Guile pseudo combo

NOTE: this combo is very damaging but you can’t expect to land this on high level play without mixing it up a bit, as they might tech out of the throws. it’s good to have a good Ground-type assist for this one.(ex Tron Bonnie, Spiral, Silver Samurai, etc.)

Setup: Dash, (jump-over), (ground-assist), c.lp, c.lp,

The combo: c.hp, /, sj.lp,, sj.lp,, hk.grab, /,, (repeat 2x)

you could end with his DF+2k air super, and then land and OTG that as well. the only problem that exists is teching out of it.
any comments?

EDIT: Updated with clearer notation

Yep, just a note that even if your opponent doesn’t tech that throw, they can still roll taking them away from you when you land.