Guile SFxT

Most of Guile’s anti-airs will be great due to the games juggle system. I look forward to what combinations he can make with the right partner.

pandora mode :frowning:

I dunno how sfxt will go. I honestly hope it will fail and everyone will go back to sf4. just because its what i wanna be playing for the next years especially since i discovered my local scene

jump 2 58:57

Guile looks really fun in that game.

Just about everything that Guile throws out combos. close > far > launcher.


Got to play SFxT today and messed with Guile for a bit
some noticeable stuff

  • SB recover is slower than AE Guile ( feels like Vanilla )
  • low forward is a really good poke
  • air throw is ok, not as good as AE 2012
  • his back firece seems a little stubbier

Basically the gist of the game at the moment is pretty cut and paste SF2 / SF4 Guile, SB keep away / antiair / poke, but the biggest threat with Guile is his combo potential just off of his low foward. He has some good pressure with low forward chain into stand roundhouse, if it doesnt connect you can resume with SB pressure, if it does connect, tap roundhouse again for launcher tag etc. What’s pretty sick is Guile can still do his link combos and SB pressure in the corner, with added damage with the chains and tag launchers. Chun in this build kills him tho, SB doesnt even have to leave his hands and she can super on reaction for full hits. Game looks like SF4, but feels totally different

more importantly, did you enjoy it fuson?

game is pretty fun, different from SF4, but my only issue is that the remnants of the SF4 engine seem to be in here,i think the rushdown characters are gonna be really bad to deal with, meter building is slow here as well, and from what i recall backdashing isnt invincible. jump arcs feel a bit different as well and the game feels a bit more choppy/speedy compared to SF4.

cool. i have a bad feeling guile will be shit tier in this game.

Going to Asia game show on Friday to see Ono and SFxT and stuff. He did mention something a while ago about having something special to announce for the HK SF and SFxT fans… >o Hopefully I can get a chance to play the game amongst the other billion people --


Well nothing interesting was announced at all really… basically they showed the Asuka trailer and also announced that all menus will also have chinese translations available. Anyway the game was fun to play. Sadly the TVs they had at the booths were INCREDIBLY laggy (like half-second of input lag) so it was hard to try various links and combos etc.

I did notice that to do the charged sonic boom you have to be holding forward on the stick so it’s not possible to start another back charge during the wait. Also Sonic Hurricane looked much bigger than what they showed in the early trailers. Smaller than SF4 I think but it was a fairly big one. Another thing… it seemed like if I whiffed and they jumped I will likely eat the jump in combo rather than being able to block in SF4. Maybe due to jump arc or diff gravity. Anyway, yea it’s pretty refreshing to be able to walk forward and land a chain combo off of into launcher.

as i feared, capcom have now made pandora mode = x factor. if you use a certain gem, you can activate pandora mode mid combo. the combo i saw on stream was ryu bnb, activate pandora (ryu dies), really simple ken bnb into super = around 55 percent damage.

Just watched max’s gem video, and already knew what guile needed. Health recov., speed, and no charge time. level 3 x-factor guile out runs his own sonic boom and flash kicks when you try to jump over him. He regenerates health quickly if it doesn’t pan out right away. pandora’s his own teammate just to be cheap for another 15 seconds or start the match overpowered.

i wonder if there’s a gem that changes the recovery of moves?

Equip the +30% defense gem that activates when your opponent activates x-factor. If they don’t know you have it (online) and they bet the bank on a combo killing you… like he has 55% life and my pandora combo can do 60%… well he’s lost all due to that gem… since his 60% combo isn’t 60% anymore.

Sounds like all gems counter each other if only in ranked you knew the reputation of what your oppenent does.

Eh, I’m just guessing gems aren’t gonna end up being a part of the tournament scene so I wouldn’t exactly be worried or even care about them

but what if i haven’t purchased that 8.95 dlc?

one other thing…if guile’s sweep is punishable like in sf4, and he can’t make it safe via special cancel, or from it being a target combo or something…i’m definitely not maining guile.

Fuck off with your 8.95