Guile means deceit

Why’s Guile named Guile? I was looking up the words for my vocab test for my final and guile was one of them. Guile means deceit…and he seems like the exact opposite. He’s like the good old American hero. That’ so strange.

When you’re “blocking”, or “crouching”, you’re actually charging up for a flash kick, or a sonic boom.

EDIT: And off the top of my head, Guile isn’t really a negative connotation. It could also mean “smart” deception.

To me, guile always meant ‘cunning.’ Which I suppose is the base trait for deception. But also for keen tactics. So I always thought his name alluded to his tactical tendencies, as opposed to deceptive.

Don’t go too deep. The game is made by Japanese developers, who might have an excellent grasp of English, but still wouldn’t have native knowledge.

Or maybe in the eyes of the Japanese, the role the good ole American hero is a deceptive one?

You’re both right. Japanese developers turn a bunch of English words that would make sense into something that people can actually use. Like…have you EVER seen a person in any kind of media (t.v., movies, radio etc) named Geese? Hell no! But somehow, those crazy Japanese developers got it to work. Or another example…Buster Wolf. If you went up to some random guy and mentioned that, they’d be like “WTF??” So yeah those names may or may not have a deep meaning I suppose. But I like the way you think too bbq sauce

That’s it. Everyone else quit being stupid.

Oh , whats in a name?

At first I thought the name had something to do with Guile’s SF2WW glitches.

But then, I started to think in the same manner as RagingStorm101. Maybe it’s just coincidence.

Guile is a cool name though.

I already knew what the word “guile” meant when I was 9 years old and played SF2 for the first time.

…How old are you?

It’s not exactly a commonly used word, after all. Not a big deal if you didn’t know.

there’s no one named geese…but there was goose in top gun

Plays the music from The Price Is Right when everyone overbids

I’m a sophomore in hs so i’m 16. I guess I just never bothered to look it up.

in chrono cross the character named Guile is actually said to be Magus from Chrono Trigger in disguise in search for his sister. Magus wasnt exactly the most trust worthy or admirable character either…

someone look up what Remy means in french.

No, then the name wouldn’t have to do with his character… it would simply refer to him being in disguise.

Rmy: French form of the Roman cognomen Remigius, which was derived from Latin remigis “oarsman”. Saint Rmy was a 5th-century bishop who was supposedly responsible for the baptism of Clovis, king of the Franks.

I suppose you were hoping for something a little more grand.

Wow, that was actually pretty informative. Thanks.

Would Guile have probably been better off being named Gary?

And the Latin definition of Remigius does nothing positive for Remy’s image when you think about in a immature and preverted light.

i had the term -guile- in a vocab quiz last week and got it wrong =/