Guile matchup question



i ran into couple good Guiles’ that do standing sonic booms so they are obviously backing away…when they sonics booms, i jump and they do a j. mk which get me all the time.

anyone has a strategy against that


Be patient and just walk towards them. Block booms on reaction. If you must jump, don’t get predictable with it. Walk them into the corner where their options become very limited. With Guile, all you really need is one knock down and the match should be yours. But it’s tough to get that knock down against good Guiles.

One thing I’d like to add, playing against Guile when there is lag is the worst thing in the world. It’s so frustrating. I need to be able to react to what they do quickly and I can’t do that when there is lag. Even 3 bars make it tough.


Playing against Dagger_G makes all other Guiles look crappy lol

He finds ways to get around my wakeup shennanigans.


Learn to EX greenhand booms on reaction. It’s really the only way to safely control the midrange. Walking forward and blocking on reaction is shaky due to guile’s far reaching normals and jumping is risky due to guile having an anti-air for every situation.

Ya, the only giefs who can mess with my game are the ones who can EX greenhand prjectiles on reaction. Obviously, this requires a lot of practice that you can’t really duplicate in training mode. Good luck.


try playing from just a little bit farther away so you can empty jump and have him miss. i do this sometimes.if he does not jump than use hp to hit him or keep him where he is, or he will flash kick you.
just someting to try


This is important for gief vs. guile. For me, the audio cue helps lol cuz guile says “sonic” a little before the boom actually comes out. But ex-booms are too fast (and silent lol) to ex on reaction.


I’ll put in my advice, this is a tough matchup for me aswell when they are really good Guiles at hand.

If they fall into their rythm of Jumping after sonicboom, remember that you can Lp. Ghand and bring yourself to the center of the screen. After you’ve fallen for it a few times, he shoots sonic boom you G.Hand slightly before he jumps and he should land right into your zone while you are safe to block or even cr.MP him out of the air, but that only puts him slightly out of your grab range, but within st.MK or HK range. Now is your chance to make it do what it do.

Guiles are trained much easier to not jump when they are knocked down. Try to use this to your advantage in your mixups.

Just don’t let him get away.


what i do is keep him pressured by walking toward him and blocking all sonic booms. Once he’s in the corner, all u need is one knock down. AND once he’s in the corner, you are pretty save to jump over his sonic boom with a m. kick or H. punch the second he tosses it out, cause he won’t have room to jump at you. OR if he does, it will be a trade in your fav. Don’t be predictable.