Guile Player win/lose ratios

I don’t know if Xbox users also have this option but on PS3 there is a ‘character records’ option in ‘player data’ section of the main menu. In here there is a category for win ratio against certain characters. I was wondering what are the top 5 and lowest 5 wins ratio for guile players in general.

My top 5 win ratio is:

El Furete

The lowest win ratio with lowest first

I thought the ‘character records’ was the percentage amount that you use a certain character, not a win ratio. But idk, neve thought of it as a win ratio.

For me it’s Guile with like 40% of usage. At least that’s what I consider it.

There’s two slides of character records, one for use rate one for win rates VS each character. Keeps track of how many you’ve fought and how often you win.

I play at arcades, have about 35-40% win ratio. Sagat, Blanka, ryu and Able are the toughest matchup for me rightnow. Haven’t fought a sim just yet.

Top five:


Bottom five:

my win ratio is 54% out of like 2000+ matches… meh

Last time I checked I had a win ratio of 91% in 4700 fights.

Let me guess, you only play noobs and flowchart player.

I take it you never played luxx. He’s a BEAST with Guile.

Highest win rates

cviper at 100%

26/27 for fuerte…although im really uncomfortable fighting him

dhalsim only lost one,cammy lost 1,vega lost one

sagat and bison ive only lost 6 and 5 respectively thanx to knowing the matchup

My worst are guile(probably after taking on geom for 12 matches, only winning once)
Gouken(damn lag can be killer for teching throws)
Ehonda(can get me doing insensible things sometimes)
Gen at 5/8 got roasted by crossup nonsense at 1st but feel more comfortable due to matchup thread
And rose 13/21…I don’t really know what the hell i’m doing against rose

Ryu - 100 %
Ken - 100 %
Blanka - 100 %
Dhalsim - 100 %
Viper - 100 %
Rufus - 100 %
El Fuerte 100 %
Akuma 100 %
Cammy/Rose/Gen 100 %
Dan 100 %
Abel 95.23 %
Guile 94.23 %
Sakura 92 %
Honda 92 %
Seth 90 %
Fei-Long 90 %
Chun- Li 88.23 %
Vega 86.66 %
Zangief 75 %
Sagat 75 %

Ryu/Ken/Blanka are the one who i fought the most often

Win rate of 90.75 %

Although i only played 200 match with guile online
Winning streak 48 -

i have lost 5 match vs some guy with a 37 win streak in a player match and only won 1.That fucked up my win ratio.
he was very good and i had to pick Balrog to defeat him.Which sucked.Because i want to learn guile.

Actually, I used to take on all challengers including Vietnamazing, Crow and Kensou just to name a few. I’ve also played just about every PSN guile in this sub forum.

Wow…100% against ryu…i’d love that

I’d like to see lux vs geom, put that on video if you get pc version

I’m 50% vs Ryu. As far as G1 goes, I can murder an aggressive Ryu but I really struggle vs a defensive or turtle Ryu.

I have a 60.10% win ratio with a streak of 78.

I fail VS Sagat,Gen and Gief.
VS the rest I am doing pretty well.

luxx train me! Show me the ways of William F. Guile!!! But seriously, if you are that good I’d like to play you and get some tips on things to do better. Only things is I have a 360…

Definition of Guile:

I was just curious and looked it up.

I smell some e-peen bullshit in this thread. lol
Oh and @ lux, what country are you in? I’ve been told you are an awesome guile by quite a few people and that I should play you. I’m in the UK. If you are in europe or on the west coast of the U.S then I think our connection would be playable. If not, then it will probably be two bars or lower and with all due respect I can’t be fucked to play someone of your calibre on a laggy connection. Peace.

Hmmm. No sure that I consider win ratio much for my self. I usually get kicked if I win or if the win is an easy one I leave. Some times I will give another player two chances to play if the 1st wasn’t with ultra ease. What I find pretty funny is when I come a across someone that stomps me into the ground , I will eat loses all day to learn something new or to try new things out. The sad thing is once I win against most folks I get kick. So if I eat loses in a row and win one because I learned there gimmick they leave or kick. Every once in awhile the will stay until I tie the win/lose and they leave on the even 50/50 split.

In other games I tend to play the support roles which always leaves your stats jaded but by the end of the day my contributes save the match/ game/ war but never seem to get credited for it because I don’t have the highest Kill to Death Ratio :wink:

Thanks for your time,