Guile option select after safe jump

Guys, im wondering if its possible to somehow integrate a practical and viable OS after the back airthrow safe jump. We are able to block a 5 frame reversal or slower, but is it possible to perhaps maybe perform the cr lp, GHK OS in here after the jump?

Any other possibilities after the safe jump? Here is an option select that Ultradavid came up thats pretty simple, but im not to crazy about its use on wakeup because of the 4 frame cr lp that can be beat by 3 frame shoryus. Guile’s OS is at 5:18.


If you guys have any other ideas, please leave your input here. If we get our heads together, im sure we can come up with something.

have you tested anything yet?

You can OS Ultra 1 off of back breaker safe jump.

How do you do this? What’s the input and what’s the other option?

Same way you do option selects. Pretty simple.

i know this is going to sound really stupid, especially as i don’t have my ps3 right now, but can anyone explain to me how i can set up the dummy in training mode so i can practise option selects? i vaguely remember trying to do this ages ago by setting the dummy to constant back dash and it was a pain in the ass to test stuff out on. is that the right way to set the dummy up? or is the best way to actually record the dummy doing the os?

edit: never mind i figured it out.

so you buffer it out then go to block all before you land? and wouldnt that only work on moves slower than 7 frames?

Hide the input inside your chain. That’s what the safejump is for. If they back dash and the chain whiffs, the U1 releases. If they sit still and block, you’ll get a regular chain.

PS: OnlineGarbage, you need to check out the basics of option selecting so you can get a good idea of how it works and what it’s about.

i went to town with guile option selects in training mode today. once you figure out the concept, they are all pretty easy to perform.

got all of the ones i know down after a couple of minutes (jab, ghk- jab, sweep - jab, both ultras). i realised you’ve gotta do the inputs a lot quicker than you first expect. once i figured that out, they were all pretty simple.

are there any other ones that i should be trying out?

for some weird reason, i found that the jab, ghk os whiffed on ryu every time ryu was on the left hand side of the screen, but hit every time when he was on the right. wtf? was i just fucking up? or is that a bug?

it’s such a shame that guile’s sweep is so ass, because i’d love to use the sweep os regularly. but it’s kinda risky if you fuck up.

however, i must say that they didn’t work as well online though. but then again, what does?

You can still FADC the sweep. That’s a pretty shotty way to waste meter though :slight_smile:

Just saying, I now have safe jumps after FK FADC U2. 4f and slower safe jumps :3