GUILE Matchup Thread

Charlie, what happened to you?

Having problems with this dude early on. Everything he does is mostly safe looking at his frame data, he can outfireball you, has an invincible wakeup option, and a strong anti-air game. The v-trigger is really effective in halting your forward movement. I’ve had the most success playing footsie wars with him and not giving him time and space. Also I punish PREDICTIBOL naked Booms with Moonsault, but if he does his Sonic Blade V-trigger projecticle and sits on his ass it takes it completely off the table. Anyways I’d like to hear from better players on dealing with him.

so, trying to punish guile for throwing out tons of sonic boom in v trigger with your own v trigger seems a bit finicky, specifically with the neutral version - found myself getting clipped by his booms, despite me being behind him. their hitboxes must be quite large, that or whatever normal i used (either cr mp or cr hp) must’ve had its hurtbox extend out very far.

messed around with it in training mood - it’s definitely the booms. they can even clip you if you teleport into the air behind him.

I thought that was an issue with how Nash’s V-Trigger works? I get hit by Hadokens that just came out when I teleport behind them. Like, WTF?

suppose i only noticed it vs guile since his continuous v trigger fireball spamming makes it really easy to fall into a fireball like that, then. weird stuff.

You would think that Nash does well against all projectile characters, but I’m not sure that’s the case with Guile. Nash’s going to have a tough time dealing with Guile’s Booms, so trying to get the match to close range seems like the best option. At farther ranges, I believe that Guile’s punch buttons are superior, but up close, Nash has some good frame advantage buttons.

The match up definitely feels like a grind, though. In short:
[] Try to bring the match to close range but don’t be afraid to take your time (using V-Skill to absorb the projectiles that you can)
] Minimize the damage that you take while trying to get closer
[*] Apply smart offensive pressure (can be a little bit more reckless when Guile has no meter)

You really have to get on his ass early before he builds EX and V-meter. I like opening the match up with a well timed moonsault since most Guile’s inevitably end up holding down and back and chucking a boom initially to create the space he needs to work. You get a hit from it and go from there, if you whiff (safely) you are close enough to press him and bring it to a footsie battle.

I’ve damn near given up the neutral fireball game against him. In the neutral I’m only throwing the fireball to build meter. Fuck even trying to hit the guy or advance position behind Nash’s sonic boom in the neutral if he’s doing everything right and using Guile’s V-skill properly (Aside from when he throws a badly timed one that you can counter with a EX Boom or something). You can back up(Not too much), chuck a few fireballs to build EX, and absorb his booms for the V-trigger if you think you’ll need the resources for the long haul versus getting the immediate pressure, but he’s building EX at the same time too and now you have to travel across the pits of hell barefooted to get to him because his stuff recovers faster. If you give him too much room he can just V-skill+Sonic boom you to death . Also that would put other stuff into play like his V-skill which takes moonsault off the table. Judgment calls as far as the eye can see.

Nash definitely beats Guile. I’d say this match would be a problem if you couldn’t absorb his V-Skilled booms but you can absorb the second hit (unlike ex fireballs).

You say Nash definitely beats Guile…with what argument?

I’m guessing because he out booms him, and Nash has to try and get in

Something I found helpful: Once you’re up close, remember to keep stuffing his V-skill with cr.MK. It beats him clean. Just delete them. No combo opportunity off of that ofc, but it disrupts Guile’s gameplan of keeping you away.