Guile precharge boom cr mp loop combo



The timing seems super strict but how are people doing cr mp xx lp boom cr mp xx lp boom?

Ive done it a few times bit cant do it consistently. Any tips?


i dont find it too bad tbh, try this, instead of doing the motion for boom like back forward +p try back forward back +p this ensures ur getting the max charge time each cr mp boom


It’s actually really lenient, you can late special cancel the boom and it’ll still combo.

As far as practice goes, just break it down. And really pay attention to those moments where you do get it down.


This combo isn’t actually that bad when you understand the trick.

When you do your first boom do it like Criptic said. Charge then forward, down/back +lp. Doing this will start your charge for the second boom as soon as possible.

For the second boom you need to cancel it late. If you do the cancel too quick you won’t have enough charge. I wait until I actually see the second connect before I do the second boom. I’ve also seen other people suggest double tapping the second to slow down the cancel.


Thanks for the replies guys. Seems like the double tap helped me a ton. I knew how to precharge but had no idea i had to late cancel. Is late cancel in most other sf games?


I couldn’t get it at all day one. I think the leniency threw a lot of people off at first. It’s so slow it almost doesn’t feel natural.


A good way to practice is to set the VT timer to infinite then just see how long you can keep the loop going. Cuts down on the delay between practicing that part.


When I was learning the corner boom loops, there were two key points to focus on. One, max sure you are immediately going to down-back after your first boom to start storing charge for the second. Two, late cancel the second boom.

When you press forward+punch to do the late-cancel boom, envision it as forward than punch, rather than forward and punch simultaneously (the boom still comes out). That delays the punch input a few frames and seems to always work. Once you get the timing down, you can go back to pressing them simultaneously, but just delayed if that feels more comfortable.

Deathology’s tip is good too, I did that as well. It reminded me of practicing infinite corner loops in marvel.


I personally think this loop is much easier. It does a bit less damage but you are far less likely to drop it imo


For everyone who got these loops down, have you yourself landed one in a match.

Just trying to gauge how practical hey are right now.


I thought it was a bit gimmicky at first but it turns out that you can start this loop after a back fist crush counter. It’s definitely worth getting it down. Being able to score near 500 damage without even resorting to using ex bar is worth having on deck if the opportunity presents itself.


Practice, practice, practice. It really is the only way! To agree with @ZAYMAX the imputs more are lenient. Charge characters are easier to play in SFV and I was anti charge all the way thru the SFIV era.


It’s practical! I’ve seen ChrisG land it punishing a Karin who tried to do her rekka > cross up ender into the corner with the loops. We all just gotta lab it out more to see how else we can land it midscreen/corner (without a jump in)


It’s sure as hell viable


You don’t even have to late cancel the second boom from the cr mp, you can simply just delay the second cr mp. Also, there’s no need for charge buffering. Late cancelling actually will hurt you more, since sometimes it will cause the combo to drop.

After the initial st.hp, cr mp xx boom, you can wait a good few frames during the hitstun of the boom before hitting your next cr mp. Just hold db a bit longer, then cr mp, then mp boom~lp, dash up, st fierce…ad nauseum. Make sure the boom is being cancelled immediately from the second cr mp to ensure it doesn’t drop. This is the key to getting the combo, it’s really not that difficult at all.

Here’s what my input looks like written down;

st.hp (start charing db immediately), cr mp xx mp boom (immediately start charging dn again when this first boom is released), wait a few frames, xx mp boom~lp, dash up, st hp…rinse and repeat.


According to Gilley’s frame data st.hp is +6 on hit and has a 6 frame startup. How are delaying the link?



I don’t delay the cr mp from st.hp, cr mp link, I delay the second cr mp after the first boom. Here’s a quick video on my twitter with button presses and inputs if it helps.


Misunderstood what you meant there. Never mind.




finally nailed this combo tonight on pad to the point i barely drop it. the trick is to double tap mp twice (one for each boom) in certain rhythm. once you figure this part out the combo is actually easy. you start doing the first double tap during the st.hp and then the other one just kinda feels natural too.