I wanna know if you can dash past Guile behind the sonic cross if he’s following it and being overlaid by the cross? Or you end up in front of him anyway