Guile Moveset and Attributes



Discuss the character’s entire moveset here, including normal moves, special moves, super moves, and all the other miscellaneous stuff like counter attacks, rolls, dodge attacks, jumps, and throws.

Also list attributes such as dizzy count, lifebar points, character size and special hitbox properties.

Once a full movelist including frame data has been provided for the character, this post will be edited to include all of it, with proper credit to the guy who copied all that stuff from the Japanese guide or whatever.


Does anybody use the nazi kick as anti-air? Close s.MK comes out in 4 frames and I’ve accidently beaten Blanka jumping roundhouses before.


what’s up with the AA, I do it, but it just seems wrong to beat anything with this, but it does. His hitbox must be messed up when he does it.


Is the Sonic Hurricane super truly safe? I had my level 3 super blocked by a rival Guile the other day, only to have him super me right back! I couldn’t block it. The book says the super is -4 on the block, so it seems pretty safe to me. I’ve been unable to reproduce this in training mode either. Everytime I tried to punish Guile’s super with my own reversal super, the other Guile recovers in time to block. Is there something I don’t know about? Or did my stick just mess up?


SHUT THE FUCK UP with the frames already. God damn.


The best thing you’ve ever said. :rofl:


I’ve been trying to play C Guile, but I don’t know what to do with him. Sure I hear “RC Sonic boom all day and work from there” but I dont get what he’s supposed to do to get damage in.


Thanks, I’ll around to reading it when I get some free time.


Necromancy: I hereby bring this thread back from the dead…

Would someone who doesn’t hate Guile all that much please post frame data ? Thanks to whoever does it :smiley:


If you can’t reproduce it in training mode with the computer on all block and you do a reversal super it probably is safe and what happened to all the frame data?


Your stick just messed up, or for some reason you really didn’t block for a split second, and you didn’t know. The super is 100% safe, this situations happened to me alot way back, no matter how fast they do it, it won’t get you. I could be wrong, but after playing Guile for practically 4 years, I doubt it.


No, your’re not wrong it is 100% safe.


Whats up guys. Having problems doing LP,LP,LP-TOTAL WIPE OUT (LV2)- CANCELLED FLASH KICK . When ever i try this, going from LP to Total WOut comes out as a sonic boom. Any tips would be much appreciated.


Yo, try canceling the cr. short instead of the cr. jab into the Wipe-out.


It works. Using LP,LP,LK-Wipe-Out. Thanks dude.


3x lp is the preffered way to combo since you get much better range and this makes it easier to hit confirm. To do the combo you have to tap the 3rd lp hella fast, and do the motion right after u press it…again hella fast. I use lp lp lk myself since it is easier…and its a bad habit, since youll eventually get lvl1 rush instead of lvl2.


Yeah I’m using the lp lp lk. However, i found that if your using lpx3, keep lp pressed on 3rd hit and cancel into WipeOut. This is very tricky as you have to hit mk whilst having lp pressed, but works better then just cancelling straight into super.

EDIT. Just noticed the holding down lp to cancel accidental sonic boom thing has already been mentioned. Sorry dudes.


Kind of hard to believe nobody has posted frame data for Guile yet. Anyways, here you go:




s.LP 3/4/6 o/o/o 200 +5/+5
close s.MP 3/3/16 x/o/o 700 +2/+2
far s.MP 4/5/18 x,x/o,x/o,o 800,600 +2/+2
close s.HP 4/3/0 x/o/o 1100 -9/-9
far s.HP 6/6/18 x/x/o 1200 +4/+4
s.LK 4/4/7 o/o/o 300 +4/+4
close s.MK 4/6/14 x/o/o 800 ±0/±0
far s.MK 11/5/14 x/x/x 700 +1/+1
close s.HK 8/8/16 x/x/x 1300 ±0/±0
far s.HK 15/6/14 x/x/x 1100 +4/+4

  • Airborne from frames 0~8.

c.LP 3/4/6 o/o/o 200 +5/+5
c.MP 4/5/10 x/o/o 700 +5/+5
c.HP 5/16/11 x,x/x,x/o,x 1200,700 -3/-3
c.LK 6/4/9 o/x/o 300 +2/+2
c.MK 7/5/9 x/x/o 700 +6/+6
c.HK [7/5][28/5]/11 x,x/x,x/o,x 1300,1200 DN/+8

j.LP 8/22 500
j.MP (u) 8/16 700
j.MP (uf/ub) 8/16 700
j.HP (u) 8/8 1200
j.HP (uf/ub) 8/8 1200
j.LK (u) 8/22 500
j.LK (uf/ub) 8/22 400

  • Cross-up.
    j.MK (u) 9/5 800
    j.MK (uf/ub) 8/16 700
    j.HK (u) 7/5 1200
    j.HK (uf/ub) 7/5 1100

Command Normals

8/5/19 x/x/x 1300 ±0/±0

6/5/20 x/x/x 600 -12/-5

  • Airborne from frames 3~16

11/5/14 x/x/x 700 +1/+1

Close to opponent, f/b+HK
15/6/17 x/x/x 1300 +1/+1


f/b+HP 3/1/13 52 pixels 1700
f/b+HK 5/1/13 52 pixels 1900

In air, any direction except up, +HP
1 active frame 24 pixels (horizontal)
1800 62~70 pixels (vertical)

In air, any direction except up, +HK
1 active frame 24 pixels (horizontal)
2000 78~88 pixels (vertical)


Charge b,f+P

LP 13//30 600 +5/±0
MP 13/
/30 700 +5/±0
HP 13/*/30 700 +5/±0

  • Projectile moves are active for as long as they are on the screen.

Charge d,u+K

LK 6/7/44 1500,800 DN/-26
INV [full:11] Airborne from frames 4~47
MK 6/6/52 1700,800 DN/-33
INV [full:9] Airborne from frames 5~54
HK 6/5/59 1800,800 DN/-39
INV [full:8] Airborne from frames 6~60


Charge b,f,b,f+K

Level 1 4:[4/2][14/3][16/7]/21 2200 DN/-4
INV [full:8]
Level 2 4:[4/2][8/6][11/3][16/7]/19 3500 DN/-2
INV [full:14]
Level 3 4:[4/2][8/6][6/3][14/3][16/5]/19 5200 DN/±0
INV [full:22]

Charge db,df,db,uf+K

Level 1 5:[4/2+2+4][17/2+2+7]/32 2700 DN/-16
INV [full:9] Airborne from frames 9~30, 34~67
Level 2 5:[4/2+2+2+2][17/2+2+4+3]/32 4000 DN/-16
INV [full:15] Airborne from frames 9~30, 34~67
Level 3 5:[4/2+2+4][11/2+2+7][14/2+2+4+3]/32 5800 DN/-16
INV [full:23] Airborne from frames 9~44, 53~66

Charge b,f,b,f+P (level 3 only)

5:4/*/93 5400 DN/-4
INV [full:23]

  • Projectile moves are active for as long as they are on the screen.

just in case the link goes down.


I was going to post the frame data in here but after seeing how everything looked all funky and hard to read I decided to simply give a link to my website. Don’t worry about the link going down, I’m not planning on removing the file from my website. I have a back-up copy of it and I can re-upload it in case something happens. There’s some frame data for a few other characters on my website as well, some of them are complete, some of them only have normal moves. I’ll add more frame data whenever I have time.