Guile Rush-downs?

So im finally online and winning some matches in ranked…

I have however been criticised a few times for “Turtle tactics” BUT it works and Guile i find is limited… I took it to heart and am asking if anyone knows any good rushdowns, ones that would work in a match and not just in the training room???

Thanks in advance!

Rushdown isn’t a combo or a move, it’s a way of thinking/playing. Don’t think because some salty xbl player called you a “turtle” that you need to change your playstyle. First off, Guile is generally a turtle character. Secondly, style is dictated by your opponent’s style and the char they play. If turtling gets you the win then the hell with that they think.

turtling is a completely legitimate form of play, despite the fact that i like to rush down.

dont take those bullshit messages to heart, why do you think theyre telling YOU what they think? because they dont want you to think they suck when you beat them.

on top of this, guile was made for defense, thats why hes so good at it.

^^What they said.

I also play Guile, and get the usual “Sonic noob, fucking shitty turtle, and all you do is play like a bitch” messages online. Never change your style because of some lamo online.

Aim for ragemail, it’s good fun. Just send a u mad? back at them. Don’t take what people say online seriously unless they are giving you real critiques like “stop jumping in, don’t random uppercut, etc.” or point out patterns they noticed. But those are too rare so aim for ragemail and don’t take people seriously.

just stick to your play style. Hatemail/spam is always good for a laugh! :stuck_out_tongue: