Guile SFxT

i know people here aren’t expecting much out of Guile after what they did to him in AE. But I think SFxT Guile might end up being quite good, just because of how the game engine works.

being able to juggle off of air hits? this is huge for a character like Guile who relies heavily on his wide range of anti-air normals.

chainable normals? finally Guile can do decent damage off his long range pokes. i wouldn’t be surprised if cr. mk > far rh > launcher would be possible. it appears at least that he can far. hp into launcher. i know this applies to everyone as well, but it’s just seems to be the biggest leap for Guile who basically goes from doing nothing to big damage, while other characters always had some damage options from their pokes.

not sure if tagging out after Flashkick makes it into a launcher, but it if does that would also be an improvement since he normally can’t do any bonus damage after a FADC unless he has SH.

it appears to me that he will at least be a lot better then AE Guile.

i will try to post more videos as they progress. I just hope capcom releases a patch (wishful thinking i know) but SFxT looks very promising for a game this is not scheduled to release until 2012.

Any of these vids show the Guile bug where he does Guile High Kick (d/f+HK) and his recovery animation looks like Chun’s crouching animation? No bullshit. Did it myself at ECT and the crowd went nuts. Seth K. was nowhere to be found. I think Chun has to be on the opponent’s team for it to happen because it doesn’t always occur.

If this is old then disregard.

Nothing to see =/

doing the best i can =(

I’m very interested to see if he still has his overhead. If so, could he do something like s.lp > > > > s.hp > launch/tag. Being able to combo off of an overhead like that would seem to really keep true to a “tekken” style of play and make his corner pressure horrifying.

Or hopefully get, > b+hk become a legit anti crouch tech setup?

really looking forward to this game. just hope the fast paced action doesn’t mean it’s as bad as m.k and mvc3 online.

definitely maining guile, regardless of how shitty he is. not sure who i’m going to partner him with until the full cast reveal. would like rolento in there somewhere. i also hope that there is no kind of pheonix/x factor type bullshit added to this game. but from hearing seth killian’s recent interviews, he’s been teasing there’s more than one mechanic that’s been added to the game that wasn’t in the demo builds, so i’m kind of fearing the worst.

i’m hoping capcom keep it somewhat footsie based. of course i’m expecting it to be less so than sf4, but i still want them to play a reasonable part. i’d like them to be the kind of footsies that are in sf4 over mvc3 or m.k. and yes, the latter two games do have their versions of footsies, even if they are nothing like the ones seen in sf4.

new trailer.

a few things I noticed from watching this video…

a) it appears to be a considerable advantage to tag out during a move with long execution, which Guile does not have. might not be a big deal, but could limit your options.

b) the cross assault system is probably useless for charge characters.

c) guile (and partner) will still have the option to go for the cross arts, and would probably be the smarter choice.

Guile and Bryan Fury all the way… disturbing though that some of the game’s mechanics (like the focus attack concept) look like they will put charge folks at a disadvantage.

I can’t believe Kuma just farted in Guile’s face.

I may ask a general question here: Can you pick your own team of your favourite characters or are there premade teams?

guile/rolento ftw. happy it’s almost official.

I kind of like this high Side Kick -> juggle move.

Really looking forward to this game more and more.

I like Guile, I might team him up with Heihachi

has anybody here got a chance to play sfxt ?
what did guile play like ?
still a zoner ?

Actually Guile can trap you in the corner with his godlike normals and Sonic Booms, his high kick juggles jumpers

i seriously cant wait to play this game. shame the net play will probably be horrible and ill be back to ae 2012 after 5 mins.

Old vids are old: