Guile Match-up



As the title says, could someone help me with the Guile match-up.

Watching my replays I can not understand why I do this bad in this match.
Basically I can only win if I get him to the corner, otherwise I end up losing my cool and unfortunately a frustrated opponent is exactly what a guile player wants.

also, can someone answer these two questions please :
#1 if i’m facing a crouch-tech happy opponent i tend to go for the cr.jab -> cr.jab -> frame-trap because guile as a 4 frame is this something viable or i’m doing something wrong?

#2 after i block the first hit of guile sweep, i usually focus the second it, dash in and then go for mixups (btw after the hit of a lvl1 focus what’s the frame advantage?), there is a better punish that i should use?

Sorry for my bad english,
I hope somebody will help me with this, because i really can’t get the hang of it


hm. lets see. just off the top of my head.

-pick U2
-absorb, dodge fireballs as safely as you can to keep boom damage to a minimum and build ultra meter.
-walk guile to the corner.
-be prepared for hail mary forward dash throw or jump ins
-get in range for duck upper
-mix up between jumping, ducking, cause guile can’t cover every option (more on this later)
-don’t jump on a guile holding down back, just inch forward as much as you can to occupy space.
-use your meter for ex duck under fireballs into throw on reaction to fireballs (when you’re in range)
-on KD, stand a little bit away from guile (close to max overhead range).
^this range is the most effective because guile can’t FADC his flashkick for safety even if he has meter but dudley can still land overhead>s.rh or especially in the corner. best used just to get it in guile’s head that he HAS to just deal with it.

anti guile post sonicboom bullshit-
-s.hp loses to a well spaced j.rh
-f.hp doesn’t hit low so dat shit
-far s.rh is just asking to be hit by focus attack (or j.rh)
-c.hp AA- can be baited with an empty jump (granted you’re not too close)
-air throw- shouldn’t have jumped. duck upper AA, h.JU AA
-j.rh-, h.JU, duck upper AA no contest. get as close as you can
nothing- no contest. get as close as you can.
stupid knee bullshit.- get ready to tech.

note: you don’t have to be constantly pounding buttons in his face. just keep him in a position where you can threaten his options (at least 1.1 units away)
KD- safe jump to break guile’s down charge and try to sneak in a high low before he can regain charge.
harass guile with s.hp but becareful because guile can punish it on block with flash kick.
ex duck on reaction to sonic boom
usual tut stuff apply of course. (shoutouts to 34 san)

baited a flashkick-
punish with,, s.rh xx ex MGB, duck upper
^in corner- immediately do whiff s.rh and if guile quick rose, unblockable (finish the combo for stun), if he didn’t you stay in front and get to go for another mix up.
punish with,, s.rh xx ex MGB, duck upper > (delay) U2.
^immediately whiff and unblockable.
punish with,, s.rh xx ex MGB, duck straight> U2
^whiff l.JU and unblockable.

side note- guile has a retarded hitbox when using j.rh from some angles so s.rh won’t connect. less damage but s.hp or xx can be substituted so the jump in doesn’t go to waste.

tbh, as long as you avoid getting thrown to reset the distance guile walking into the corner and going in so hard you eat flash kicks all day, it’s just a matter of waiting till you get guile in the corner then getting him to flinch and do something stupid cause he can’t take the pressure of being in such a threatening position for so long.


I think you have ONE of the answers in your post already. For the match-up in general, I’d say walk them to the corner. Walk forward -> Down back past his booms and his follow ups after slow booms. This match-up is a non-stop grind of patience and captializing your opportunities. Learn what normals you can buffer St.Hk with. Guile has some pretty far extending normals, practice this by recording on training mode. I am currently practicing this match-up with “Lamerboi” who is a Top guile in California or U.S. even. A lot of the match up is just blocking your way to the corner, duck uppers through close booms, or St.Hk buffer Ex MGB to get him in the corner. Also learn what moves you can,, and to counter poke and footsie.

As for trapping crouch tech happy guiles, what seems to work for me is cr.lp -> cr.lp -> there are definitely better options that others can provide though. I am still learning Dudley myself and lack a ton of knowledge.

Punishing the should be cake! You should be able to crumple him after absorbing the second hit, or you can -> ex mgb between hits.


There is no single blockstring that works for every crouch tech.

Use tut.
Make your own.
I tried to make the this tut so any language can understand it.

By the way did you watch the tut?


when i knock guile down with a combo i just wait a bit then jump lk and that shit fucks him up always

kill em all, dead bodies in the hallway.



Thank you all guys for the advice and the tips, in the end, i think my struggle is just a matter of patience (and salt)


How about Dudleys It works okay sometime, especially when Guiles start playing cocky/over-aggressive with their forward hp. goes right under that and if you got meter, it’s just badabing badaboom.