Guile: Q&A thread - Ask simple questions here instead of making a new thread PLEASE!

So I saw this kind of thread in the other character forums and what with all the really redundant threads/questions we see here, thought it’d be smart to make one.

For all you new players, avoid getting flamed and getting warnings from moderators by posting your simple questions here.

Not to detract from your albeit noble goals, but I find it hilarious that you want to stop people from making new threads… by making a new thread.

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sb cancel question

Hey all,

I’m struggling with performing fadc on a sonic boom mid combo. I’m not consistent at all trying to pull this off. I can fadc easy on sonic boom alone it’s just mid combo where i’m having problems.

For example:,, c.lp,, sb, fadc, continue combo…

What punch button are you using for the sb?
What fingers are you using on the buttons?

For some reason when i do lp sonic boom i can get the fadc more. Which is still rare. I’m not sure if i’m just not coordinated enough or not using optimal finger position.

I play using mostly middle(for lk, lp) and ring(mk, mp, fp) fingers…fa (middle + index)…

How are you sonic booming?

If you are doing the regular motion, b to f and not precharging for another one by going back to b (which you shouldn’t in this case because you are going to FADC), you only need to input another f for the dash.


:l: :r: :lp: :mp:+:mk: :r:

As for my hands, I use:

lp => index
lk => thumb
mp => middle
mk => middle
hp => ring
hk => ring

throw: index + thumb
FA: middle + thumb

I’m performing the sb fadc exactly how you wrote it out.

I may need to re-arrange the way I’m hitting the buttons with different fingers. It’s probably a timing issue…

Thanks for your reply.

my question is does pre charging sonic booms not work with light punch? it seems gilleys combo only works with heavy and medium punches.

I don’t ever do some of the crazy Gilley combos, but I know that pre charging works for all 3 versions of the booms. Gilley said somewhere that pre charging is the reason why most of those SB combo’s he does works.

What is the result of your miss usually? Do you do boom and then he just dashes instead of FADC? Does he just stand there or does he FA but not dash?

Jab SB travels the slowest, but has the most frame advantage (on-hit/block/stun)
If the combo pushes you too far from the opponent, Jab SB won’t combo.
If you plan to FADC the SB, it will negate the recovery frames, so might as well use Fierce SB.
(I usually use Strong SB.)

Gilley might also be using the buffered SB technique, & that requires different joystick motions.
Some of those combos can’t be done without the buffered SB technique.

I’m having problems connecting c.lp, Is it just me? I seem to not connect this on to I need help with this badly

I never do the to link, but I think I can help you with the c.lp to link, which gave me tons of trouble before. The actually comes out much later than you think.

What happens when you try and link the If nothing comes out, you’re doing the too early. If it comes out but doesn’t combo you’re doing it too late. Consicously tell yourself to do the just a little bit later than you’re used too and you’ll hit the link more often (worked for me at least). Also, if you can, try double tapping or plinking. I tried and it never worked for me, but if it works for you, why not use it?

I have a problem with something simple. I can>FK about 95/100 times. However I can’t jump in with whatever and then>FK easily at all. I read that moves only cancel into a special move if they were not preceded with something else. So a c.lp, would have to be linked into FK or SB. Is this correct? According to this I would have to j.hp, and link the FK? I don’t understand why I’m having so much difficulty with this basic combo, especially if it’s really just a cancel. I’m not a great player but I have a very decent Guile for your average player. I won three G2 championships in a row yesterday and got a replay with over 120k points. I know, I’m the king of the world.

I don’t think the problem is the charge down, I’m good with that.

Last two

Last two descriptions occur. The boom comes out but i don’t get the fadc to come out or just a fa slap…

I also forgot to ask if you are plinking the mp within the combo. When I do the plink it’s harder for me to coordinate the follow up lp sonic boom to fadc.

My plinking is still in the works :rofl: but it shouldn’t matter. It sounds like you just don’t have the practice yet if you can do it in chunks but not the whole chain. Sometimes when executing a long chain, anticipation of later links causes you to rush current steps and just blow the execution until it gets burned into muscle memory. It also sounds like you aren’t holding :mp: + :mk: long enough for the second :r: to register. Go to training mode and turn on your inputs. I know when I was first doing FADC, I was trying to do it too quickly and a lot of the time nothing came out even though my inputs were right. I slowed things down using the character animations as my timing guide and just did it over and over. What sucks for me is that I play much more online than offline and playing online screws offline execution.

Thanks I’ll try it again after work tonight. What is Plinking?

That is sort of simple. Just play with the timing on your jump in kick and c. strong. You have a bit of leeway between the jump roundhouse and c. strong and of course, as soon as you hit the air you’re already charging the FK, right? Play around with it in training mode, thats what I did. I was trying to get better at that very same thing myself and I get it about 70% online when I go for it. Otherwise, I like the FA crumple, dash forward into c.strong xx (ex) flash kick.

Sorry forgot to mention that my problem is the FK. I can’t get it to come out consistently. I would like for someone to confirm if it’s a link or cancel. (j.hp,>FK)

Yup, I charge down immediately after the up input. I don’t have a problem with empty jump in>FK for example. I also can do j.hp, c.lp>, FK about 6/10 offline, sometimes 3, 4 times in a row.

but soon this thread will be 200 pages long and nobody will want to read through all of that to see if their questions have been answered.

So they’ll make a new thread, get flamed and the circle will continue

It’s a cancel. Just get used to the regular c.strong xx flash kick and then try doing the jump in. It’s a Boom, boomboom feel. hahaha. All you need to do is practice it a little and you’ll get used to the timing.