Guile option selects

It was something i got to thinking about recently. There are a few characters in SF4 that make pretty useful tactics using option selects, and while there isn’t near as much emphasis on them as in a game like 3rd strike, they still have potential to be useful.

For the uninformed an option select is using multiple inputs simultaneously to cover multiple situations at the same time. In SF4, crouch teching is an example. By waiting a few frames then hitting down, light punch, and light kick, you will either poke or tech a throw (or get thrown through your poke… it’s really not a good option select, but it is an example.)

Not that this revolves around button prority. From least important to most important, it goes :lp::lk::mp::mk::hp::hk:, special normals, throws, FA, taunt. Somewhere in there, special normals take special prioirity as well. I think if you hit :r:+:lk::mk::hk: I’m pretty sure your forward sobat will come out. I don’t think that that has priority over throws though. What all that just meant though is that is you hit all 6 buttons at once, a taunt would come out. If you hit all three punches, an hp would come out. If you hit lp, mp, hp, and lk, a throw would come out. This is important to understand option selects fundamentally. :nunchuck:

Through what thought I’ve put into it thus far, I’m not sure guile had any that were really useful. One possible option select I thought up applies to your ops’ wakeup.

  1. Sit point blank, holding db.
  2. Once they get up, wait a VERY short amount of time (about 4-5 frames) and hit :db::lp::lk::mk:
  3. If they went for a wakeup throw, it will tech.
  4. If they went for a wakeup shoryu, you will block it and still have your down charge for a punish.
  5. If they block, will come out, you can transition into target combo.
  6. Instead of, you could also use xx boom. Possibly a better idea due to the safety and speed of

Updating the original post here with what we have so far and a brief description of uses.

Defensive Option Selects:

  1. db > lk+lp
  • Your basic crouch tech. If they try to throw in the middle of a block string you will either tech the throw, stick out a, or get thrown out of your Gets beaten by delayed normal strings (Dictator > s.hp) or random invincible reversals like EX messiah kick or shoryus. For best results, use it slightly delayed.
  1. db > lk+lp+mp (xx sonic boom)
  • Crouch tech with a twist. Same concept but a cancellable comes out instead. somes out just as fast as too. Able to beat out some hop-kick or dive-kick type moves.
  1. db > lk+lp+hp
  • Main use is for trying to beat things like rufus divekick pressure. Caution: divekicks can still beat this and c.hp is UNSAFE on block. It’s also easier to throw since it has a slower startup.

Offensive Option Selects:

  1. df > lk > lk + hk
  • Wakeup backdash punish. Use only when point blank for best results. If your first whiffs, the will come out, allowing you to combo a backfist. If they block or get hit by the first, the next will chain allowing you to go for a mixup on block, or follow through with > > s.lp > s.hp on hit! Works on about half the cast midscreen and most of the cast in the corner. Will post the list here later.
  1. > move stick to forward > lk+hp
  • Wakeup backdash punish. Same concept as above, except using backfist instead of Less damage, but works on the entire cast (still needs testing to verify 100%… may not work on makoto or oily hakan). On hit, can followup with > > s.lp > s.hp. Sick looking combo.
  1. > f.lp ~ hp
  • Wakeup backdash punish. Either will get xx boom or (whiff) > backfist. Needs testing. More than likely very matchup dependant.
  1. > ~ f.hp
  • Wakeup backdash punish. Either will get the target combo on hit or block; or (whiff) > backfist. Needs further testing. Very matchup dependent.
  1. > f > b > f > mash PPP (U2 only)
  • Wakeup backdash punish. Either will get target combo > or (whiff) > U2. The must be done VERY meaty to work, and even then, will only work on about half the cast normally, and most of the cast in the corner. As an added bonus, it will also punish any strength wakeup back teleport from Seth, Dhalsim, and Dictator! Will even auto-correct to punish the forward teleport, but this won’t work on Seth. Also, I wouldn’t suggest using this on metered dictator, since he can just wakeup EX headstomp or devil’s reverse. Will make the list soon. Theoreticaly, this can also be done with U1… probably very character / corner specific.
  1. > f > b > f > lp ~ PPP (U2 only)
  • Wakeup backdash punish. More consistent than the target combo OS due to’s better recovery. This still needs some testing. Theoreticaly, this can also be done with U1… probably very character / corner specific.
  1. Meaty > throw ~ s.hp
  • Abel wakeup EX roll punish. If the connects, the game slows down slightly and ignores your throw input, and your slightly delayed s.hp will come out. If he rolls, your will whiff and you will throw him out of his roll. If he backdashes, you will safely whiff a throw.
  1. -non-meaty crossup lk ~ GHK… (By Jimmy the Saint)
    After you get a knockdown, sometimes you can choose to go for a meaty crossup lk for some extra pressure. If you intentionally time the crossup a tiny bit late, a reversal happy Balrog or Guile will NOT auto-correct and you can land safely and tag him with a GHK! If they block or get hit by the crossup lk, you can keep right on with your normal block string (ie., d.lp, > Boom). I’ve tested this out on Balrog’s Headbutt and Guile’s Flashkick and they both get tagged by this. I’m hoping it will punish bad Teleports, Chun Li Hazanshus(sp?) and Blanka Up Balls also, but I haven’t gotten around to testing it.

**Character**   ** +**   ** + f.hp**   ** xx SB ~ f.hp**   ** > ~ f.hp**   ** xx SB ~ U2**   ** > ~ U2**
Abel            Yes            Yes              ?                    ?                   ?                Yes
Adon            No              ?               ?                    ?                   ?                No
Akuma           Yes            Yes              ?                    ?                   ?                Yes
Blanka          No              ?               ?                    ?                   ?                No
Boxer           No             Yes              ?                    ?                   ?                No
Cammy           No              ?               ?                    ?                   ?                No
Chun Li         No              ?               ?                    ?                   ?                No
Claw            No              ?               ?                    ?                   ?                No
Cody            Yes             ?               ?                    ?                   ?                Yes
Dan             Corner          ?               ?                    ?                   ?                Corner
Dee Jay         Yes             ?               ?                    ?                   ?                Yes
Dhalsim         Yes            Yes              ?                   Yes                  ?                Yes
Dictator        Yes            Yes              ?                    ?                   ?                Yes
Dudley          Corner          ?               ?                    ?                   ?                Corner
El Fuerte       No              ?               ?                    ?                   ?                No
Fei long        Corner          ?               ?                    ?                   ?                Corner
Gen             Corner          ?               ?                    ?                   ?                Corner
Gouken          Yes             ?               ?                    ?                   ?                Yes
Guile           Yes            Yes              ?                    ?                   ?                Yes
Guy             Corner          ?               ?                    ?                   ?                Corner
Hakan           Yes             ?               ?                    ?                   ?                Yes
Honda           Yes            Yes              ?                    ?                   ?                Yes
Ibuki           Corner          ?               ?                    ?                   ?                Corner
Juri            Corner         Yes              ?                    ?                   ?                No
Ken             Yes            Yes              ?                    ?                   ?                Yes
Makoto          Corner          ?               ?                    ?                   ?                Yes
Rose            No              ?               ?                    ?                   ?                No
Rufus           Yes            Yes              ?                    ?                   ?                Yes
Ryu             Yes            Yes              ?                    ?                   ?                Yes
Sagat           Yes            Yes              ?                    ?                   ?                Yes
Sakura          Corner          ?               ?                    ?                   ?                Corner
Seth            Corner          ?               ?                    ?                   ?                Corner
T. Hawk         Yes             ?               ?                    ?                   ?                Yes
Viper           Corner         Yes              ?                    ?                   ?                Yes
Zangief         Yes            Yes              ?                    ?                   ?                Yes

Experimental Option Selects:

  1. c.lp xx EX boom ~ U2
  • An idea for El fuerte. Would punish EX run back as well as backdash in theory… may also auto-correct the U2 if he EX spaghetti legs on wakeup… definately needs testing. Seems difficult to do.

i like skittles

Why would you block the srk? Wouldn’t the SRK hit the I understand why the throw would tech.

I hope someone discovers some useful options selects for guile :slight_smile:

Like slinkun said, some other characters have some pretty useful option selects

The symbols are fine, easier to follow.

Anyway…I try using db, lk~lp, mp…and I seem to get thrown. The times that teching has worked (still have troubl w/ getting thrown…a lot!) I just hit lp~lk, but I’ve been caught by the wake up SRK.

Do you have to p-link lk~lp, mk?

Maybe that’s why it’s not working for me…

This is pretty cool, but why does the come out instead of a throw attempt? I thought throws had more priority than normal moves?

OK, thanks to ultradavid for helping me discover this option select technique with Guile. He was using this with Zangief. So what you want to do is knockdown your opponent, perferrably with c.rh. Then as they are getting up you want to do this…

c.short > df+short+rh

If your opponent wakes up and blocks, they will block the c.short, and guile will chain into another c.short. At this point, you can hit confirm(block confirm) into more shorts/jabs. If your opponent woke up with a backdash, Guile wont’ do the 2nd c.short but instead the df+rh will come out and hit your opponent at the end of their backdash. This techinque only works against certain characters. I’ll list three different options selects and the characters it works on…

c.short > df+short+rh(guile high kick)
akuma, gouken, ryu, gief, guile, ken, bison, sagat, abel, rufus

c.short > c.short+rh(sweep)
akuma, gouken, ryu, honda, gief, guile, ken, bison, sagat, abel, viper, rufus

c.short > f+short+fierce(backfist)
works on everyone but el fuerte

Yes, the only person none of these option select doesn’t work on is el fuerte. Looking at the frame data, fuerte has the fastest backdash. This is why it doesn’t work on him.

Basically, this option select technique works with normals you can chain. You can’t chain wiffed normals, so when the first c.short wiffs on your opponents backdash, on your 2nd c.short input, it will give you the other button you pressed(rh or fierce). This will also work with any character you can chain jab/shorts with. Zangief has some pretty good option select stuff using this technique, so I’ve heard. Against M.Bison you can never backdash agaiinst him when you are waking up. He can do c.shorts and option select these with his c.rh slide. If you notice your opponent likes to wake up with a backdash, you might want to consider using this option select technique.

I’ve been trying to figure out other ways guile can option select after watching these two option select videos for Ryu/Chunli. I suck at thinking in “option select” ways.


This mainly applies to the 2nd step that says wait a bit, for about 4-5 frames before hitting lp + lk + mk. This still leaves you inside the throw tech window, and since an SRK comes out in 3 frames, you will block it if they wakeup. I guess if they sucked at reversals (lol) they could still peg you.

Also sloppy, no, you don’t have to plink, just hit em all at once. A throw won’t come out because you are crouching.

Ya, seeing Ultradavid’s post is what gave me the idea to make this thread. Appreciate you doing the research into finding what works on who there. Doesn’t also chain into c.lp? May be a better option since guile has more options after a c.lp. Either way, good stuff!

Another idea was followup options after a crossup Do a > > wait for reversal timing > > boom. Good for when that gets blocked, it takes care of throw and reversal mashers as long as you have the “wait for reversal” timing down.


yo to add to that option select gilley was talkin about you can use flashkick and sonic boom off that short siince cr short doesnt cancel into special moves

for characters who can teleport the ex boom option select punishes them

so what you do is knock them down and on their wakeup do cr. :lk:, :uf: :lk::hp::mp:, for ex boom or normal boom

and just do :uf: :lk::mk: for flashkick

Guile doesnt have many os

why would you do up+back, abstyles20, in those os’s?

Anyway, I think we should come up with specific setups that lead into these os’s. We all know meaties are timing based so this would make using these os’s easier. Like Gilley said after a sweep do these os’s against these characters, something like that.

well you do up+forward to prevent from doing the whack ass knee,the thing is though you need the charge prior to knockdown.

I have been plugging away at a few situational cool option selects.

. ( Ultra) Option Selects Charge then c.jab+short > Reverse Ultra TigerKnee Motion + 3(k) or( 3§+3(k)) > s.jab > s.feirce
. (Super) ** ** c.jab+short > Reverse Ultra TigerKnee Motion + ( lk+mk) > s.jab > s.fierce

Hint the timing is the same as s.fierce cancel to Super.
The block/combo string comes out as c.short > s.short > s.jab >s.feirce
The combo should be use against certain chars because it will whif on quick back dashers!!!

.(Guile High Kick) Option Select Full db.jab+short > df.short+roundhouse > c.jab+short > ub.short+forward
Hint when the 1st hit whifs follow through with the combo same as a block string. Guiles High Kick will come out while the next hit is masked in the High Kicks animation. Ex-flashkick is the final part of the option select and it connects etc…
The block/combo string comes out as c.short > c.short >c.short >s.short
Thanks to Guilley for the idea of High Kick Option Select

[quote=“gilley, post:7, topic:79537”]

If your opponent wakes up and blocks, they will block the c.short, and guile will chain into another c.short. At this point, you can hit confirm(block confirm) into more shorts/jabs. If your opponent woke up with a backdash, Guile wont’ do the 2nd c.short but instead the df+rh will come out and hit your opponent at the end of their backdash. This techinque only works against certain characters. I’ll list three different options selects and the characters it works on…

c.short > df+short+rh(guile high kick)
akuma, gouken, ryu, gief, guile, ken, bison, sagat, abel, rufus


.My Sagot specific cornerPressure Option Select Press Combo
db.jab+short > ub.short+forward > bs.jab > bs.strong cancel jab.boom > fs.fierce
The combo/block string keeps the pressure on sagot and on confirmation you can fadc into sweep to start an other optionselect situation or a fancy combo string etc…
Hint I start most of my combos with OptionSelect Starter db.jab+short because how everyone online likes to mash throw

Please keep in mind that its up to you the player to determine when the right situation to attempt theses Option Selects. Also hit the training room and play around with Meaty and late option selects… Example of Meaty Option Select would be if a Sagot player likes jump in stead of backdash out of your combos. Meaty (OS) stuff his jump attempts. While late (OS) should be used against players that dont mash patatoes instead of shoryukens :wink: Late Option selects keep you safe against reversal happy situations.

Also please tell me your thoughts… if needed, I can make a quick youtube video showing how it works and some other Option Select combos I use etc…

Quick Edit I made a Basic Video Showing these in action. Video is simple but gets the point across. My son just turned 11 months and he was taking a nap when I made this vid. When he is up ,he is crawling all over the place :wink:

Thanks for your time,

hello guile players,
heres an option select for you to try using crouching short and ultra inputs.

if the opponent does not back dash on their wake up, you’ll get a crouching short and standing short something
if they back dash, you’ll whiff the short and your ultra will come out.

the reason i used crouching short is because it is the only normal thats fast and can’t be cancelled, so you dont have to worry about flash kicks coming out if you hit them with the short.

heres a video


why do you press a c.short before inputting the actual OS? (df+c.short+RH)

I always use c.jab+short before the option select becasue it acts as a throw reversal. if there is an attempted throw on wake up The reason you press c.short+roundhouse is so if you hit confirm or block confirm your Hick Kick “df+roundhouse” doesnt come out. The short is what ties it into the option select. Other wise without the the short you will whiff a High Kick and more than likley eat a throw , sweep , reversal SRK or what ever…

The concept is to mask your inputs in a combo or block string. While if you whiff your attack you have that mystical psychic “High Kick, Flash Kick, Ultra, Sonic boom etc…” special come out and counters your opponents backdash or jump.

(Option Select Dash Throw) c.jab+short > dash +f.jab+fierce > jab+strong >jab+short+ forward kick

Hint This can be a tad tricky, the trick is right after the first input of c.jab+short > tap forward, forward on the stick then forward.jab+fierce >

What is happening is your masking the dash in a combo/block string. This is short of a forgiving 3 in 1 option select.
[]Step one is a optional Tech Throw “c.jab+short”
]If they back dash/jump etc… you dash forward
[*]If you missed the input for the dash you still option select the forward and fierce punch :wink:
The import last step jab+short+forward kick. Make sure to leave the stick in a neutral position for the throw to work. Also the throw only work if you inputed the Dash proper :wink:

Let me know if you have any questions,

OK , I think this should be a section that should not be left out. I do not have much to contribute here but it will be nice to have experts post their option selects and share their uses. Maybe guile doesnt have many options selects but it will be nice to know them