Guile matchup advice



Hey guys another nooby question here for you! I’ve recently been having a lot of trouble against guile players both in real life and online. Naturally with the amount of butt whoopings I was receiving I assumed that this was a hard matchup for akuma (of course I’m no pro but I’m getting better at the basics and find this matchup particularly frustrating) lo and behold according to everything I’ve seen this matchup should weigh in akuma’s favor.

Now of course I’ve played fighting games enough to realize to not take too much stock in matchups/tiers etc. and to just work on playing my game but I feel like there is a lot I’m missing in this matchup. I find it much harder and more frustrating than just about any other one out there. Any tips on getting around this turtles and beating them to a pulp? And yes I have read the matchup advice, however I find myself able to learn a lot more from videos and youtube isn’t yielding that much (at least among akuma’s who’s names I know). Thanks!


Matchup thread


Definitely that. We got a really nice thread for such questions. :slight_smile:


oh jeez, I probably should have searched through the thread more instead of just reading the basic matchup advice at the top. The last page already netted quite a few ideas. Sorry guys!