Guile poke strings?

I’m curious about some good poking strings…any help would be great. :slight_smile:

no help? :frowning:

just the usual? d.MP, d.MK, HK, SB, etc.? :bluu:

Try this:
slow SB, jumping LK, cr. LP x2, cr. MP, SB, HK or cr. standing MK/HK. It helps if you can try to cross up the jumping LK if you are able to do a long jump immeditaely following the 1st SB. Using the standing HK while holding forward after the last sonic boom is a guaranteed blocked hit, but using the standing MK will have priority over most crouching attacks if they try to retaliate.

EDIT: see latest post

i already use a ghettofied-version of that. :slight_smile:

thanks for your suggestion.

cr. lp x3, st. mp xx SB
-Guiles basic poke but very important. Be careful since there is room for a counter attack after the mp.

cr. lp, st. lk, cr. lp, st. mp xx SB
-looks sick cuz he stands up to do the lk but it still hits low, and it shows your opponent you got mad skills. Besides the lk takes a bit more off the guard bar than lp. Be careful not to press lk too late, the standing kick will only come out if you link it off a jab

cr. mk, cr. lp, st. mp xx SB
-Its hard to get it to link seamlessly, but itll be tight enough if theyre blocking.

cr. mp, cr. lp, st. lk xx SB
-Works on larger opponents and yes the lk will cancel into SB.

st. lp, st. hp xx SB
-looks cool and does good bar damage, and the fierce will combo off the jab. If you cancel into super, much props to you.

st mk, cr. lp, st. mp xx
-Yeah the close standing mp looks sick, and it WILL combo if the mk registers as a COUNTER HIT. The trick with the mk is to leave the stick at neutral when you actually press the button, then start charging immediately.

All of these will combo up until the SB comes out, but you can always substitute a Lv 3 hurricane or rush super. Also know that against crouching characters and large ones you can get an extra jab off in your pokes. For example a crouching zangief can take 4 jabs and then a st. mp for 5 hits, and this is not including a jump in or follow up, so imagine the possibilities. What else can i say that hasnt been said already?